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  1. My Friend, There are lights at the tips of the blades that provide this effect: However, in my model, I did not program the inclusion of these lights (it would be very nice ... unfortunate not to have foreseen and done that).
  2. Hi Everyone... Now it's the turn of the rotor blades ... Details and references ... Resin kit to compare with the kit parts ... Some points to correct ... Tab references ... Proceeding with the correction of the kit parts ... Comparative results ... Angulation when attaching to the rotor hub ... Painting... Defrost cable details ... Dry-fit results ...
  3. Yes Alex! Your M-60 was printed using resin (not filament) and looked great on the 1/48 scale ... Printing using this type of material is not cheap, but it has a much higher quality compared to the filament ABS. Thanks again for the availability of the 3D file! See print photos...
  4. Thanks, midnightprowler! []s Thanks, Ismael! In my signature, there are some links to other assemblies, in case you want to see ... []s
  5. Thanks, Lylgor and Underdog! Here is a small continuation ... The main rotor head of the Mi-24 proposed by Monogram / Revell has 6 parts and is not very realistic visually ... There is a resin set for 1/48 scale that most choose to use to improve the look ... As I intend to include a mechanism for changing the blade pitch, I chose to improve the part that came in the kit based on the references ... First results ... More modifications ... Test on site ... Other add-ons ... Visual awaiting th
  6. Stalal, Salomon and Napalmakita: Thanks so much! A short continuation ... Now it's time to make the auxiliary power unit ... I selected some scrap pieces to create this equipment ... Result with painting ... References... Pipes and fixation of rotor controls ... Overview so far ...
  7. Oliver, Very realistic all these pieces that you create. You must have a mini-vise or something to create it all so precisely and quickly ... am I right?
  8. Thanks, Oliver! Now it was me who was speechless! Thank you for the recognition, Underdog! Thanks Chuckw! Thanks for accompanying friend Lylgor!
  9. The Mi-24 has a door for access to the components of the tail section for maintenance ... This hatch has a retractable step to allow the mechanic to climb into the compartment ... In this 1/48 Monogram / Revell kit this detail is completely absent and we don't even see a simple mention of it when evaluating the fuselage halves ... But I remembered cutting this door at the beginning of the assembly ... Sewing of pieces ... Positioning ... Results...
  10. Downloaded files. Thank you very much friend! I will evaluate!
  11. Beautiful 3D work, L-GREECO... Any possibility of giving the OBJ file to me to try to print it? Thanks!
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