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  1. Still working on this build, just have not had the chance to take any pictures. The painting is more or less done minus touch ups and I am not putting the sub assemblies together. Putting in the clear inserts is a pain! Took about 45 minutes to do the wings since the clear parts kept shooting out into the wild unknown of my workbench. Also still need to work on the stand to display this build as an inflight Valk.
  2. The black is the primer (Vallejo Gloss Black primer), the gray is the first color. There will be a darker gray along with it much like the F-15. The gray may look lighter then you might expect due to the metallic sheen added to it and it lightens the colors. If nothing else, this is a great practice for future builds! 🙂
  3. I am leaning towards the Fast Packs being the same dark gray as on the plane, just not with the metallic sheen. Which is a pain to see in pictures.
  4. Random question and maybe I've missed something, but does the F-15C have an additional pylon on the wing to hold a EMC pod? Oddly enough, I was looking at a Revell 1/48 F-15C build and it was there in the build, yet the instructions it has it in place of the missiles on a pylon. Am I missing something or is this just a case of an old mold using outdated information.
  5. Long time lurker, but I figured I would share. Started in 2017 and put n hiatus for a couple of years until recently. This will be build as a J model for now. 2017 Started back up in 2020 These were stripped and redone, will take pictures later. The paint scheme is a light gray/med gray with a slight metallic sheen *fingers crossed* Something like the paint scheme for a F-15C. Second and th
  6. That I can agree with, I am building a 1/72 VF-1 and I can already see that if I am doing a two tone build free hand the Paasche H might not cut it.
  7. Just the standard gloss black primer. Asking since I am trying to move away from the lacquer type primers and while it was somewhat easier to sue and forgiving, I wanted to see if anyone ran across any issues that haven't been posted yet or just thoughts in general.
  8. I would definitely recommend the Paasche H for a starter airbrush. I've been using one for years.
  9. Afternoon everyone, I am in the process of using Vallejo's Gloss Black primer with a Paasche H airbrush. No major issues but since I thinned it a bit the coverage suffered just a tad, but not enough to cause any angst. Has anyone run into any issues using Vallejo's primer or any tips and tricks using it?
  10. Make it three, I think it would be cool to see.
  11. Just a random addition to my previous question. If I am reading this correctly; the Have Glass IV is just the basic two tone gray scheme with a metallic sheen and the Have Glass V is the dark gray with the light gray accents with a slight metallic sheen?
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