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  1. i played trumpet for 7 years from 5th-11th grades...sadly in the last 10 years ive forgotten the majority of everything to play it! i did pick up a didjeridu when i was in australia that i can *somewhat* play. i can get the basic drone and some pitch changes...but i need to work on my circular breathing to really get better at it, but its a goal. i also want to learn to play the bagpipes.
  2. i agree on the mona lisa adhesive...ive used it on 1/72 b-36, and 1/48 p-38, -51, -80 with no problems!
  3. you could also try using a red sharpie as well
  4. thanks everyone for the comments, on both planes...the b-36 was my first attempt on using foil, and its just the .25 cent stuff from wal-mart! @ spooky 01: it does indeed have an internal bomb bay, just behind the front landing gear bay...the doors actually slide back instead of opening out. @ atlant: my current solution to displaying my models is hanging them from the ceiling...whether they have their gear down or not. out of the way from all but the tallest people...it works for now. heres a couple pics of them hanging:
  5. just finished this guy up the other day and thought i'd share. its the amt/ertl boxing. im not totally proud of the way it turned out, but i am proud of the fact i at least attempted the kit...but since italeri re-poped it, i figured i would use the amt kit as a practice run. things i learned: 1. the seams on this are as terrible as everyone says they are. id never used squadron putty before, and not really a fan of it...it dried pretty quick. is 3m acryl blue good? 2. sanding the seams was trickier than i thought to blend it all...would wet sanding it be the way to go? 3. amt decal
  6. pm sent for: Packaged deal: V-1 & V-2 for $15.00
  7. well, i think the title says all...looking for decals for the f-4j of vf-114 aboard the kitty hawk. my uncle was a mechanic on those, and i'd like to build one for him. probably do it in 1/72 scale. thanks in advance david
  8. EDUARD 1/48 PROFIPAK X-1 WITH CUTTING EDGE AM DECALS: This is the much sought-after X-1 kit with resin and PE parts, no longer available. It also comes with the Cutting Edge Limited Edition decal sheet which includes corrected markings for Glamorous Glennis marking plus markings for all schemes worn by this aircraft. Both for only $32.95 plus postage to your zip. OK, guys, this is as low as I go on this one, and reluctantly at that. The AM decal sheet alone is worth at least $10 bucks. And the kit very unlikely to go back into production, at least not with the resin parts in it. dibs on this
  9. thank you! its probably one of my favorite pictures ive taken so far....doesnt get much better than bobby knight yelling at an official walking away from him.
  10. boy was it tough to narrow down some 37,000+ pictures, all of which are with digital point and shoot, to even put some into a photobucket album ( http://s485.photobucket.com/albums/rr214/a...an/photography/ ). go check out the album, there are more landscapes in the album. Emergence, to be published in the 2010 American Institute of Architects calendar the night 'The Streak' ended slick willy little fuzzy, but the guy smack in the middle is gorbachev
  11. great idea! id definitely be interested in getting the CAD files.
  12. its like the old school pajamas, it must have a button flap on the back
  13. yeah, i picked the xb-70 up at sprue brothers for just under 50...so im somewhat at a loss on these prices
  14. saw the yb-49 in 1/72 scale at hobby lobby today and got pretty pumped about it...until i saw the price at 71.99. :blink: and is that a re-pop of someone elses mold?
  15. ive never used bare metal foil....but have used mona lisa gold leaf adhesive on 4 models now with great results. thatd be my route. cheaper than BMF anyway, in my opinion. but whatever way you go, use patience.
  16. id definitely be in for a sheet with the arctic scheme, since the superscale sheet is so hard to come by anymore
  17. ive got the essential guide to vehicles and vessels, and it has a front view and side view of the executor, if that would help you any. no top view though, but pretty good idea to use the top view from the movie.
  18. most definitely interested in the tailcones. im looking to do 2 a-12's and 1 m-21, so im in for at least 3 sets. how are you going to make the front for the m-21? resin cast or a vacuform? ive never done either of those, and trying to figure out how to make my own conversion pieces. the group build sounds like a great idea! -david
  19. what should i use to strip this? thanks for your help
  20. im currently working on the revell 747/space shuttle combo, and had some problems with the decals. they look great on the paper, no yellow at all...but after putting them in water and they come loose, so does some of the backing paper. i assume the glue bonded to the paper and pulled it off? wasnt a problem on the shuttle, as the white of the model hid the paper...but im using aluminum foil on the 747, and its going to show like crazy. anybody have ideas?
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