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  1. Beautiful build. Hope mine turns out half as nice.
  2. Isn´t it a feature of the TF30 (F-14A) engine to have one nozzle open and one closed? For the F110 (F-14B/D) engine all pics I have seen shows them both open on parked aircraft. Cheers, Joerg
  3. There´s a guy on ebay selling that sheet: https://www.ebay.de/itm/Fightertown-Decals-48068-VX-9-Rhino-Vampires-VX-Test-Triumverate/173890021217?hash=item287ca72761:g:J1MAAOSwAOxb1B6e&shqty=1&isGTR=1#shId
  4. Best Kinetic Hornet seen so far. Love it!
  5. If you can get them the Sierra Hotel Models Seats are really nice. They also have (or had?) small cockpit upgrades with seat, IP coaming and some small parts, which are fantastic. Drop them an email. I have a couple and they are worth the money.
  6. Matt, that´s not 100% correct: The carbon fiber petals have a straight trailing edge, whereas the metal petals have a slight cutout in the trailing edge. That said the difference is quite minor and most people will not notice it. There are nice pics of it in Jake's new book. Joerg
  7. Jim, you're correct for Phantoms - they used SUU-21s. Have not seen any pic of a USAFE Phantom with SUU-20. On the other hand USAFE Vipers used and stiil use SUU-20 regularly. Maybe some improvement done to the SUU-20 over the years? I have found a pic of Spang F-4D with 3 tanks, a Pave Spike pod in the left fwd Sparrow well and a Mavs on the left inboard station (on the outboard station of a triple launcher). The right inboard pylon is not visible in the pic. Could either carry another Mav or (more probably) a SUU-21. ALQ-119 was also used in the left fwd Sparrow well. The most common (training) fit seems to have been 2 wing tanks and 2 SUU-21. I have not seen pics of Spang F-4Ds with any air to air fit. HTH Joerg
  8. Hi, I seem to remember only having seen pics with either 2 or 4 AGM-88 Harms as offensive weapons. 2 AIM-7M Sparrows in the rear wells were standard as well as either a centerline tank when flying 4 Harms or all 3 tanks when only 2 Harms were loaded. Regarding the ECM pods: F-4Gs from the 35th TFW (George AFB, WW-tailcode) carried the ALQ-184 and F-4Gs from the 52nd TFW (Spangdahlem AFB, SP-tailcode) carried ALQ-131 deep pods. Decent ALQ-131s are available from Eduard Brassin - all ALQ-131s included in any 48th scale kits are dimensionally wrong. On Jakubs site dstorm.eu, linked by Niels above, there is also a nice photo section with lots of pics. HTH Joerg
  9. Hi Pete, you should look for Xtradecals sheet X01372, which has the Raspberry Ripple Tonka. Hannants has them in stock. Cheers, Joerg
  10. Check out this thread: http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index.php?/topic/185143-f-4-with-pave-tack-installed/ There is a nice pic in Jake Melampy's F-4 book. HTH
  11. Just get the GWH F-15J Kit. Just need AM decals, but as you want to do a BT bird you need them anyways. Old style LAUs and arrestee hook fairing are in that issue. HTH Joerg
  12. Hi Kursad, it should be 84-0828. Check out this site on Aviano/Operation Allied Force: link The site has it as 84-1828, but that must be a typo. The pics are not very clear, but the first one has the 7th FS tail marking and 828 is legible. No clue on the name on the canopy though. HTH, Joerg
  13. Seems to be forum related. Just checked on Britmodeller and the pics look fine there.
  14. No phone. On my Macbook. As I said the pics are fine on your site, but somehow short on ARC. Don't get me wrong: As I said, it is a very nice model!
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