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  1. Hi! is anybody out there that may have a 1/48 MW-1 ammunition dispenser for the Tornado IDS? and that be willing to part with it? Hobby Boss does one for they Tornado IDS. Thanks for any help!! Byron
  2. ByronLeal


    Hi! I have been looking for this MW-1 bomblet dispenser for the Luftwaffe Tornado in 1/48, so far no luck, Is there any aftermarket one out there? not sure if any kits has it? Thanks for any info. Byron
  3. I have try very hard to find decals for the McGuire's Pudgy IV P-38, no luck so far; are those of you 1/48? Byron
  4. Hi!! need help, looking for part 14 for the Revell AH-1F in 1/48, Thanks for any help. Byron
  5. Hi! I would like to know where can I get detailed plans of the flight deck of aircraft carrier of Russia, UK, and France. I plan to make some bases for my 1/48 models. Thanks in advance!!
  6. Hi! can someone help me get a decal set for the 1/48 IDF Defender, I have just finish building the kit, but the box version is an all black one. maybe you got some spare ones!! Thanks in advance! Byron
  7. I may have one, not going to use it; the problem is that I live in Guatemala.
  8. Hi guys! I was planning on finnishing my 1/48 AH-1F from Revell this weekend. unfortunately the decals make the disappearing act, this is the version I'm looking for. can someone help me. thanks in advance!!. Byron
  9. Hi! I would like to know if the Mirage IIIB did ever use the Air Defense Blue scheme? like the 02/010 Siene squadron in 1978? Thanks for the info. Byron
  10. Hi!! this year I would like to build a 1/48 Fokker D VII from Roden, I already have the kit; now, the problem that I have is with the lozenge, I have read some articles, blogs and how to, but still do not get it. regarding decals what would be my best option taking in account that I maybe will do 3 WWI planes at the most. what are the best decals on the market, and by best I mean trouble free. Thanks and Happy Modeling Byron :thumbsup:/>
  11. Hi!! I´m quite new to the Helicopter modeling, I would like to know what techniques can I use to join the transparent part or windows, to the fuselage part of the model; I mean in order to leave a clean and nice join. Any advise will be greatly appreciated!! Happy Modeling Byron
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