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  1. Excellent paint job, and very nice figure! Well done Anzo! Cheers, HÃ¥kan
  2. Excellent work Els! Looks great! Nice effect with the lit torch! Cheers, HÃ¥kan
  3. Now both figures are finished! 1st one. 2nd one. Both of them! Now I'll wrap them up and send them back, and start with the next one. Cheers, HÃ¥kan
  4. Looking great Tango! Cheers, HÃ¥kan
  5. Nice kit Mikkel! That kit looks quite good without any extras, so it will be interesting to see how it turns out with all the etch. I've just put primer on the kit I'm working on. Lovely kit with very good fit. Not sure how the decals are though. Cheers, HÃ¥kan
  6. Great job with the base and torch! Looks great! That mold putty looks interesting, as it does happen from time to time that I needed to cast small parts. Cheers, HÃ¥kan
  7. Nice work! The engine looks great! Cheers, HÃ¥kan
  8. Very nice work so far! I can imagine color matching took some time. I guess that's the disadvantage with pre painted parts. You have to trust they have done their research right, and find matching colors for the rest of the cockpit. Cheers, Håkan
  9. Looking great so far! Quite some task you've taken on, but I think it'll turn out great! Cheers, HÃ¥kan
  10. Excellent work Dave! It looks awesome! Cheers, HÃ¥kan
  11. My intention was to do a fast build, but somehow other builds came inbetween. I got some red on the tail. I've also masked for the anti-glare area in front of the cockpit. But first I need to take care of a few spots which need more filler. Cheers, HÃ¥kan
  12. Looking good Mikkel! Cheers, HÃ¥kan
  13. Nice pit Mikkel! Looks great! Cheers, HÃ¥kan
  14. Such things do happen from time to time. As long as it's only a matter of a little dull cote, it's quite easly fixed. Cheers, HÃ¥kan
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