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  1. Here is plenty of info - not just for MiG-23 🙂:
  2. Thanks Gabor! Warsaw Pact aircraft is exactly what I am interested in so it looks like Begemot's product covers all of them.
  3. Excellent news! BTW, which non-USSR/Russia users of MiG-29 have Russian stencils?
  4. You make it look so easy... In fact I think you are the single biggest reason these Ukrainian companies are thriving: you build, then one thousand Soviet aviation fans rush to buy the kits. :)
  5. You might try the contact information here: http://modelsvit.newlinetechnologies.net/ I don't know if the contact information is usable. It was mentioned at Britmodeller in this thread: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234996726-modelsvit-catalog-2016-programme/
  6. Announced? Don't think so, but I have been dreaming about it, too.
  7. Just noticed this on scalemodels.ru: http://scalemodels.ru/news/9832-katalog-ModelSvit-2016.html
  8. I would have preferred separate horizontal stabilizers but sawing them off is not that complicated task so I guess it is ok. Happy with the many pylons options and modular design. Too bad the clear parts were not shown!
  9. digit

    Tu-22 Blinder

    My understanding is that the export Tu-22s were designated Tu-22B and were actually downgraded Tu-22Rs. These have totally different nose, specifically the radome, compared the KD variant Modelsvit kit represents. I am not sure if the export aircraft also have the older VD-7M engines with different nozzles, I have not seen a clear picture. Also I would assume that the R/B variants do not have a recess for the Kh-22 missile. But the word/rumor is that Modelsvit is planning multiple variants, so a conversion may not be necessary if you can wait for an early variant. See http://www.arcforums.com
  10. The upcoming Zvezda kit, you mean. I think the Trumpeter offering does have a slight edge over this: :)
  11. The reason for flat instrument panel is that Art Model also sells a PE detail set. I can't see your model :( "The link you followed may have expired, or the page may only be visible to an audience you're not in."
  12. The kit is still not available, but sprue shots have recently been posted to RV Facebook page: As expected, there is no shortage of rivets.
  13. Scalemates says it was released in 1990. Just another opinion. :)/> But regardless of the exact year, it is the time for the ESCI kit to fade to history.
  14. Excellent news indeed! Let us hope the price level really stays low, I can already feel myself buying multiple variants. The amount of interesting kits and aftermarket coming from Ukraine is amazing, and their quality is getting better and better. For us modelers things really could not be much better.
  15. Interesting. I recall another master few years ago but the product never appeared. I hope this one makes it. So who is the producer anyway?
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