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  1. GBU-54 is a 500lb JDAM with the additional capability of laser guidance.
  2. Jeff, I don’t know how many GBU-54s can be mounted or if all stations have been wired to accept GBUs. Same regarding the Litening pod. I have only ever seen them on the middle station of the starboard fuselage pylon. Maybe someone else can step in here? BR Joerg
  3. Ah, no! Wouldn’t be accurate. We have no GBU-31s AFAIK. You can do a Litening pod on the middle station of the starboard fuselage pylon and a GBU-24 on the port fuselage pylon middle station. For GBU-54 you can fit 2 on the port and center fuselage pylon. Just google Tornado and GBU-24 or GBU-54 and you’ll find pics. cheers, Joerg
  4. The Kormoran 2 missiles have been retired. AGM-88 Harm was also used by the Marineflieger and would still be possible.
  5. LAU-7s are the standard Sidewinder rails used by lots of different aircraft like F-4s, A-4s, Hornets, AV-8Bs,… Flying Leathernecks Decals has several subtypes available. That said, if you mount the missiles anyway you can just use thr kit rails, which are representing LAU-7s. Typhoon rails are different and wouldn’t be correct for a Tornado. Cheers Joerg
  6. Jeff, I‘ll try to answer best I can: Regarding the position where the Litening pod is mounted: I think you are referring to RAF Tornados. They usually had them on the forward position of the port fuselage pylon. On German Tornados I’ve seen them mounted on the middle position of the starboard fuselage pylon. No idea if that’s the only pylon wired or if they could be carried elsewhere. There are pics with one Litening on the starboard fuselage pylon an a GBU-24 on the port fuselage pylon. IRIS-T is carried on standard LAU-7 rails. Taurus KEPD 350 is the full desi
  7. We have used AIM-9Ls but nowadays it’s IRIS-T as AAM. Air to Ground they use GBU-24, GBU-54, HARM and Taurus KEPD 350. Dumb bombs used were mostly Matra 25 and Mark 83. Targeting pod used is LITENING. HTH
  8. Very nice build. Hats off to you! How does the Hobbyboss kit compare to Meng and Hasegawa?
  9. Fantastic build! Really like those markings and your finish is just spot on. Cheers Joerg
  10. I can only recommend it. Have used it with great success to restore completely dried Mr. Color paint. Couldn’t believe that it would be possible to do so. 10 out of 10. 👍
  11. Nice find, but it is a F-15A MSIP, not C. Serial is 77-0100. In 1993 the 32nd FS had already converted to A-Models, as you stated yourself 😉
  12. As Murph said they did. Even before moving to Spang, the 53rd FS flew Deny Flight CAP missions over Yugoslavia out of Aviano using a mixed loadout of 4 AIM-120B, 2 AIM-7M and 2 AIM-9M. Here’s a pic Link So it is quite safe to assume the did use AIM-120s after moving to Spang. HTH
  13. Gianni, your BAZ is drop dead gorgeous! Well worth the wait. ciao Jörg
  14. Just one word of advice: Don’t try to straighten the wings or a Hasegawa FB-111 with a hairdryer. Ask me how I know… Back when I tried that stunt that kit was super expensive and it really annoyed me, how stupid I was. Well I learned my lesson from that.
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