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  1. it's the camera on my phone. A Samsung S10E.
  2. So, I went into my local Hobby Lobby and I noticed that they are slowly replacing some of the Tamiya items with Mr. Hobby. they had the Mr. Super Clear Matt spray and the Mr. Hobby putty on display. Has anyone seen the same in their area?
  3. I have yet to build the Hasegawa Valkyrie, but just looking at the sprues, the Hasegawa looks to be less of a headache in regards to putting the wings together and attaching to the main body. That along makes things easier.
  4. Primed, still deciding on which Measure paint scheme to go with.
  5. I noticed there is an issue with the pylon not fitting correctly. I had to work on the brace inside the engineering hull to make it work... for now.
  6. Fun little build. Haven't worked on a boat/vessel since I was maybe 8? Currently primed and drying right now, just no images of that.
  7. Was given this model a so gift so I wanted to try building it. The plastic is something else and it's alignment in some parts is virtually non existent. Anyone who has build something from the 60's, more power to you! 🙂 Scalemates show the box image as from 1983, yet the copyright says 1968. Fun build so far, in the process of puttying the seams right now.
  8. ...and now the completed build. Had some issues during the build, paint lifting up from the canopy rail. Using Vallejo's Medal Medium for the first time and the first model to work on in years. Not a bad build, but always looking to improve. The base is temporary for now, might add this to a inflight Hasegawa VF-1 & VF-11 down the road.
  9. I have that Spec Ops book, small section on the gunship but still pretty cool. Thanks for the other suggestions, will definitely add to the list.
  10. Just to clarify, not just looking for the H model, I have a model in the stash for that particular model. Just looking for a good read on the gunships, would love a walk around type book, but I am more that happy with a history run down type book. Just looking to broaden the personal library with recommendations from others that have an extensive library of their own.
  11. I figured this would be a good place to ask, I am looking for any suggestions for books on the AC-130. I'm looking into getting Gunships: The Story of Spooky, Shadow, Stinger and Spectre by Wayne Mutza. Anyone have any other suggestions for a good read?
  12. Still working on this build, just have not had the chance to take any pictures. The painting is more or less done minus touch ups and I am not putting the sub assemblies together. Putting in the clear inserts is a pain! Took about 45 minutes to do the wings since the clear parts kept shooting out into the wild unknown of my workbench. Also still need to work on the stand to display this build as an inflight Valk.
  13. The black is the primer (Vallejo Gloss Black primer), the gray is the first color. There will be a darker gray along with it much like the F-15. The gray may look lighter then you might expect due to the metallic sheen added to it and it lightens the colors. If nothing else, this is a great practice for future builds! 🙂
  14. I am leaning towards the Fast Packs being the same dark gray as on the plane, just not with the metallic sheen. Which is a pain to see in pictures.
  15. Random question and maybe I've missed something, but does the F-15C have an additional pylon on the wing to hold a EMC pod? Oddly enough, I was looking at a Revell 1/48 F-15C build and it was there in the build, yet the instructions it has it in place of the missiles on a pylon. Am I missing something or is this just a case of an old mold using outdated information.
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