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  1. Hi John......thank you for your kind words!...I always try to find a way to display the interior detail on my models but of course it does mean a lot of re construction! .... All the best and Happy New Year! Martin
  2. Hi there.....no sorry I didn't explain my self properly!....My model is going into https://craftsmanshipmuseum.com/ Cheers!
  3. Thanks a lot Pete!.....When she finally lands at the Museum I will definitely photograph it and share!
  4. Hi everyone The B-17 Flying Fortress, โ€œFuddy Duddy,โ€ was used as a VIP transport in the Pacific at the end of World War II. It once carried General Dwight D. Eisenhower who later became the 34th President of the United States. In civilian life, it worked as a fire bomber and was occasionally used for motion picture filming, flying on screen in movies such as the 1962 Steve McQueen movie, โ€œThe War Loverโ€ and the 1970 blockbuster, โ€œTora Tora Tora.โ€ Here then is my replication of the fuselage and all the internal detail of the WarBird "Fuddy Duddy" B17G which is at present
  5. Thanks for all your comments! Not sure what's next except for a rest! ha ha!
  6. Hi everyone This is it!...............the absolute FINAL post I will make on this 10 year project! ๐Ÿ˜Š After I have done this post I will put a few photos in the display case section. Since my last post I have been thinking of how to finally display my B17G ....I gave it considerable thought and finally decided that the best way would be to make it as simple as possible. I came up with a simple idea of just placing the ball turret on a clear plastic stand (actually its a small plastic cup!)....it sort of gives it a floating kind of look!...ish!....I didn't pl
  7. Hi guys Just a quick post showing the very last detail that I shall be doing on this B17. Of course they is still a lot more thought and scratch building to be done to finally display the model but I am going to take a bit of time out whilst I think about it! I have made a decision about the two halves of the fuselage (front section and rear section). Right from the start of this project it was important for me to show all the interior detail and the actual outer fuselage came second in the importance of this project and so to that end the two sections will be apar
  8. Pete......Thank you so much for your kind words I really appreciate it!๐Ÿ™‚....However I am sorry to say that I didn't explain my self properly in my last post because I haven't actually finished the project yet!....so I'm afraid you haven't got rid of me just yet!๐Ÿ˜‰........and so to that end.......here is the next post!! Hi there This post will be all about painting and adding the markings to the rear of this fuselage. I thought that this would be the last post before i actually finish all the work on the fuselage but then I remembered that I had to make the re
  9. Hi there to all! OMG!๐Ÿ˜ฎ I really can see the finishing post now!...In this last week I have been at this B17 every day trying to move it along! Of course here in Bulgaria we are experiencing dangerous weather warnings of extreme high temperatures....like most of Europe I guess...most days 42C plus /107F...and so I had to vacate my workshop as it was far too hot in there and move into the bedroom as I have aircon there!...So I had to find an old table and take some tools from my workshop to the house (workshop is in another building from the house) and get on with t
  10. Yes...pretty advanced stuff but they were defiantly used both on B17s and B24s! Thanks!๐Ÿ™‚
  11. Hi all! Another few weeks have passed and time for another post!....done quite a bit so it will be a big post! I have finished both waist guns except for the ammunition belt which I will have to think about as it won't be easy! First off I had to make the swivel mechanism that holds the gun in the perspex....so this first photo shows the wooden stick I will use!....just thought you might like to see the stick!!!! After sawing a piece off and drilling a hole and sanding....this is how it looked.... Next
  12. Hi to all! I have been busy in the last week or so trying to get this project moving on to completion...even though I have had a few distractions like mowing oceans of grass in my garden and keeping the Tax man off me! However I did manage to start on what will be the very last of the interior detail of this fuselage.....and that is the waist gunners positions. I haven't done a lot but every little helps to get me closer to the end!...as I believe Mr Tesco's would say!...although it has got absolutely nothing to do with him! I started by cutting all the pieces
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