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  1. Following the stressed metal effect, here comes BMF dressing up. Well, I am not that motivated those days, so this will be confined to just the areas where weathering will follow...
  2. He is for the Guiness Book. He couldn't have made it any worse!
  3. Some more progress... The landing gear are combination of the SAC (bad) gears and scratch building. Wheels from Barracuda Studio. Great job in the main wheels, not so good at the tail wheel. For that one I user the SAC example. Cheers!
  4. AMK is not perfect but in my eyes it is equivalent to Tamiya and when it comes to details at certain areas (landing gears, wings just to mention two) is even better. If I could afford it would much like to combine those two kits in a perfect Tomcat!!!
  5. Yes definitely unbuildable. Throw it out of the window. Just wait for me.
  6. I think the differences you have found are not worth all the previous fuss. They are almost non existent to the eye and most probably do not matter for the wider range of modelers. The issues that do matter though are those that have to do with missing details, inconsistent details or differences between mirrored parts of the model. Those are not easy to fix and require skills much above the average: rescribe, but also do it in a way similar to the other side. It would be great if AMK resolved those before reissuing any further copies.
  7. ...plus seeing tones of non-issue issues...
  8. 263 Keep up the good job.
  9. Just the same people, continue the same tactics. This alone says a lot.
  10. It is not that Tamiya does not need any fixes. It is that the Tamiya kit has not been bashed in a similar way.
  11. From all the fictitious errors I have seen mentioned here, this the first one that appears to be a real one. And one that is not easy to fix, without a good experience in re-scribing details. That it is at the under side is some comfort, but not for detailers, like myself. Bummer!
  12. Not buildable 😂😂😂😂😂
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