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  1. A TISEO equipped F-4E that doesn't require fortune to be spent on aftermarket.
  2. That's what I said in old MiG-29 thread and everyone's attitude was that extra stuff never hurts... Well, kit came out with anemic fuel tanks, rather sparsely detailed main gear wells, when compared to the rest of the kit, and no air inlet ducts, but it had two nice tubes which are now buried in the landfill somewhere South of Fresno.
  3. Judging by color coding CAD software added to assembly, radome and its wedge frame will be detachable. Is there something underneath it?
  4. Tooling costs of cutting it domestically in Japan are sky high. And they still remember F-22 debacle.
  5. Something to do while boards were down. Trop boxing of Eduard's Emil + Brassin cockpit:
  6. They got nose of a late MiG-27 mated to the MiG-23BN fuselage and tail. Cockpit is cast as one piece, just like in their Su-25.
  7. I play it on weekends, Historical and Full Historic Battles only. Arcade mode is not worth anyone's time- too many immature, gender confused players there. Overall, it's half way between X planes arcade like stuff and full on simulation like MFS or DCS series. Best of all, they made a mouse joystick support, so I don't have to beat on my aging Cougar.
  8. It's a copy of RV 23BN with a new nose, but still the best 72nd MiG-27 on the market.
  9. Comprehensive review: http://scalemodels.ru/articles/6607-obzor-ART-model-1-72-mig-27.html
  10. The Su-2 has been "on its way" since November 2011 when it was scheduled to be released. Zvezda doesn't have scale models as a priority product anymore, they make a fortune on board games and movies related stuff.
  11. RoG or Revell USA? Old Monogram kit has pretty good pit from the box, just get two seats like others have said. RoG reboxes Hasegawa kit sometimes, the easiest avenue would be TD cockpit set, especially if you can get updated cast one.
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