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  1. Going by the pic, looks like RLM02 to me...
  2. Nice one... looks like the rear parts of the burner cans are on the wrong way around
  3. Absolutely magnificent in all aspects. A work of art. I trust that every detail was meticulously researched,so what is the story behind the silver (not green) wheel hubs?
  4. Since you are doing the AN/ALQ-131 pylon, are you planning the pod itself in 1/32 as well? The existing options I know of are disappointing, and it seems Eduard will not release one in 1/32...
  5. Looks good so far. You may want to add some wheels to your aftermarket, the wheels from the kit are for C/D/E/F/G versions. RAF used F-4J (USN) type wheels.
  6. The RoG F-16C Block 50 kit has intakes and nozzles for Block 52, plus HTS pod and MO/366FW decals. HTH
  7. Decent 1/48 F-105D/G, F-111 and A-10A/C kits are what I'd like to see most. I don't care for open avionics or engine bays, radar, etc. (most guys that like that go aftermarket or scratch anyways), but it is pathetic when modern kits have worse shape issues than Monogram or Academy kits from the last millenium. Also hope for a 1/72 B-1B (and that Modelcollect does a better job than with the B-52G/H).
  8. Just some food for thought:: - I believe it is fair to say that both LtGen Hertling (cited above) and LtGen Hodges as former commanders of US Army Europe (USAREUR) know what they are talking about when they assess the announced troop reductions in Germany as detrimental to the strategic posture of the U.S. and the security of all NATO members. - LtGen Hertling was strictly opposed to the withdrawal of the last 2 heavy Infantry Brigades from Germany between 2012 and 2014 by the Obama administration. Coincidentally (?), Russia occupied the Crimea peninsula, sent troops to
  9. I still think the Monogram kit has the best shape ... and you are right, the old Revell had sink marks, awful fit and detail, but IMO had a much better overall shape than the Tamiya, Italeri or the 32nd Trumpeter kits.
  10. You're spot on. The pictures I saw appear to be from early 2014.
  11. Hi, looking for Afterburner Decals 48-023 "The Big 22" and 48-002 "Shaw Shooters"/ F-16CJ. Complete or partial sheets. Thanks for looking.
  12. Stunning craftsmanship. I am waiting to see how you tackle the infamous wing/fuselage joint.
  13. That's excellent all around...I don't know your references; the pictures I saw show untinted canopy with black frame. Are you going to replicate this?
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