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  1. The Stynelrez primer may also be helpful, should have mentioned that earlier. I just got these myself and I am still learning. They come four sets per package so enough to do four seats.
  2. They hold shape generally, not as well as etch. Some people have suggested heating in hot water (not boiling) to make them more pliable but I have not tried that yet.
  3. I've used them. I like them and I don't at the same time. They take a bit of learning to use, such as cementing one end and then when dry, gently bending and draping over the seat, running some liquid glue to hold. Painting and then applying them I have not tried yet. I like them better than etch metal but not as much as the 3D printed sets. I bought several sets if you are looking for something let me know.
  4. Outstanding decal sheet! If you are printing this one, please reprint the 1/144 general markings sheet also!
  5. I agree with Dutch about the A-4 markings, but might even suggest that the entire Post WW 2 era be revisited. Decals which were done mostly by Microscale back in the 1970's & 80's for this period are mostly gone or new information has shown the markings to be inaccurate. Examples of aircraft to be redone would be USAF F-4's post Viet Nam but before the 1980 change over to grays. 31st FW, 49th FW, 33rd FW and so on. Same for USN and USMC subjects. Did you know that for such a famous A-7 squadron VA-195 Dam Busters, their CAG Full color A-7's have been done over and over again, as have
  6. Personally I'd suggest any of Tamiya 1/48 scale single engine fighter kits, like the P-51. They have fewer parts, fit like a dream and look great if finished using their paints and so on. While I love the Airfix P-51 it is more work to get a finished model out of it, and the Eduard P-51 - lets just say not for someone just getting back into the hobby. I would next recommend most Hasegawa 1/48 single engine fighters. My thinking is to start with something that if you bought the model, followed the suggest build and colors you'd end up with a good looking and successful build and a good exp
  7. Thats a lot of choices for a single sheet! This will be out of stock before you finish mailing out the initial orders!
  8. something to consider in the future as your slowly grow your 1/144 scale decal line. Minicrafts DC-4 and DC-6 kits are generally decent kits and decals for C-54's and C-118's would be really nice. Slow sellers likely however.
  9. Im in the states and have one if you would be interested in a trade perhaps?
  10. my understanding of this is imperfect, but I have heard that the Soviets overheated the natural metal with a clear lacquer pigmented with some, but not so much to make it opaque, aluminum powder. That is why you can see panels yet the overall color appears to be uniform at the same time.
  11. A question for those who have gotten their FJ-3 kits. Does the kit have the deep fuselage for the 3 or is it the same as the -2 with just a few scoops and detail parts?
  12. Don't forget the H-21's the USAF flew including the ones used up at Edwards AFB - seen in the backgrounds of many X-plane photos
  13. Boyce Aerospace also has a very nicely detail and much easier to build line up of Saturn 1's in 1/100 scale. I have the Saturn Block 1 and the 1B which Boyce produces and they are quite nice.
  14. Nice to see both of those! Lets hope the 35th scale Mercury Atlas returns and even the 24th scale LTV Scout.
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