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  1. I think you'd be better off buying Tamiya's own retarder.
  2. Best 1/72 jet kits by subject?

    I think this thread has underscored an enduring problem with trying to define "the best" kit of any given subject. What is "the best?" Is it the one that is most accurate shape-wise? The one with the most detail? The one with the most accurate detail? The one that is easiest to build? Everyone has a slightly different view of what "the best" means, but most folks never explicitly state what their criteria are, so we end up arguing round and round on some kits. No one kit is going to score perfectly on all criteria (or even come close, in many cases), so I suggest that, for this exercise, you consider explicitly stating what is being measured instead of using "such and such a kit is hands-down the best F-somethingorother." Better to say that the kit has the most correct shape (or note where it has shape errors), has the most accurate detail, etc. For example, take the A-7 kits out there. Trumpeter's kit is more detailed but has shape issues and crappy stores; the Fujimi kit has an intake trunk and an accurate shape, but detail is not as good as Trumpeter's; and the ESCI/Italeri kit has a generally accurate shape, better stores than the Fujimi kit, is easier to build than the Fujimi, but has sparse detail, particularly in the cockpit. Which one is the best? Better to just list the pluses and minuses than to solve a pointless argument. My contribution--the Hasegawa F-117 has good detail, is accurate in shape and dimensions, and includes a detailed bomb bay in some boxings. The is a join at the wing root that creates additional work that is avoided in other kits and has some poorly placed ejector pin marks on the landing gear. The Academy kit is less detailed, has intakes that are a bit too narrow, and has incorrect pitot tubes.
  3. Best paint storage racks

    I have one of these, but they appear to be OOP. Hobbyzone makes similar hanging racks that should work equally well.
  4. Thin or not thin AK interactive paint

    I generally spray them straight from the bottle for just that reason. They do seem to be thinner than other similar paints like Vallejo Model Air.
  5. GreatModels is back as KITLINX

    The membership doesn't seem all that worthwhile. Scalemates has links to reviews and also links AM products to the kits they are designed for. The 5% discount might be worthwhile if you order more that $400 per year from them.
  6. Attack Squadron etc. SHUTTING down

    I bet there were many others that did the same. A few of the items I wanted were out of stock when I put in my order. Not too many, thankfully.
  7. Attack Squadron etc. SHUTTING down

    I managed to put in a last-minute order on Sunday thanks to this thread. Stocked up on a few items I had been eyeing but hadn't pulled the trigger on. Thanks for the heads up!
  8. Is Mission Models paint going OOP?

    I got a reply from Mission Models: That's good news. I'll give some of the colors a try once the new ones are available.
  9. I saw an announcement from Mission Models back in April stating that they were going to be broadening the range to include a lot of useful paints, but since then I have heard nothing. Instead, the Web site now shows several colors as "sold out" and there is no hint that new ones are coming. Is the expansion of the range still going to happen? Is MM postponing it? Or are they winding it down? The "sold out" part is what triggers my concern that the paint line may go away. I was thinking of trying the paint, as it has gotten very good reviews, but I'm not willing to invest the money and time required to learn it if the brand will cease to exist. Anyone know?
  10. Spray gun

    I'd go for the RG3 or the G5--better to have a dedicated instrument that does one thing really well instead of a jack-of-all-trades, master of none. I also was tempted by a fan-pattern cap for my Grex Tritium, but spray guns with a fan pattern produce a lot less overspray than airbrushes using a fan cap. That's what sold me.
  11. Spray gun

    Not to further muddy the waters, but consider the Iwata LPH-50 if you have a compressor with sufficient CFM to run it. I've got the 0.6mm model and love it. I spray 1/35 armor and 1/72 planes. It's a bit of overkill for the smaller planes in 1/72, but perfect for 1/35 armor and larger 1/72 models.
  12. Long-term behavior of unsealed decals?

    Nate--I've done that on one model (left the decals unsealed) because it was NMF, but I'm not sure it will last for more than a few years. A lot depends on the quality of the decals. I'm not worried about fading--chances are they won't fade unless exposed to direct sunlight every day, for the whole day, for months or years. I think your approach makes sense in theory, but you might want to think of ways of strengthening the decal's glue--maybe put a tiny drop of diluted white glue under each one?
  13. Great--I'll be waiting for the email!
  14. That's great news! I've got my eye on that one and a couple of other sheets, so I'll definitely be putting in an order for a sheet.
  15. I'd like to buy a sheet (and a couple of others, but see that the purchasing link is still deactivated. Thanks!