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    British Fleet Air Arm, 357th FG/Ohio ANG and anything/everything to do with AW101's! Plus bit of Flt Sim!!
  1. merlin101

    162nd FS/178th FW F-100's

    thanks, hoping there may be more! Dave
  2. merlin101

    162nd FS/178th FW F-100's

    Looking for photo's of this type from the Ohio ANG unit. Hoping someone can be of help? Dave
  3. merlin101

    References for the EH-101 Merlin?

    I've built nearly 30 so far!! Any help you need pm me. Dave
  4. merlin101

    References for the EH-101 Merlin?

    If you go to Augustawestland web site theres lots of pics available, also you can download the brochures for the AW101, which have internal & external detailed pic's! Dave
  5. merlin101

    VH-71 Marine One

    I built one of the test VH-71's while back. You doing it as it 'might of been' or as a prototype? If you look on the official Augustawestland web site, there are brochures you can download for the VIP version. It includes interior set-up as well as photo's. Doors are different (as mentioned) plus one or two aerials. The production version was to have other external differences including possible external fuel tanks, but was never fitted for real! There are some pics on the net of the test versions, just do a search on yahoo or similar. Be interesting to see what happends to the 9 test airframes that were delivered to PAX River! Dave
  6. merlin101

    Revell 1/72 Merlin HC3 RAF

    Revell stopped producing it couple years ago, why I just don't know!! Kit has similar mouldings to their Royal Navy boxing with different sprue for varient differences. Best kit for AW101 in my opinion! Dave
  7. merlin101

    Revell/Italeri/Eduard EH-101 Merlin HM1

    Lovely workmanship ICE, looks perfect! Pity original kit is'nt that detailed!! Dave
  8. Thanks 'Tank'!! Best kit to use is the Revell RAF Merlin kit if you can find one, Revell stopped producing it last year!! There's plenty of info/pics on the net, but if you need any help pm me. There's a fair bit of modification to do but it's fairly straight forward. Dave
  9. Nice scheme! Way the sales are going there might be civy '101's yet! job well done! Dave
  10. merlin101

    Seamless intake for Tamiya F-16's

    Have you looked on Luckymodels web site? I got a 'big mouth' by Wolfpack from them, Dave
  11. merlin101

    Nellis/Red Flag action

    Fantastic photo's Jake! Any ANG units taking part? Dave
  12. merlin101

    1/48 Tamiya F-16C Block 32

    Nice looking Viper! Was it brush painted & what paint/colour you use for exhaust? I'm working on a block 50 to 30 currently, will be in 178th ANG scheme. Dave
  13. merlin101

    Viper Story, Part II

    Just got your ANG book Jake, excellent! Think i'll be getting this one to now!! Dave
  14. Afterburner set 'Viper Wing Kings' either complete or just decals for 178th FW a/c. Can't find any anywhere in UK!! Dave
  15. Looking forward to seeing this Grant! Dave