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  1. Nice progress on your Eagle. Excellent work on the missiles. One question, if I may: Being no expert on the Python 3 missiles, I suspect that missiles with blue bands and without the rollerons would indicate captive training rounds!? Why would the Eagle be still fitted with live Sparrows in combination with the captive Pythons? I‘m not saying it is impossible, but I find it hard to imagine the reasoning behind this mix. Thanks , Joerg
  2. Dutch, those markings are also on Twobobs 72-102, which is available. Cheers, Joerg
  3. Are you aware that Bullseye Decals next release will be Desert Storm Vipers II which includes several NY ANG Vipers?
  4. Hello Gianni, your MiG turned out absolutely fantastic. The finish is first rate and it was well worth the wait. Hats off to you! Stay safe my friend! Regards, Joerg
  5. Nice! Like your paint job and weathering.
  6. It is absolutely fantastic! Love that head on shot - looks real.
  7. Look for the W&D Studios Decal sheet Link, which covered those early F-16Ns pretty nicely. If you can’t find that, there were also 2 Ns in that scheme on Fightertown 48064, but from VF-126. HTH Joerg
  8. Jim, here you go Link. Red 14 carries a mixed load. Cheers, Joerg
  9. AFAIK Jeffrey cooperates with Gaspatch Models and not Tanmodel.
  10. Hi, I have that sheet. Will look for it later today and send you a pic of the instructions. Cheers, Joerg
  11. Drop dead gorgeous! Beautiful build and the weathering is just spot on.
  12. Fantastic work!👍 If you want to try next time, there is an even easier way, which will give absolutely perfect PE IPs: Just airbrush the panel acrylic semi-gloss black (e.g.Tamiya) and then airbrush the IP panel color using enamel paint (e.g. Testors). Then just use a tissue dampened with enamel thinner to wipe off the paint on the raised instruments. The enamel thinner will not attack cured acrylic paint. It will look just like a pre-painted panel. Cheers, Joerg
  13. Fantastic build and finish. Love how the red markings contrast the low viz scheme!
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