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  1. Looking forward to the decal sheet, thanks for the heads up.
  2. That might be the color scheme I am seeing in those pages.
  3. Again, thank you. The question came about because I was looking at the paint schemes of various Vipers in "The Scale Viper:A Modeler Guide to Building the F-16" and the paint scheme pg 16-17 was intriguing.
  4. Off-hand, anyone know which unit has the SP tail code?
  5. Sorry forgot to add the scale. It is 1/48 I am looking for. I found all of those except for Hannat's so I will definitely keep an eye out. Thanks.
  6. Afternoon everyone. I've been looking for some decals for F-16's blk 50 aircraft in in the Have Glass V scheme. I noticed that Airfighters.com had some images of a unit with that particular paint scheme. Off hand, does anyone know if there will be decals released for this unit Spangdahlem(SP) or any other units?
  7. Gas... and now, I shall un-hijack the thread, thank you! 🙂
  8. To go along with this topic, anyone have any issues with building near water heaters? Just moved and my set up might need to be in the unfinished basement and the plugs are close to the heater. Anyone have any issues with using paints (lacquer/enamel) near the water heaters?
  9. Just re-read the title and saw you were looking for a 48 scale Phantom. Worse comes to worse, you can look into the 32 Scale Phantom from Revell.
  10. Any thoughts on getting a 1/32 scale F-4G from Hobby Lobby (if in your area) with the 40% off coupon? I believe with some work it can be made into an E. i am sure the members here can correct me on that if I am wrong.
  11. I was inquiring because I saw on CyberModeler.com that a F-35A in 1/48 sale is expected in April 2020, but I have not heard of it prior to today.
  12. Morning everyone, reading up on this site and noticed elsewhere that Revell is going to be coming out with a 1/48 F-35A sometime in April of this year. Is it too much to ask for that this is a new tool or is it most likely a reissue of an old tooling?
  13. Thanks for the information. I was able to reread the Osprey book on the 332nd that had information on when they became they 477th Composite Group. Seems they were flying B-25 H/J's and P-47N's. Thank you everyone for the help, very much appreciated.
  14. The unit combined with the black airmen in the who were training with the 477th Bombardment Group (Medium). This was around 1943/1944.
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