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  1. Mike Outstanding work cant wait to see the finished result Menden
  2. Great build & excellent looking model you've finished there Gunpowder I managed to sneak mine past the mrs today Top Job Menden
  3. Mike I wish your daughter a speedy recovery Best wishes Menden
  4. Beautiful work mate She's turned out to be a real beauty best wishes Menden
  5. Brilliant work One of the best finished Apache models I've seen in a long time Brilliant once again Menden
  6. Looking like a great build terry Menden
  7. Excellent work there Matt Great effort for your first diorama many more to come I hope ;) Menden
  8. I've been tempted to buy this kit for a while ... so I'll watch this build with interest :) Nice cockpit work Menden
  9. Todays progress I managed to get the launchrails done & mounted to the model ... I also covered the exhausts & paint them & also added a few RBFT's ... thats enough for today ... more work tomorrow Enjoy Menden
  10. Decals / weathering & dull coated are done ... more progress will continue today (fingers crossed) Weapons load-out will be light ... RBFT's will be added later ... I'll take better pictures once thw weather outside improves! Enjoy Menden
  11. Very nice indeed ... I love the colour scheme :) Menden
  12. First class build :lol: I've kept an eye on this build over on the "in progress" forum & you've done the kit full justice :wub: Great work Menden
  13. Patched up & gloss coated ready for decals I used a combination of light shades & dark shades of the original colours ... I'll leave the airframe for 24 hours or more before applying the decals & then some panel washes ... in the mean time I'll work on the rest of the items in the kit. enjoy Menden
  14. Below are a few pictures of my latest project … it’s the MRC AH-1W Super Cobra kit in 35th scale … I’ve had this kit for a number of years & was recently challenged by a friend to build it along side his own creation. I made a number of changes to the kit including scratch built cockpit items / 20mm gun / other items around the airframe … I’ve opted for a green over desert sand colour scheme as I like this option. The first base colours of Nato Green & Desert Yellow are on, I will lighten & darken these colours to suit some fading & weathering … all paints are Tamiya acrylic
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