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  1. I really wish either one of you guys would cast these or make a second set to cast, then again that would mean I might have to do another 1/32 F-15...the only question is a "C" or "E" Again, really nice work there.
  2. This is going to be utterly stunning! I'm going to have to step up my game after seeing this. What are your thoughts on the exhausts? I'm sure you've probably seen but theres a guy on LSP doing an F-15C with some pretty cool ideas for the exhausts. Keep up the good work!
  3. where can you get ahold of those clamps? The clothes pins and tape I often use don't always cut it...
  4. Here are a couple photos of a Flanker I did last year, all I did was eye ball a basic mix of each color, and then adjust the tones with various shades of blues and greys since the real thing gets weathered and faded pretty extensively over time. If you're into weathering Flankers are a great subject and really help teach airbrush control since so much of it is a random mottling. They can actually be good practice for German WWII Luftwaffe mottling. Keep us posted on how it progresses
  5. I'll keep hunting around for 32001, you wouldn't happen to have any extras? Or know distributor that would've bought them you could refer me to?
  6. Yes that is exactly what I was looking for....now I either need to find/make masks or decals, the lightning bolt with Top Gun insignia might be hard to find. Anyone know of any other 1/32 scale sheets that are available where I could find that marking (even better for these 1/32 vipers).
  7. I've done only a basic google search, airliners.net, etc. but does anyone have any reference photos of the US Navy F-16A Aggressor in the 3-tone grey came scheme? I've found quite a few of the one numbered "54" but can't quite make out the camouflage scheme on the top or bottom? Any help would be much appreciated Dan
  8. Akan makes pretty good Russian AF colors, there is an acrylic and a lacquer line. I've also heard good things about MR PAINT with their Flanker colors (although I haven't used it personally to vouch) Dan
  9. Does anyone have any extra parts from their 1/32 Academy F-16cg/cj, I'm looking for 2 of the AN/ALE-50 Decoys? Thanks Dan
  10. Thanks Gary for the kind words and the nice resin. I'm getting ready to do two 1/32 F-16s, one of which is going to be a conversion to an "A" model aggressor and I picked up your intake/engine set and I'm looking forward to getting it started.
  11. Does anyone have (or know where to acquire) a set of Shull 1/32 resin 1/32 AN/ALE-50 "Decoys?" I'm sure I could probably scratch build them, but I was looking for an easier road. Thanks Dan
  12. Would you be willing to talk/share some photos of how you did the paint job and weathering? You really nailed the subtle weathering that can be found on some of those F-16s.
  13. Considering these are naval aircraft they will more than likely be weathered, as such getting the color "spot on" isn't necessary unless you're doing a factory fresh paint job.
  14. After priming in grey with lacquer, I airbrushed the whole thing the "Army US Help Drab Color" (I can't remember the exact FS but Model Master makes it). I then looked at various reference photos that showed similar faded and touched up areas. I used a mix of various Tamiya and Model Master light and dark green colors (Tamiya Cockpit green among others, dark sea blue, brownish olive drabs, NATO black, etc) to "mottle" and "blend" these colors into the base color. After I was satisfied I used a fairly thinned misting coat of the base color to blend everything together. Then out came the Tamiya weather master set for desert colors and I used used that to add further fading/weathering and sand and dirt grime for underneath. A gloss coat of Tamiya Clear and a blackish/dark dark grey wash for panel and rivet detail highlighting. It was my second time using the Vallejo Flat Clear as I really liked the finish it gave on the F-105G 'Thunderchief' and was equally satisfied with how it came out. I've moved away from pre-shading all panel lines in black as I feel this often creates a "checkerboard" effect. I find more control and precision with what I'm try to achieve by using other similar colors over the base and then going over them with a thinned misty coat of the base color, this also keeps the paint finish "interesting" to the eye.
  15. Out of curiosity does anyone know what those "ornaments" are that are hanging off of the engine cowlings?
  16. I recently read a couple of really interesting books about British Apache pilots in Afghanistan circa 2006, these helicopters are some really impressive examples of what engineering can do. Without further ado, let me present my latest work, the Hasegawa 1/48th AH-64D Apache 'Longbow' OOB. Hasegawa did a really nice job with this kit, the fit is top notch, there's only a couple troublespots, notably the main and tail rotor assembly. The kit is very nicely detailed with recessed panel lines, but has all those nice textured riveting on it too. Some parts of the kit are a wee bit over-engineered and seem to involve combining lots of little parts that don't add a lot more detail instead of just molding it as one piece. The number of antennas, handles, is staggering and I'm shocked I didn't lose some of them. I was able to track down some nice reference shot of some apaches with a lot of faded and worn paints with lots of touchups and couldn't resist the opportunity to weather it, I also used a Tamiya Weathering set for desert colors and had some fun with that, especially underneath. I used a combination of Model Master and Tamiya acrylics for the airbrushing. Since I wasn't doing a particular subject I had some fun making up my own camouflage and weathering, basically using the reference photos for ideas on how to make it appealing to the eye. I didn't feel like doing any ordnance for this one and just kept the racks empty. I really had fun doing this one and would definitely recommend this kit to anyone as it is pretty easy to put together and it was fun to mix it up a little and try something other than airplanes. Thanks for checking it out and enjoy!
  17. I've actually always really liked the look of the F-22, I did one in 1/48th a few years back, I enjoyed doing the camouflage as since the sheen weathers and reflects light differently at different angles it can actually be a lot of fun to airbrush. I'd love to see 1/32 F-22, and you're right its been out for 14 years...why don't we have a big one yet? I mean Italeri is going to be releasing that ugly, stubby looking F-35, how does it go Can't run, can't climb, can't turn?
  18. I was thinking of trying to put together a little "cottage industry" of selling painted, decaled, finished missiles, bombs, fuel tanks, pods, etc. Do you think there might be a market for something like this? I mean I know for myself and probably lots of modelers out there, that putting together ordnance is one of my least favorite modeling tasks; same with filling and sanding. Thoughts? Dan
  19. With a fairly large number of new 1/32 aircraft being released, Trumpeter's MiG-29 line, TanModel Su-33, does anyone know about any plans for either a 1/32 EA-6B or at least a conversion? What about a 1/32 Su-34? 1/32 MiG-25? And why doesn't Tamiya release some of the two-seater F-16s, I mean the kit is engineered so you have to attach the front fuselage, or do maybe styrene conversions for F-16B, D, I, etc?
  20. Anyone have any photos of an f-16c carrying cbu-103 and agm-65? Or know if this is a legit loadoit?
  21. She's a beauty, I'm waiting for the Kittyhawk version to be released so I can figure out which kit to go with, very nicely done.
  22. The Avionix cockpit is nice, good detail. The IP angle is a pretty easy fix if one is so inclined (I personally didn't think it's noticeable and just let it be). You have to modify some of the kit pieces to get it to fit; most notably the main support beam of the fuselage. This is really only problematic if you're going to super detail the interior engine bays, compartments, etc. The part is nice because it adds some much needed nose weight.
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