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  1. Kit wise in 1/48 scale, the Revell Streak Eagle kit has the small speed brake initially. It may have been changed in later releases. The Fujimi F-15A had the larger speed brake with he raised strake seen on some early F-15A/B. Tamiya F-15A also had the larger speed brake without the strake. Monogram in their 1979 F-15A was the first to incorporate the latest speed brake without a well which laid on the top of the fuselage. The first few F-15's had the squared wingtips, but those were very quickly changed as flight test showed if I recall correctly, flutter and poor roll response. One of
  2. The Thud sheet looks really awesome. You pack a lot of stuff in each new release. I do need to start paying more attention to your future releases. I had some interesting stuff which I should have sent to you. A UT ANG F-105D with a superman shield and of course the pilot was Lt Clark Kent. An OK ANG F-105F with the pilots name Capt Whipple with the aircraft captioned Please Don't Squeeze the Charmin after the toilet paper commercial. Another #276 an F as a PACAF Silver bird, then again in Vietnam and lastly as an Air Guard aircraft. I need to wake up. So a question, are you still thin
  3. The USN TPS flew a lot of interesting aircraft over the years, might be some good materials.
  4. I love this model, looks just right with no weathering. Saw a V-2 at a contest some years ago that was weathered like an aircraft or tank. Rockets until Space X were all single use. On the V-2 you can do a lot to build post war missiles, adding payload noses, extending the body as the Russian's did and even build the old Hawk Jupiter (Redstone) of which is a direct descendant of the V-2.
  5. I would hope the Roden uses some of the CAD work done with their 720 (stab flairing excellent on the 720 and too pronounced on the Rivet Joint ) on the new fuselage for the KC-135R. Things might get interesting too if the minicraft tooling is owned by ACE in Korea.
  6. I would love to see some company step up and do an SU-7. Trumpeter was almost there with their SU-9/11's. I find that the ICM MiG-25 a very good kit, and certainly a very good starting point for aftermarket additions. Don't forget that Baracuda Studios also have some resin corrections for the KittyHawk kit, but things like the wheels should be suitable for the ICM.
  7. Paul another awesome build. I remember when the Tomcat began hitting the fleet and Microscale did their first 72nd decal, we were all working to fix the Monogram 1/72 kit to a production standard. Several IPMS articles were published showing what needed to be done. Would be nice to have those articles today to help with the back dating process going the other direction now. Those Monogram 72nd F-14 and F-15 kits were exciting fifty years ago and were years ahead of the Airfix and Matchbox kits and of course the early Hasegawa kits. F-15's with the small squarish speed brake on the spine!
  8. Dutch fully agree! I was thinking about this today because of these post, and realized that the Micro Scale 48th scale decal was issued in 1978 or 79 making it 45 years old. It was produced using by todays standard pre-historic artwork and printing. But more to the point, most modeler today in their 40's and 50's have no idea about the color scheme experimentation or trails the A-10 went through, and these markings and the upcoming Caracal Decal should prove mind boggling. Hard to believe the A-10 is fifty. BTW, the 72nd sheet your showed was news to me, it was produced off the artwork of
  9. Like many test aircraft crews put nose art on them. The Prototype F-35 had several nose arts, one of them being a squid
  10. Dutch is showing the 72nd scale sheet, the 48th scale sheet was 48-69. I do have Dana's Pro-Fly, let me see what I can do about digging it out. Might have some slides of the early test and evaluation birds too, but not sure about that anymore. These sheets are so long gone and these schemes have been largely forgotten. That's why I am so excited about you doing the early birds
  11. Saw this sheet announced and thrilled. Way back when the A-10 was the new toy (as was the F-16 and F-15) I was able to drive up to Nellis AFB to photograph the A-10 JAWS aircraft. They had three of the aircraft on the ramp for me and work stands so that I could climb up on the aircraft and photograph the top etc. The photos I then sent to Dana Bell who was working on an IPMS article. I should have kept a dup set of the slides! Then when I got the IPMS article from Dana I did the artwork for the early A-10 decal for Microscale. Which until now I think was the only decal to depict the JAWS
  12. Looking for a sheet of decals from Minecraft DC-8-71 Delta Air Lines. Would be willing to consider purchasing entire kit. Thaks Wayne
  13. Keeping my fingers crossed about hopefully 1/144 B-47 decal, the early B-52, A-10 and 105 sheets are must haves
  14. Vintage Flyer decals are very good from my experience. The decals are designed to fit the recommended kits, and do so precisely. They are time consuming to use as the decals are printed on a continuous clear so every decal needs to be carefully cut out. Keep track of what decal you are applying as in some cases, like with my Roden 720B, the decals around the nacelles are fitted exactly inboard with compressor humps and outboard without, so the length is a bit different. Color density is good, not always the best but depending on what you are building should not be an issue. Personally I
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