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  1. Oddly enough, I used some of the notes posted on here from that thread. Great stuff.
  2. Ughhh... this is what happens when you are used to building jets, ad not prop airplanes. I will ask to have it moved to prop asap.🤣
  3. Thought I would go ahead and share my latest completed build. Pretty fun and straight forward build, even with needing to beat the canopy into submission to make it closed. So I hope you all like and enjoy.
  4. As with all things, just experiment and see what works for you and your set up.
  5. Other than the lawyer jokes (married to a lawyer), you should have no problems using the same airbrush for spraying different paint types. As stated, just make to clean very well.
  6. Just wanted to share my build of Hasegawa's F6F-5 in 1/32. It was enjoyable and my first Navy prop plane in a very... very long time. Ran into one minor issue dealing with gouging the plastic with my rotary tool, but all in all I am happy with how it turned out, even if the carpet monster ate the first pitot tube and I had to pick up a replacement.
  7. Can not recall if I've commented, but Caracal's Decals were awesome for my F-16 build. Looking forward to using them again in the future.
  8. This is a build based off of Hasegawa's IdolMaster boxing of the F-16. As with all things, I spent more on all of the additions then the actual model. Fun build, my first Hasegawa kit. The below was added to the kit for this build or used as a resource: · The Scale Viper: A Modeler’s Guide to Building the F-16 – Pete Fleischmann · The Modern Viper Guild, 2nd Edition – Jake Melampy · Decals: Caracal: USAF F-16C “Dark Vipers” part 4 · Royale Resin: antenna Upgrader Set · GT Resin 1/48 ALQ-184 ECM Pod & F-16 Wild Weasel Set · Edua
  9. Everyone, Had the chance to start this build 8 years ago as part of a contest. Got all the way up to the weathering stage waiting for everyone else to start. I just went ahead and decided to go ahead and finish it and share, so hope everyone enjoys it.
  10. I have ordered from them a number of times, more than happy with the experience.
  11. Calling this one done everyone, enjoy and let me know what you think.
  12. Primed, painted and waiting to get the gloss coat on.
  13. if you have access to SimpleGreen, soak it and brush it off.
  14. An add on to the above question, has anyone had any issues using Tamiya's X-22 thinned with Tamiya's X-20A? I am limited with what I can use due to smells so nothing lacquer based if I can help it.
  15. This is a resin kit, made by Multi-Verse Models. A fun, quick and enjoyable build that I used to practice marbling and black basing. Enjoy.[:P] Build Gallery: https://www.flickr.com/photos/191409677@N03/albums/72177720305310516
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