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  1. Very nice, build :D Build it myself 5-6 years ago, neede a lot of lead to stay on the nose. cheers Jes
  2. How did you get that idea ??, compared your self ?? Here you can see no serious difference between the Acadamy left and Italery right. cheers Jes
  3. Well the landing gear legs are actually the right, lenght have checked aganins the drawing. cheers Jes
  4. For a number of years I have been hoping for a mainstream affordable F, but non so far accept the Italeri. But it has some serious issues that are visible to the naked eye. 1: Wheels to big 2: landing gear to wide 3: Spinner to flat and short 4: Panel lines and slats wrong 5: wheel well to wide, missing teardrop flaring. There might be more, but none that I consider serious. This is not a state of the art conversion, just a try to make it look like a F. So I thought I would try and see what I could do about it, without putting to much work into it. 1. Wheels had some in the spare part box so no problem and aftermarket are to find. 2. This challenge needed some surgery, cut the wheel well more into the middle of the underwing section, removed the original landing gear mountings, and replaced them with some plastic tubing more to the middle. 3. Spinner also came from the spare box, donation of a Revell G-10, witch has to have it prop replaced as what is I this set is unusable, aftermarket are also available here. 4. Gave it some green putty, and sanded it down, I do not believe that panel line are visible I 1/72, so I did not bother to rescribe. The slants on the otter hand I rescibed as the together with rudder lines are clearly visible. 5. Inserted some 0.25mm plastic card, made them look better. 6. The of course had to make some new landing gear flarings, used some plasticcard. 7. The teardrop flarings where made as copies of some from a Acadamy wing, just took a piece of plastic heated it until soft, pressed over the flaring, and used it as a master to press a other piece of heated plastic into to get the teardrop flaring, worked quite well. It is now more or less finished, gave a coat of 76 to show how it look with a bit of paint also. I have used the 1/72 drawing from one of AJ-Press books as reference, for measurements. Cheers Jes
  5. Here you have a E-3 in 1/72 ICM cheers Jes
  6. Very nice job, love the Fine Moulds new bourght one think they are to expessive, waiting for a mailstream issue. Regarding the yellow leading edge, never seen it that before, but just found this and I am now convinced. And it is a very interesting discovery. http://www.network54.com/Forum/149674/mess.../Hrabak%27s+F-2 http://www.network54.com/Forum/149674/mess.../Hrabak%27s+F-2 cheers Jes
  7. The F Series has round, though some early F´s had square. cheers Jes
  8. Nice to see an old Matchbox build. cheers Jes
  9. So finally finished, not an easy build mostly due to the fact that this kit has been overengeenered, a lot of unusable parts, to thin and fragile. So kit manufactores why not keep it simpel and accurate, and let up to the model builders weather they what to use extra money on detaling,. cheers Jes
  10. Paint work almost inished done by brush, and ready for clear cote. cheers Jes
  11. Very nice job, like the paint job cheers Jes
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