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  1. Top notch work. One of the best I've seen for the RSAF specially in terms of camo accuracy :thumbsup:/>
  2. The word AMAZING falls short to do justice here. Congratulations. The scratch-building of the nose canon for the base is a piece of art by itself
  3. Excellent job, Vic, one of the best F-5s I've seen. Love the weathering
  4. Hi all. One day I was walking around downtown eBay and I happened to come across this kit: I built this model about 12 yrs ago and it was one of my favorite on my shelves but one day a very close friend of mine came to my house to say good-bye...he was moving to Texas and he always loved my models. I simply couldn't say no and he ended up loading his Ford Explorer with not just that Mig-29 but with some other ones too :o/>/>/> ...I felt bad at first to see my models go, but that feeling soon changed. Anyway, as I was saying, after not seeing that kit for a looooong time as
  5. Nice looking Phantom, she's got dirt up to the gills but that's the interesting part, good one
  6. Nice looking Tomcat, I like the spotty weathering effects, good job
  7. Amazing job, I really like the subtle weathering they have on and the quality of the paint work is superb, just the way I like models to look. Excellent
  8. Lovely Ra'am. I'm a big fan of the IAF and this puppy, along with the F-4 Kurnass, The Apache PETEN and the SARAF, The F-16I SUFA, and the Kfir, are my favorite Israeli birds. You've done a great job, the camo paint came out a treat. Very nice
  9. Oh wow, that's cool information that I'm keeping in my records. I had no clue what Airport it was except the location, which is obvious from the background sign, but didn't know the specific name/location when I created the backdrop. Thanks for your comment and your info :thumbsup:/>
  10. Thank u Boris for your nice comment :)
  11. Thank God for my wife's second shift job as this is the time the deliveries get done around here otherwise I think I'd be selling lemonade at the Sahara desert :(
  12. Your words are much appreciated, Joel. And you're doing the right thing in regard of the stash as piling up in "kits to build" has a ricochet effect that in many cases counters the real purpose of the hobby (frustration instead of fun). I'll soon post some more of my builds. Kind regards
  13. Besides being an excellent looking model, you deserve a medal for the decals job...my goodness :o
  14. Without a doubt, one of the most realistic looking Fulcrum I've seen in this scale. Outstanding and hard to find job
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