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  1. I can see if I can find the sprue shots but it has both the GE and Pratt engine/intake combination in this kit.
  2. Tulsa upgraded all their block 42's to the new center display
  3. Just preordered one from Squadron. They say that it is expected some time in June
  4. Tulsa 89-2167 with black outline Indian head tail flash would be good
  5. Looks like one has been located, just half way across my state! Thanks everyone
  6. I used my Tamiya ones on my F-16 and that is the only modern Tamiya 1/48 kit (that would have AMRAAMS). I do have a stash of Tamiya vipers but not ready to snip one off at this time. One option is to get three Hasegawa ones or aftermarket missiles that match. Good luck, I am sure one will turn up
  7. Making a Tuskegee Airman tribute display for local air & space museum. I have the AMT F/L but is the short version. I will probably be fine but would prefer the long version.
  8. Does it have to be Tamiya? I think I have other brands in the spares box
  9. I have a 32 scale resin pod but I have to dig it up and see which one it is. If it that one, I will give it to you Please remind me if you do not hear back
  10. This sprue has the gun pods and leading edge covers for the Q version tryingvto contact Hasegawa but request not going through thanks
  11. Looking for the correct hull color? Using 36307 and it looks a little too brownish. I am working on the USS Tulsa LCS 16.
  12. I have the Draw Decal markings for4 Stewart (Single gray scheme) that I will pass on
  13. I need the Oman BAE Hawk decal portion in 1/48 scale. It does not need to be Model Alliance but I do not know anyone that makes markings for a BAE hawk of Oman Air force.
  14. My commander flies for Omni and he is trying to get a paint sample from them but they said the fuselage color is "Silver Mica". My issue is in 1/144 scale, any metallic flakes would be way out of scale. I am looking at different silvers but looking at photos, getting a right color seems difficult. At times it looks pearl white, other angles silver........I have orderered Xtracolor from Hannants or Roll models, will look into that. Will do the Voodoo gray on the wings. Thanks!
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