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  1. Sorry ... I just wanted to show a possible internal fixation ...
  2. has this frontal protection to improve aerodynamics ...
  3. Very nice! I believe there is a fixation of the top of the speakers right on the side hanger where the armaments are usually, but that's my guess ...
  4. dnl42: Thanks for your presence and comments! Oliver: The idea is old, but few modelers have been able to do that. Thanks for being on my topic. Gentlemen, sorry for the long absence ... Follow up ... Continuing work on the broadcast ... I had to replace the syrup engine that had burned ... I definitely installed the main electric motor ... This piece is fixed so as not to make visible the electrical part ...
  5. I really liked the final result ... this Hasegawa kit helps a lot (one of the best), but what really commands is the "hand" of the modeler! Congratulations!
  6. The USAF "F" version operated with speakers screwed into the cab ... I have a picture of the "B" version operating as "Psychological Warfare" with speakers screwed in the downhill ski ... I don't know if that helps you ...
  7. Hello Oliver ... Very beautiful the result of the sets ... It looks like you are now on the final stretch to finish this MH-60S ... I really like your work! Always an inspiration to make my own ...
  8. Got a picture and the dimensions of the cross? I can try to reproduce for you this decal ...
  9. midnightprowler and Oliver: Thanks! I had to replace the tail rotor electric motor (it looks like it burned out) ... Many warned me that this kit has errors in the tail ... Anyone who has ever assembled this kit knows that the rotors bump together and the tail rotor hits the horizontal warp ... I looked at some work from other modelers and started my corrections on the vertical warp tilt ... And corrections in tail length ... New engine installed ... Results...
  10. Obrigado Amigo! Na minha assinatura existe links para outros trabalhos que fiz. Se quiser dar uma olhada... Acho que vai gostar. []s
  11. Thanks dnl42! Work on the parts to integrate the reduction box with the motors ... Continuing the work on engine detailing ...
  12. You're doing great, Oliver! PS: Will you build a P-38 as well?
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