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  1. Great work as always πŸ‘ - first I thought this could be a bit too colourful but it looks interesting. I'm not quite shure about the yellow platform. On most of the pics I found it's just grey.
  2. Italeri News 2019: - 1/72 War Thunder - Mil Mi-24D + UH-1C - 1/72 HH-101 Caesar - 1/72 CH-53 Super Stallion - 1/72 Mil Mi-24P / Mil Mi-35P - 1/72 SH-3 Sea King - 1/48 Bell AH-1Z Viper "Zulu Cobra" - 1/48 H-21C "Flying Banana" Gunship (with PE?) - 1/48 HUS-1 Seahorse / UH-34D - 1/48 AB-206B1 Link to the brochure: https://www.italeri.com/en/article/766 PS: I think the Top Gun set with the F-14A AND the A-4F is a nice idea.
  3. Because of: "We added highlights..." "We did edge highlight..." "After a coat of gloss we did a wash..." So I thought there could be more than one person beeing involved in shooting the video. BTW: Your videos are great and the Sea King looks very nice already. Keep up the nice work! πŸ‘
  4. Marines in 3-tone camo or the airforce bird in european one? I think I need two kits.
  5. Every single part is a model itself - and a masterpiece!
  6. It's great that you close the gaps in the market. Keep up the good work!
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