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  1. If you can get hold of the Verlinden "Lock On" publication it has some good close ups of a TF-104 cockpit showing the area you are interested in . . .hope this helps.
  2. If you can get hold of a copy of Verlinden's "lock-On" No.22 there are two good photos of the area in question on page 28. Also, it has many excellent close up pics of the F-15E . . .hope this helps. :wacko:
  3. I wonder if anyone else has noticed a small problem with this kit . . .namely the fit of the flaps, ailerons and rudder? It's fine to have seperate control surfaces, for "posing"etc. but I have found that all three seem to have a smaller thickness than the wing and fuselage. this means that if you align the flaps and ailerons with the upper surface of the wing you have a nasty "step" in the underside ! Does anyone have any ideas how to get round this? This is the third F-104 I've built, and they all had the same problem, so I'm thinking it must be the kit and not me! Also, as a minor point,
  4. Withy regard to the re-engining of German F-104s I was on armament practice camp with Phantom FGR 2s of 17 squadron between 1972-74 at Decimomannu and I well remember the distinctive howl of the F-104s during that period! It would seem that the re-engining of these airplanes must have taken sometime to complete, so It's probably best to check any photos you might have before building. Having said that, most of the TF-104Gs pictured in the F40 publication have the later jet nozzle! Hope this of some help. ha
  5. Many thanks, guys for the info . . .it would appear that there is no hard and fast rule to this colour . . .that's modelling for you!
  6. I'm about to build the Hasegawa 1/48 scale Starfighter as a CAF CF-104 in the "wraparound" scheme of dark green from the early 70's. The problem is I'm not sure of the correct shade to use, and every reference I have advises a different FS colour equivalent ! As far as I can remember they were not dissimilar to FS 34102 . . .at least the ones which visited Bruggen, where I was stationed in 1973, seemed to be. I would be most grateful if anyone could shed any light on this subject for me.
  7. Many thanks for that, Mike . . .I'll let you know how I get on ! :(
  8. I'm about to start building a 1/48 scale TF-104G in Bundesluftwaffe colours, but i'm having trouble finding a satin varnish which gives the correct "sheen". I've tried Humbrol satincote, but it seems to dry too matt for the scheme I'm doing. German Starfighters had quite a shine to their finish, although it was obviously not gloss! Can anyone recommend a particular brand to airbrush, preferably enamel, as I don't get on very well with acrylics?
  9. Excellent work, Harold . . .I can't wait for the 450 gallon tanks, as my model will be a 20th. TFW machine, which carried these more or less as "standard" :D :)
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