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  1. With the dollar Euro exchange rate currently even, I may be in a lot of trouble. I have an Amsterdam trip this fall, if in stock I may need an extra suitcase
  2. Gator, That's the one.
  3. I am wanting to build a series of 757's that I have either flown on or worked. Looking at modeling N707TW a 757 delivered to TWA, then after TWA folded flew with American and now with Delta. I can get the American and Delta decals easy enough but sourcing TWA decals is proving difficult. Would anyone have either an extra Flying Colors TWA or Minecraft TWA decal they would be willing to sell? I have found a lazar printed decal but I doubt that the gold would look correct and also the transparency of the decal would not work with the Dark Blue undersides. I appreciate any help or suggesti
  4. Great fix for the engine pylons. I will have to do this when I build mine for the third time. Other two times model never made it very far as I just hate all the short comings and poor execution on this kit. Such a significant and important aircraft in civil aviation and not a good kit. I had considered using the Airfix engine mount areas on the upper wing to spice into the Minecraft wing but of course the 320C has that dog tooth in the leading edge. You work is impressive on this model. I look forward to seeing this when completed.
  5. Just about the same point with my Roden 720B project. Nice kit, not shake and bake but nice. Mine will go in Continental. By the way Dutch you should get one of the 720B kits, they are about $28 and offer some excellent options for your KC/EC-135 projects
  6. Beautiful build. Thats a lot of shelf space there.
  7. AVN, Sorry I don't have a color chip for the Hughes Air West Yellow, but it was a strong yellow color, meaning it was not a lighter yellow like Lemon Yellow. It also was not orange tinted. The initial aircraft (Hughes liked expensive things) had silver tinted passenger windows, but that did not last as it was really expensive to do and impossible to maintain. I would just go with a good photo and paint accordingly.
  8. I am surprised that Roden messed up the stab attachment area so badly. Their 720 kit has it correct. Personally I would look at getting the 720B kit as it can be found cheaply, and cut the rear fuselage just ahead of the stabs and splice the tail from the 720 on the RC-135. Then I would use theJT3D's out of the 720 kit also to make an earlier Lisa Ann.
  9. I'm surprised that they got the tail mounting fairing wrong, as they got it right in their 720 kit.
  10. Yes, indeed. When Al Trendle of Minecraft showed me the test shots of the DC-8 it did have the parts for the JT3D with the over wing pylons. Why it was never released only Minecraft knows.
  11. I had started down the path with Revell about 15 years ago of doing an exclusive run of their DC-8 (short body) with the wings and engines from the DC-8-61 kit. Test shorts were actually run, but then they decided that the original price was going to much higher than what I was initially told so the project stopped. Atlantis could do this if they wanted I think they got both sets of DC-8 tooling. Maybe we should talk with the owners of Atlantis about issuing this.
  12. I would expect that Roden at some point in time would insert their JT3D Fan engines from their 720 kit to make an earlier version of this bird.
  13. Dutch, nice review of this kit. Will need to get one. I am currently building a G in the SIOP scheme cross kitting the Revell H and G kits, and back dating. Dutch would you know if any 3D printed X-15 launch pylon in 1/144 for my next B-52 project?
  14. Title says it. Time to build another Century series jet. Any boxing - Monogram or Revell. Wayne Fowler - apollodcal@gmail.com
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