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  1. Most probably you will build it much before I do lol.
  2. 1st Milestone completed! With the cockpit finished, the fuselage is now closed.
  3. Hello gang. This is my first build for 2024 and I target to finish in record-breaking time, by March! Academy's A6M2c is a lovely model and in my opinion, equally good to Eduard's own (when compared entirely OOB). I have both of them and decided to build first the Academy, in the colours provided by Eduard for the plane of Lt. Kunio Kanzaki. For this purpose, I bought separately the masks provided for the national insignia and codes and the stencils. The build will be entirely OOB, with the exclusion (ok, here we go again!) of seat belts, the control surf
  4. The decal is not conforming well to the wing panel lines. You can cut it and use some decal setting solution. Cheers
  5. Nice one. Check the national insignia on the port side. It is not sitting well in the wing panel line. I have never made those pencils work for me.
  6. Technically looks more like the UB is missing a cover, hiding the internal details, that exists in the single sitter. Awesome details by the way!
  7. Only this is not a failure. It is not a missing part, not an incomplete part. It is a slightly bent part, in a hobby where people are expected to build something using parts, glue and filler. If this is an alert, or it may stop someone from buying or building the model, then I honestly cannot see many models fit to such a skill level.
  8. If a slightly bent part is an issue worth saying, then better think of buying diecast models 😝😝😝 Common guys, we should be taking basic modelling skills as for granted. This cannot be something to alert about... For those with some history in the hobby, just remember the Monogram, magnificent, history series. More parts wrapped than not. Spoiled, spoiled, spoiled 😘😘😘
  9. Check the photo. Mine is just like the Iwata, but it has an "O" ring, as the quality does not allow for a proper seal without it. I guess there is a lot of experimentation and many different incarnations of the branded airbrushes.
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