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  1. Send me a photo of it too, dsahling1@yahoo.com, I think the Flanker is a beautiful plane, and would be glad to try and offer some assistance with a way to try and fix it if possible. Dan
  2. I appreciate the input, I probably should wear a mask a little more, and I know acrylics aren't good either, its just those lacquer fumes are SO strong I just want to leave the apartment for a while, and acrylics leave much less of an odor and are easier for me to tolerate. Thanks though.
  3. Let me preface this by saying I have no background in engineering, and I'm a "math moron" but I know there are some really talented modelers and software engineers out there. I think the 3D printing technology will really be a great way to create parts, projects, and improvements and over the next 5-10 years will make some major advancements and could really revolutionize our hobby. But that's just my thoughts.
  4. Good point, my mistake on the drag been a while since I've flown😋
  5. I wasn't a fighter pilot (sadly) or maintenance guy, they could probably give you the best answer. But I did used to be a CFI-I and if I could guess it would be a performance issue, more weight and drag? Or they just don't do the mission types that other places use them for, like israel?, increased loiter time?
  6. Thanks guys, I was thinking to myself a couple days ago, if simply priming a 1/48th UH-1Y produces such strong fumes to ME, its got to be torture for my dog. Sorry little buddy! Although he usually sleeps nearby while I work and hasn't seemed to mind. And in no way am I try to bad mouth Mr. Color products, they spray BEAUTIFULLY and have a great range of color and I wouldn't write them off completely, and if you have a more heavy duty exhaust/spray booth it might be better. But spraying acrylics just doesn't leave me with such a headache and is easier in an apartment.
  7. Since it looks like it is physically possible that they could've opened (as long as they weren't bolted up), lets just say for my "OCMD" (see description above) that a "rogue sparrow" was suspected as a stowaway and the crew were looking for it? :-)
  8. So I moved away from Mr. Color lacquer because while it sprays beautifully the fumes are just too much even with a paint booth and mask. Plus I live in an apartment with my dog and I feel badly for the little guy :-( So I use them only for priming really now, but even that is just a bit muc. And I live Colorado which might as well be a frozen wasteland so spraying outside isnt an option plus hauling all the equipment doesn't work. When I've used some acrylics on bare plastic they don't adhere well and will often lift if masking tape is applied. Does anyone have any good recommendations fo
  9. Thanks Jari, you have no idea how much you just settled my "OCMD" Obsessive Compulsive Modelers Disorder" :-) with that. I did an A-6A a ways back, and decided to pose the speed brakes open to show off some of the detail but knew they were disabled. Thanks! Dan
  10. I know the A-6A was originally designed with the fuselage speed brakes but do to pitch problems? I believe they were "disabled" and used the wing-tip ones instead. For the airframes that retained the perforated, albeit disabled fuselage speed brakes, would it ever have been possible to open them for either maintenance or inspection purposes? (Provided they weren't the bolted over kind)?
  11. I really wish either one of you guys would cast these or make a second set to cast, then again that would mean I might have to do another 1/32 F-15...the only question is a "C" or "E" Again, really nice work there.
  12. This is going to be utterly stunning! I'm going to have to step up my game after seeing this. What are your thoughts on the exhausts? I'm sure you've probably seen but theres a guy on LSP doing an F-15C with some pretty cool ideas for the exhausts. Keep up the good work!
  13. where can you get ahold of those clamps? The clothes pins and tape I often use don't always cut it...
  14. Here are a couple photos of a Flanker I did last year, all I did was eye ball a basic mix of each color, and then adjust the tones with various shades of blues and greys since the real thing gets weathered and faded pretty extensively over time. If you're into weathering Flankers are a great subject and really help teach airbrush control since so much of it is a random mottling. They can actually be good practice for German WWII Luftwaffe mottling. Keep us posted on how it progresses
  15. I'll keep hunting around for 32001, you wouldn't happen to have any extras? Or know distributor that would've bought them you could refer me to?
  16. Yes that is exactly what I was looking for....now I either need to find/make masks or decals, the lightning bolt with Top Gun insignia might be hard to find. Anyone know of any other 1/32 scale sheets that are available where I could find that marking (even better for these 1/32 vipers).
  17. I've done only a basic google search, airliners.net, etc. but does anyone have any reference photos of the US Navy F-16A Aggressor in the 3-tone grey came scheme? I've found quite a few of the one numbered "54" but can't quite make out the camouflage scheme on the top or bottom? Any help would be much appreciated Dan
  18. Akan makes pretty good Russian AF colors, there is an acrylic and a lacquer line. I've also heard good things about MR PAINT with their Flanker colors (although I haven't used it personally to vouch) Dan
  19. Does anyone have any extra parts from their 1/32 Academy F-16cg/cj, I'm looking for 2 of the AN/ALE-50 Decoys? Thanks Dan
  20. Thanks Gary for the kind words and the nice resin. I'm getting ready to do two 1/32 F-16s, one of which is going to be a conversion to an "A" model aggressor and I picked up your intake/engine set and I'm looking forward to getting it started.
  21. Does anyone have (or know where to acquire) a set of Shull 1/32 resin 1/32 AN/ALE-50 "Decoys?" I'm sure I could probably scratch build them, but I was looking for an easier road. Thanks Dan
  22. Would you be willing to talk/share some photos of how you did the paint job and weathering? You really nailed the subtle weathering that can be found on some of those F-16s.
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