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  1. Hello. The best, and only one for an argentine A-4P for the Malvinas War period is Hasegawa´s one. But, you´ll need some aftermarket antennas for it, as the one in the kit are wrong for an argentine plane. As decals concern, you may search for the Aztec ones, Condor Decals and FCM. Happy modelling
  2. Thank you very much seawinder..... Best regards, Juan
  3. Hello to all: I´veread somewhere that some of the old Tamiya 1%58 kits were in reality 1/50 kits. If that is the case, may someone, please, tell me wich ones were underscaled?. Thank you very much in advance. My best regards, Juan
  4. Hello: I usethe ones from AMMO MiG Gimenez. But, in order to obtain a gloss finish, you must apply 2 or 3 thin layers. Another brand I use is K-4, a chilean one, and the best for me, Sicko, wich is a local brand here (Argentina). Happy Modeling!
  5. Thank you very much for your answer!. Regards, Juan
  6. Thank you all for your kind responses. Best regards, Juan
  7. Hello dear fellow modelers: Another question. Wich one is better, Trumpeter´s or Bronco´s one?....Has anyone built one of these?. Best regards, Juan
  8. dagger00

    BAE Hawk

    Dear fellow modellers: I´ve been wondering wich kit would be the best BAE Hawk in 1-48 scale, specifically for an armed version, not the pure trainer. I know there are kits from Airfix, Italeri (reboxed by Tamiya) and Hobbby Boss....so wich one deserves my money?. Best regards and thanks in advance, Juan
  9. Hello there from the far cone of the Earth!. Thanks a lot for your kind help regarding the Modelsvit YaK-9DD kit. I only could find that boxing, but the decals are very interesting. I found some aftermarket ones for the more colorful T, K and M. So, I was planning to change decals. Have you got the piece numbers I would need for the T or M?. or must I use the ones not for use on the DD?.

    Thanks again for your help.

    If you need info about latinoamerican, and argentine aircraft in specific, give me a call.

    Best regards,


  10. Thank you very much, Iván and John Thompson for your kind help. My best regards. Juan
  11. Dear fellow modelers: My question is, would it be possible to build a YaK-9M or YaK-9T with this kit?. I know the T has a different cannon, so one modification would be that, but my concern is about the canopy position. Was the DD canopy in the same place than the T , M or D?. Thanks in advance. Juan
  12. Yes, I´ve checked better and it has a 4 machne guns turret, I made a mistake, because I was confused by the fact that later in their production run, they incorporeted a 4 gun turret with a shape similar to that of the B-50. My mistake. thank you all for your kind feedback Best regards, Juan
  13. Dear Felow modellers: I´d like to know if the Tamiya´s Tomcat has movable wings. I mean, can you swing the wings once they´re build up, like the Monogram kit?, or must you choose one configuration before assembly, like the Hasegawa´s one?. Regards, Juan
  14. Well, at first the plane only has 2 machine guns in its frontal upper turret, later on, it had 4 machine guns in a modified turret, also seen on the B-50. tha Monogram kit has the original 2 gun turret.
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