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  1. Hi every one Well first and foremost I want to wish everyone a Happy belated New Year!.......although it is difficult in these times! Due to this blasted Covid-19 I am in lock down in UK and won't be returning to Bulgaria and my workshop for ....who knows how long!☹️.....at least I am with my family but miss battling on with my B17G! I haven't any modelling equipment here......nothing at all... but am thinking that Amazon might help with that situation!......I'll spend a few quid,... get some sort of starter pack tools and get myself a little 1:72 kit to ti
  2. Thanks a lot!......Have a good Xmas and New year!
  3. Cheers Pete!....yep no wings!......Merry Xmas mate!
  4. Hi guys This will be my last post for this year as I am off to the UK in a couple of days time to see family and friends. So another year is coming to an end (glad this one is nearly over!)...and this project still hasn't come to the end! I can't believe that I started this in 2011 with the nose section!....9 years later and I am still working on the tail end!......but realistically I think that I can get it all done next year!.....I do hope so as I really want to move on and build something else for a change! Here is a photo of the all of the fuselage to da
  5. God forbid! 😩.......no..... right or wrong they are staying that way!😉
  6. Here is that section painted........ Although it set me back a week or so I am pleased that I made the correction.....I have to say it was driving me mad as I knew it wasn't correct....at least now it looks a lot better! Finally the photo shot that I like taking....I know you have seen it before but there are subtle differences!....well that's my excuse anyway! Back to staring at photos before I attempt to continue to the rear of this B17!...Thanks a lot for loo
  7. So the next 6 photos show the re vamped bulkheads with all the pulleys attached .....
  8. OMG!.......The next correction was a lot more difficult! One of the bulkheads at the rear of the tail wheel was in the wrong position by at least 5-7mm. Doesn't seem much in the scheme of things but it was throwing all the detail that I had to do out of scale! ....here is what I mean..... It took me some time but adjusted it all in the end with pieces of plastic! Now I was ready to detail the area with the use of the new photos. Between the two bulkheads past the tail wheel there is all the pulley system used to pass the contr
  9. I haven't a clue why I have to post a few photos at a time on here...any body know why? ...anyway.....on wards! I also made a little tail wheel crank for emergency use....imagine how exhausting that was to hand crank down! So now to the correction of the detail in this area.............. From the new photos I noticed that there were not one but two C1 auto pilot units. In a sense I was pleased about this as the one I previously made seemed very long! After doing a bit of measuring I reckoned that if I cut the unit I made in half I co
  10. I placed it in the rear of my model.....can you see it!!! I also placed all the electrical cables on to the side walls.......
  11. Good afternoon everyone Time for an update! In the last post I mentioned that I was having a problem with finding information and photographs of the area immediately to the rear of the tail wheel tub........Well since then I have had great help with photos and info from some fellow modelers ....so a BIG THANK YOU goes out to Ol'Scrapiron for his help in sending me the photos that I desperately needed to continue with this part of the build. I also reached out to the museum that looks after B17G "Fuddy Duddy" to see if they could help me but I never got a reply! So
  12. Hi there guys Time for another update My last post was the building of the bottom half of the tail wheel section and this time its the detail above the tail wheel!....I have had a lot of trouble finding information and photos of this area as I mentioned in the last post which forced me to kind of use my imagination a bit!....Well I was photographing what I had done and decided to take it all apart because I came across a photo of a C-1 auto pilot unit that sits on a tray just above the tail wheel!(2 days of work down the drain!☹️) .....I have found that there seems to have bee
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