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  1. Hello Dutch, Why not this one ? : https://modelingmadness.com/scott/viet/previews/croco/ch43.htm Regards Patrick
  2. the parts which cause me the most problem to reproduce are the seats. In reality, they consist of a tube frame over which a canvas is stretched and this canvas is slightly transparent : To represent this look, I considered making a copy of the seats in clear resin, then painting just the edges with a regular brush to simulate the tube frame and covering the rest of the clear seat with very thinned gray paint with my airbrush to simulate the slightly transparent canevas. If anyone has a great idea to replicate these seats, let us know! It is also possible to re
  3. Hello Gino, Of course, I totally agree with you. Dragon's OH-6A is a much better starting point for building a beautiful Cayuse. So why waste time on this Revell antique. That's why for me : A friend of mine gave me this kit and they will be very happy to see it finished Starting from basic materials, plastic card, plastic or brass tube, copper wire, lead etc. and succeeding in reproducing a complete cockpit is one of my greatest pleasure in model making. I love that ! In addition, there is a kind of challenge for me. This kit is my first model that I tried to
  4. Hello Fulcrum1, Thank you for your kind words, have a nice day Pat
  5. Hi Bounce, Nice progress so far. Speaking of the rear bulkhead, the two "boxes" you removed are not ammo boxes, they are poooor representations of the two rear seats in folded position against the bulkhead. The bulkhead has another problem. The kit part is flat but there should be an angle. In fact this line of rivets highlighted in red gives the exact shape of the bulkhead. So I made it completely out of plastic card : About the floor. The floor of the kit is flat from the cockpit to the cargo compartment but there should be an angle as on the red line :
  6. Hello Tracy, thank you for your kind words. Yes, I think the new owner will take care of my Jeep. When he came to see the vehicle he was accompanied by two friends who were themselves collectors of military vehicles. It was obvious that they knew the Jeeps perfectly well. They promised him that they would help him get her back to perfect condition. Here are the lasts photos shortly before the sale Afficher plus Afficher moins
  7. Hello Bounce Have you ever read this book? If you are interested in aeroscouts in Vietnam this book is fascinating. As soon as I started reading it I couldn't put it down!
  8. Pink team refueling Here is a complete view of the dio Yes, I know, the helipads are much too close but if I had respected the scale the dio would have been much too big
  9. Hello Tim, The hose? Guess you're talking about pipe running on the floor of the dio? Until recently I was the owner of a Jeep. On the front left fender I had installed an original blackout headlight made in USA from 1943. But here in France it is strictly forbidden to have operational military blackout lights on a vehicle. So I had to cut the power cable. Of course, in 1943 the electric cables were not plastic but were braided in wire. I kept this cable in my spare box and I used it for the kerozen power system on this dio. It's probably not accurate but I liked the as
  10. Hello Steve, hello everyone, Sorry to have taken so long to respond, but these past few days have been "complicated". My wife was hospitalized in an emergency and spent a week in the hospital. She has been at home for a few days now and her condition is gradually improving. Oh yes, many memories in 35 years, sometimes sad, sometimes funny. One day, I met a veteran who told me with tears in his eyes how he lost good friends when their vehicle exploded on a mine right in front of him. Another day, we were returning from a trip with my wife. We decided to stop at a drive in for a meal. A
  11. Hello Steve, My Jeep spent a few years in the French army. In 1962 it was completely refurbished and received a new identity, new documents, new frame number. Impossible to know the history of the vehicle before this date. Yes, I participated in historical events like WW2 During one of these events, a town very close to my home had invited Mr. Bill Millin, the piper of D Day. Mr. Millin walked in front of the convoy of vehicles playing the bagpipes. It was incredible. After the official ceremony I found Mr Millin relaxing at a table with a cold drink. I was a very young Jeep driver and t
  12. Hello friends, Recently I sold my Jeep. I never thought it would be so painful! I have owned this vehicle for 35 years, more than half of my life !! Now every time I enter the garage and see the empty space I have a pinch in my heart .......
  13. have you ever noticed that? Three manufacturers, three kits, and almost similar box art with a Skyraider, flames and the jungle. The background is almost a copied paste!
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