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  1. Thanks will take a detailed look. Always enjoyed your write ups!
  2. I think Yanfei is from China Shanghai perhaps you can ask him.
  3. Damn that's a big bird. Running cement down on that wing span would be daring work!! Good luck, wish my apartment had enough space for one of these birds.
  4. Just got back for the winter break and since its raining, windy and apparently earthquakes galore out here in Melbourne, what better time than to dust off the old model. Wish I could bring my stash and tools along with me to college... Anyways finished the back end internals. The engine bay. I think most of the black brown pigment I added will be blown away after a fixative/dull coat is spray. The Aires burner can turned out alright. I tried to get that green tinge look inside depending on what angle you look at it. To illustrate the point take a look at two different shots. Again exc
  5. I knew I should have ordered a few sets of A-10 updates he had going. ARHHH NUTZ! Hope everything goes well and he reopens in the near future.
  6. No more bad fuselage fits, warps etc but still a terrific model. Two birds one stone!
  7. Hi Mike C, Can you give a pic of the bottle back label and I can confirm. I managed to find a Coles store that stocks the OneGo white bottle. It should have ammonia and styrene as the main "active" ingredients. BTW a bit off topic do you work at Melb Uni? There is another famouse Mike C at the CS Department, just wondering if it's the same guy.
  8. I was going to do the same but it got me thinking a way back when my build was still going in Melbourne. Had to leave for college in Sydney...damn education hasn't done nothing much for me yet except incur a huge debt (end rant). I was going to paint the underside fully Weibullsilver or whatever they designated using the exact color match from Xtracolor enamel range then start slowly building up what I perceived to be the weathered grey look slowly starting at the panel lines. If you do it in thin enough coats and let each coat dry for a couple days to see the real color as suggested above,
  9. It is possible for you to obtain a legal iso from Microsoft directly or have them mail you out a replacement DVD. Please see the following link for more information with regards to your local office administrative procedures. Yes you have to jump through a few hoops, they may charge you a nominal fee to cover shipping yarda blah blah. They might be nice and offer you a digital download source, but that may not help your predicament if the laptop is your primary computer. http://support.microsoft.com/kb/326246 You can also try downloading illegally distributed iso and then use your lega
  10. Now include them in the kits that use these weapons and I'll be happy.
  11. Why is it that you have to pour the stuff into the intake. Wouldn't just masking the outside and then dunking the intake into the paint can work? I am confused.
  12. Cheers, that second shot is great!!!!
  13. Would you mind posting them? I think internally the S and G are similar. Thanks in advance.
  14. Just wondering if anyone has any of this area. CMK described it as the engine bay whilst in the Verlinden Book it says its the hydraulic bay. Either way the Verlinden shots are missing some detail.
  15. A plastic matt underneath the desk. It beats the carpet monster away.
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