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  1. Looking for the correct hull color? Using 36307 and it looks a little too brownish. I am working on the USS Tulsa LCS 16.
  2. I have the Draw Decal markings for4 Stewart (Single gray scheme) that I will pass on
  3. I need the Oman BAE Hawk decal portion in 1/48 scale. It does not need to be Model Alliance but I do not know anyone that makes markings for a BAE hawk of Oman Air force.
  4. My commander flies for Omni and he is trying to get a paint sample from them but they said the fuselage color is "Silver Mica". My issue is in 1/144 scale, any metallic flakes would be way out of scale. I am looking at different silvers but looking at photos, getting a right color seems difficult. At times it looks pearl white, other angles silver........I have orderered Xtracolor from Hannants or Roll models, will look into that. Will do the Voodoo gray on the wings. Thanks!
  5. I am trying to nail the colors on an Omni Air 767 and I am having issues with a few of the colors. I think I have the Ruby Mica color, or something close. One is the Silver Mica on the fuselage, trying to get a good match without the metallic? Next is the wing, that does not have Coroguard. Any idea of what colors to use on the wing (top & bottom)?
  6. I messed up the "500" on the RH nose and the LH intake warning triangle. Anyone not using these markings, I am sure any decal/kit mfg in 72 sale will work. Thanks!
  7. Lost the display stand, someone have a spare or one that would work?
  8. Have you looked at the seat belts? The kit PE do not match any reference photos that I could find
  9. Hopefully any day now. I sent the review in Sunday night. As for the caravan decals, a must!
  10. Winder if they did a 3D scan while the blade tie downs were still attached.....then again you would not stress the blades that much!
  11. Just finished a build review for IPMS USA on this subject. I am not an expert on this subject but it is a nice looking kit but I am not sure where or why Tumpeter did some of the stuff they did....I wish I had the time to do the corrections that BK-117 did, very impressive! Rotor droop too excessive Mod so rotor can rotate, kit had very shallow guide, poor design
  12. I am working on a review for IPMS and I am looking at the rotor head on the 35 scale HH-65C kit. It does not appear that it can be made where it will rotate. Barely into the build but curious if you noticed that yet? Also looking for some better engine/transmission ad rotor mast photos.

  13. I will be building a 72 scale PBY for a Pearl Harbor survivor and he was pat of VP-14. I know Superscale make a set but I am not sure what time frame those are for. Does anyone know of a set of decals for this time frame? I believe the tail had red & white stripes.
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