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  1. Thanks, Ikon! Continuing... Now it's time for the hydraulic detailing present in almost the entire fuselage... I made it using a very thin wire... The hinged door between the bomb bay and the rear of the aircraft... Door for the fire extinguisher present at the front of the aircraft... Hydraulic accumulator... More details added... https://i.ibb.co/6NQ2Dfc/Liberator0230.jpg Added front landing gear... it can lower and retract...
  2. Thanks Ikon! Thanks Major Walt ! Now the controversy over the front landing gear doors... The various versions of the B-24 feature the front landing gear doors opening inwards or outwards (this depends on the B-24 version and also the manufacturer)... The "D" version usually features the front landing gear doors opening inwards, but the Revell kit doesn't portray this... I chose to modify the kit to open these doors inwards... Study of the mechanism... Kinematics of the front wheel recoil.
  3. Thanks JackMan ! Let's go on... The color chosen for the interior was based on the ANA (Army-Navy Aircraft) reports “Dull Dark Green” (FS-34092) aimed at bombers... I made the stairs to the lower floor. It gives access to the bomb bay... Until the next post !
  4. Making a dryfit to analyze... Making some changes... Detailing the interior (which had nothing in the kit)... Evaluating the front windows... An error to correct... One more detail made in functional scratch... See you later...
  5. Thanks JackMan! I was looking at the structural interior of the Liberator and noticed that the Revell kit doesn't come NOTHING to portray the structural beams... Nothing inside the Revell kit, so I removed all the fittings and sanded the entire interior... I designed the parts I will need to assemble a nice interior for the kit... Using plastcard strips, I started to structure the entire interior of the fuselage... I made a way to open the windows of the side gunners...
  6. A small improvement in the flap system so they can open and close better...
  7. Thanks JackMan and Jeff and All! This kit from the old Revell presents the possibility of collapsing the main landing gear and I chose to keep the wheels collapsing just improving the system... The kit tires are smooth, I decided to groove them to improve the look... The tires have various types of grooves... I made a hinge system to be able to retract the wheel... In the sequence of photos, the main landing gear collection process is now ready in the Revell kit...
  8. I started to see the wings and compare them to real photos... But what is this? Closed? I decided to open this... Another point I noticed was the lack of details on the main landing gear wheel box... I researched and drew the necessary details to make a wheel box using plastcard...
  9. Greetings everyone! I decided to build this old kit and add some details to improve the overall look of it. The kit itself is not bad (although many should criticize it excessively), but it is from my childhood and deserved a makeover... As it is very old, we noticed several problems and lack of details seen in the images below: This way of holding the "Sperry turret ball" tower is very weird... The crew are not very convincing... And the engines are already molded inside their fairing... I will try to make this kit
  10. My Friend, There are lights at the tips of the blades that provide this effect: However, in my model, I did not program the inclusion of these lights (it would be very nice ... unfortunate not to have foreseen and done that).
  11. Hi Everyone... Now it's the turn of the rotor blades ... Details and references ... Resin kit to compare with the kit parts ... Some points to correct ... Tab references ... Proceeding with the correction of the kit parts ... Comparative results ... Angulation when attaching to the rotor hub ... Painting... Defrost cable details ... Dry-fit results ...
  12. Yes Alex! Your M-60 was printed using resin (not filament) and looked great on the 1/48 scale ... Printing using this type of material is not cheap, but it has a much higher quality compared to the filament ABS. Thanks again for the availability of the 3D file! See print photos...
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