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  1. Will the 1/48 galaxy masks for the F-35A meng ram panels also fit the Kitty Hawk F-35B?? THANKS in advance!!
  2. I'll add one post, to keep it going of course. Will the 1/48 galaxy masks for the F-35A meng ram panels also fit the Kitty Hawk F-35B??
  3. VERY, VERY, VERY, nice looking pair Ken. Whats your formula for the finish of the Raptor?? Inquiring minds wanna know!! WELL DONE SIR!!! Jack aka bugfan
  4. :monkeydance:/> sumpin free from mikey, well I never heard such a thing, THANKS WACO and MIKEY for doing this this year!!! Jack aka BUGFAN54
  5. BE SAFE, and thank you for your service sir!! We'll keep a light on for you!! Jack
  6. Good morning, I was wondering if there is a definative list of the woes of the Great Wall P-61A L4802 posted anywhere on the web, and their respective corrections, fixes, free parts etc??? THANKS IN ADVANCE Bug aka Jack
  7. Burak, another one well done sir!!! I like the markings,and the weathering is spot on. I know one thing, my friend, your techniques have multiplied ten fold since we first met, and I sure am glad we dont compete against each other. Because I would lose every contest!!! GREAT MODEL SIR!!! Jack
  8. in like flint!!! Lemme dig through the hoards and I will let you know ABOUT THIS YEARS DONATIONS SIR!!!!!!!!! THANKS HAL!!! Jack aka BUGFAN
  9. to add to the previous answer 1. F-18 2. F-104 3. F-89J 4. 5. P-47 OR MAYBE F6F mt 2 cents worth Jack aka bugfan
  10. Burak, Most awesome sir! Your skills have advanced very much since we competed!! I am glad that I dont finish anything anymore, you would clean my clock !! Great idea, great execution and AWESOME BUILD SIR!!!!!!! Well done my friend! Jack
  11. google maps shows its 3.7 miles away, GREAT IDEA!!!!! Jack aka BUGFAN
  12. heres a couple for you sir!! http://www.modelcarsmag.com/ http://amcc.forum-motion.com/f5-the-showroom http://www.socalcarculture.com/index.htm http://cs.scaleautomag.com/scacs/ http://www.ovaltrackmodels.com/modindx.htm http://www.randyayersmodeling.com/modelingforum/ http://z12.invisionfree.com/ScaleModelsMalaysia/index.php?act=SC&c=2 http://mb2501.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=9099 http://www.f1m.com/ http://smcbofphx.proboards.com/index.cgi Hope these help you model better cars!! Jack aka BUGFAN
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