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  1. Pioneer Airlines

    Hi Chris, many years ago I produced airliner decals, and the Pioneer DC-3 was on the docket to do. I have a lot of material on it, but the reason the decal was never produced was because the person (person happens to be an attorney) who owns the copyright on the name is very, very protective about anyone using or producing decals for this scheme. I know it sounds kind of odd for one person to own a name like this but actually it happens from time to time especially with small regional airlines like this. What he wanted was certainly not out of line for the commercial use of the name, but it was enough that with a small business it was not going to work out. Anyway long story short I have a lot of the artwork done, lettering, logo etc that if you wanted to produce it for yourself, non commercial I could send you copies
  2. Revel 32nd P-51

    Watching with interest the up coming new P-51 from Revell. Looking closely at the test shots of the tooling a late P-51D is certainly in the tooling. I see also some areas where there might be a "B" or "C" also. Would not be far fetched for Revell to next year announce a "B" as well as a late "D". All this speculation about Revell doing an an F6f is interesting, but my bet is placed on an F4U or a P-47.
  3. Decals for B-24 "Lady Be Good" ?

    I don't think Lady Be Good has ever been done either, and another good one which I don't think has been done is Blue Streak. Lots of photos of Blue Streak
  4. Possible new topics?

    I totally agree with Paul especially on the older Microscale and Superscale decals. The products produced depicting a lot of the Viet Nam war and post Viet Nam war era hard to find, not of good quality and hopefully will one day be replaced, or new subjects created. Caracal/Kursad is doing a great job in this regard, especially with releases like the P5M and WV2 decals. Best thing is that the artwork it accurate, its actually fits the model, best printing and the decals are affordable, offering great value.
  5. Roden 1/144 C-5

    It seems that Revell may still have the Otaki C-5 molds somewhere in its vast tooling warehouse as they have issued the kit well past the time of the supposed loss of the Otaki L-1011 tooling. If that is true then perhaps Revell could partner with Zvzeda to tool new engines and issue the kit for the same price as their An-124
  6. Possible new topics?

    If you are looking at an A-37 sheet, if there is room please consider one of the AFFTC/TPS A-37B's used to train pilots in spin training out of Edwards AFB. While Superscale has done these aircraft, they have missed the very visible black band on the starboard wing upper and lower surfaces that crosses the USAF and insignia. These are there so that it can be gauged what direction the spin is and its rate from the ground or other aircraft.
  7. CD48128 - 1/48 F-100 in Vietnam - Part 2

    Great idea doing two sheets. It will be great to get correct black walk ways and correct data. Microscale/superscale somehow got the walkways in red. I am putting together a package to send you with some H04S factory drawings showing data and markings and I am going to include the F-100 drawing showing same. If they are use, OK and if not that is OK too.
  8. F/A-18F Dicals question

    More on the hijack theme, I always thought a Gloss Sea Blue F-4B (F4H-1) would look cool. Guess there is no one stopping me from doing it - could use some of the new Furball Banshee decals
  9. CD48128 - 1/48 F-100 in Vietnam - Part 2

    I've seen one photo of Pretty Penny way, way back when but I cannot remember where I saw it. I am thinking it was in an old AHS Journal. Might want to contact Robert Dorr or Lou Drendel (are they sill with us?) as Dave Menard is gone. Your inclusion of Capt. Don Kiglus's bird is a very good idea and long overdue.
  10. CD48128 - 1/48 F-100 in Vietnam - Part 2

    Do you have the very old "Replica in Scale" article on the F-100? They have a photo of an F-100 with aircraft name on the inside of the intake as early regulations within the USAF (did not last long) prohibited nose art or names on aircraft. So far what you have on this decal is going to make this a must have. Thanks
  11. Revell 32nd F-18E

    Any news on this kit? It is listed on some sources as available July 2017.
  12. CD48121 - 1/48 Piasecki H-21

    Anyone have any idea why the red tinted canopy on the Dayton H-21?
  13. A thought

    Having done decal artwork for years (although never as good as you are) there are times when something jumps out at you as being a great subject but cannot justify a full decal sheet. How about every so often doing a decal with several of those aircraft on it - not all the same type of aircraft? Also please revisit the Viet Nam war era, Microscale did a lot of this stuff waaaaay back, but its poor quality and long gone. While many may not like the HB A-7a/b they can convert a Hasegawa A-7e easy enough, so how about some of the early USN A-7's/b? Thanks Wayne
  14. 1/48 H-19 / S-55 Chickasaw ideas

    A couple of suggestions. Include a generic instrument panel decal - we can cut sheet plastic to match it. Also I have USN painting drawings for an Orange HO4S-1 and a Coast Guard HO4S-1 along with a few photos. If you are interested in these let me know and I will dig them out and send them. LIFE Magazine archives also has several articles which have USMC HO4S's in Korea and the SDASM archives has some nice photos.
  15. Academy T-50,F/A-50 Markings

    My what if using parts for a Caracal T-38 sheet, build about a year ago before changes were made to the USAF T-50 contender.