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  1. I was convinced that this is a must have even before those details. So next question is... when?????
  2. Can't wait. (I hope we do not see once again criticism equal to that for another manufacturer's F-14. It will be very annoying for us, readers)
  3. The scratch building in the engine area has just began. I did not want to work touching the already painted model, so I built a little cradle in the shape of the firewall. All measurements and details will be made against it and the final component will then take place on the fuselage. The engine here, comes from CMK set 4287 - Merlin Mk. 45/46 and NOT the 4363 - Baulton Paul Defiant. The reason is that the Defiant set provides half the engine and no engine bearings. It is good only if you intend to show a half open engine and not what I was after. Set 4363 though has the firewall and some of the details between the engine and the firewall, so if your budget allows, buy them both! Cheers, DIO
  4. Thanks mate. This was supposed to be an OOB project, but Airfix model is soooo inspiring!
  5. Due to the unforeseen COVID-19 situation, I have spent hours of modelling. So, there has been a lot of progress, but still a lot of work to be done. Note that in order to be able and better handle the model, I have not painted the firewall and the vertical fin. Next steps are the engine and the turret.
  6. I am just thinking that issues may not be mentioned because some of those "proven flaws" are just not there? You can trust or not, your choose. And most of us trust our own eyes. I feel sorry for those that do not have the model, read whatever, and at the end have no idea if they should buy this kit or not lol
  7. So, what you see so far doesn't look like tomcat? Interesting...
  8. Interestingly the slat locking mechanisms are similar to those of invader/prowler. It is an important feature of the wings. The slat can be corrected by just adding some filler, no need to cut or reposition anything. Great work done so far, I am watching you 🙂
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