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  1. Considering the bad press (deserved or not)... http://security.blogs.cnn.com/2013/08/10/osprey-aircraft-deployed-for-first-time-in-support-of-marine-one/?hpt=hp_t2 Is the military phasing out Chinooks?
  2. I read this book once on loan from a friend. Have not read anything more entertaining; couldn't put the book down at times. Although I mention it to anyone interested, I haven't found anyone who has read it. The title is Dead Center by Ed Kugler. It details a Marine Sniper's journey in Vietnam. Cheers, Mike
  3. Too much talking, not enough _ss whoopin..... Go Flyers!!!!
  4. Yup she messed up................. Now compare that to the boos during the national anthem at the Ricky Hatton vs. Floyd Mayweather fight and you have an entirely different story. Now THAT topic was never brought up that I can recall. And they werent booing the singer btw.
  5. LOL, I wish I could take another day off. That would definetly speed up the production line from 1 a year to 1 1/2.... Signals, Yep made me feel better..... So I went back to the kit after about an hour of looking for some inspiration on ARC. Turned out to be an easy fix. I guess I just felt a little overwhelmed since I had put so much thought into that NMF (first timer). This site really helps keep things in perspective. Thanks everyone, Mike
  6. So I took the day off work due to a stomach illness and hit the bench as soon as I felt better. I've been working on the HAS F-15A and have it at painting stage. Im doing the NMF and realized that I masked off at the wrong panel. The kit had some serious fit issues from the beginning....I lost a strut of the landing gear.....and now this?!?!?!?! I'm about to make this kit airborne but I've put so much time into it already that I just dont want to quit on it now. Sorry, I needed to vent and you guys would be the only ones who could understand my frustration right now. :D
  7. My wife and I go several times a year. Best time we ever had was recently when we stayed at a resort. Nothing beats not having to drive into and out of the parks. When you are dead tired from walking all day, the last thing you want to do is get in the car and drive an hour to kissimmee. The resorts are wonderful for days off too. Cheers and enjoy our beautiful Central Florida.
  8. RC Hobbies on McNabb and University. Its near Margate but I havent found a better place for models anywhere in South Florida.
  9. My 2 cents, it was because it was a US team. I especially love the comment from the 2 guys on this thread that seem to have watched a different game. Happy modeling!!!
  10. Are they pushing that plane around with a lawnmower??????
  11. I completed a Hasegawa F-14A, Black Knights edition, in approx 1 year. Unfortunately, the camera isnt the greatest and I couldnt get a good picture. Its a good thing because to a non-modeler, it looks great......to one of you guys, it sucks. I had an issue with the plastic crazying when i glued the wings together, the HAS decals were horrible and it bubbled in places where I couldnt see why in the world they would, and the salt weathering ended up acting crazy and not wanting to come off. I chose to do the high vis (is that right? the one with the gloss black skunk stripe and vertical st
  12. Trek, Im actually turning the last corner with a Tamiya F4 myself. I had the exact same problem happen to me as well and shelved the thing for a week or two before deciding on mating the halves and sanding or taking some time to look at what was causing the misalignment. Unfortunately, its too late, but I did find that the cockpit was causing a clearance issue that needed to be dealt with for the halves to align correctly. After fiddling with it and perhaps sanding, you would be able to get to align just fine. Overall though, for being a second model, you are doing better than I. Ke
  13. Chuck, did you polish the gloss black skunk stripe? How bout the vertical tails? Im on the fence whether or not this would be correct....my thinking, "self, they crews wouldnt care too much about the glass like paint look." Cheers, Mike
  14. Hey Oldguy, Zeus just looks like trouble!!!!
  15. Chuck, as always, you are da bomb!!! And that Tomcat is sheer genious man!!! Reddog, saw the fan.....funny how i dont think its on the model but I gotta go back and check to be sure....Thank you guys though for the clarification. Its going on in a few and then I would need to sit tight for a few days while the vertical tail fins dry up (had a bad problem with tenax and the HAS plastic). Either way, I think that a week of work and it should be finalized....will post in critique corner then Thanks Guys!!!
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