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  1. I can only recommend it. Have used it with great success to restore completely dried Mr. Color paint. Couldn’t believe that it would be possible to do so. 10 out of 10. 👍
  2. Nice find, but it is a F-15A MSIP, not C. Serial is 77-0100. In 1993 the 32nd FS had already converted to A-Models, as you stated yourself 😉
  3. As Murph said they did. Even before moving to Spang, the 53rd FS flew Deny Flight CAP missions over Yugoslavia out of Aviano using a mixed loadout of 4 AIM-120B, 2 AIM-7M and 2 AIM-9M. Here’s a pic Link So it is quite safe to assume the did use AIM-120s after moving to Spang. HTH
  4. Gianni, your BAZ is drop dead gorgeous! Well worth the wait. ciao Jörg
  5. Just one word of advice: Don’t try to straighten the wings or a Hasegawa FB-111 with a hairdryer. Ask me how I know… Back when I tried that stunt that kit was super expensive and it really annoyed me, how stupid I was. Well I learned my lesson from that.
  6. Excellent Scooter. Build and finish are top notch. 👍
  7. Excellent build and finish. 👍
  8. Looking forward to it. Don't understand why they molded the speed brakes shut, though...
  9. That turned out great. Love it. Having the kit, I know what you went through to make it look that nice. 👍
  10. Blue skies. You will never be forgotten.
  11. Hi Gianni, great progress on your Baz. Love the attention to detail. All the best for your dad! Hope he gets well soon. Joerg
  12. I have ordered from them several times with no serious issues. It took a while for the stuff to arrive, but that was due to postal issues not within control of the company. I also always got a tracking number from them upon dispatch. Have you checked where your package is?
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