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  1. Got my kit Thursday. It went to top of pile๐Ÿ‘ Thanks for the hints Gabor. They will come in handy
  2. My right wing was warped also. My first kit I screwed it up trying to fix it. Got another kit for a good price. It was nice having 2 kits for parts
  3. I'm building the Bronco kit now. Nice kit but you have to take your time. You need to test fit as you go. If you can, get a MiG-29 nozzle from Aires it fits perfectly. A MB Mk. 10 seat helps also.
  4. They are using Sniper pods for passive IR now on F-15Cs
  5. Green, not sure of fs number. 336-yellow 335-green 334-blue 333-red
  6. Now a Su-34 in Algerian markings could be legit. Supposedly they have them on order
  7. Got mine yesterday. Very quick. Look great. Ready to build my MiG-31๐Ÿ‘
  8. i happen to have a Norwegian F-16AM in the works
  9. Does anyone make them in 1/48. I have the PIDS pylons from the Kinetics kits. I could upgrade them as a last resort
  10. Also check out the F-16 FAQ at Zone-Five forum http://zone-five.net/forumdisplay.php?f=8
  11. KASL makes a nice conversion. I have one. They have both the standard tail and tail with parachute. Also the top of the rear fuselage. Red Star Scale Models have them in the states. Good prices and quick shipping. I'm a satisfied customer. Got a shipment from them the other day. Take a look. http://www.redstarscalemodels.com/category-s/114.htm
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