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  1. Stalal, Salomon and Napalmakita: Thanks so much! A short continuation ... Now it's time to make the auxiliary power unit ... I selected some scrap pieces to create this equipment ... Result with painting ... References... Pipes and fixation of rotor controls ... Overview so far ...
  2. Oliver, Very realistic all these pieces that you create. You must have a mini-vise or something to create it all so precisely and quickly ... am I right?
  3. Thanks, Oliver! Now it was me who was speechless! Thank you for the recognition, Underdog! Thanks Chuckw! Thanks for accompanying friend Lylgor!
  4. The Mi-24 has a door for access to the components of the tail section for maintenance ... This hatch has a retractable step to allow the mechanic to climb into the compartment ... In this 1/48 Monogram / Revell kit this detail is completely absent and we don't even see a simple mention of it when evaluating the fuselage halves ... But I remembered cutting this door at the beginning of the assembly ... Sewing of pieces ... Positioning ... Results...
  5. Downloaded files. Thank you very much friend! I will evaluate!
  6. Beautiful 3D work, L-GREECO... Any possibility of giving the OBJ file to me to try to print it? Thanks!
  7. Each pulley tooth is not cut, but pierced (like a star). After drilling around the piece (which has a central hole), I trim the ends to be straight. Thanks for the comment.
  8. Let's work on the air intakes of the turbines ... They are removable for maintenance and cleaning ... In the real part there is an overflow ejector that you don't have in the kit part ... Preparing the site ... Complementary pieces in scratch ... On-site testing ... The parts are also removable on the model ...
  9. Thanks for the kind words, Gregg. I have other assemblies done that way. In my subscription there are links to them, if you are interested in seeing. []s Thank you Oliver, Lylgor and coneheadff. I try to do a good job. I understand your point of view Johan. That is why I do not leave the doors that are open fixed. They gain hinges to have movement of opening and closing, being able to expose the model open or closed. It really is a matter of personal taste.
  10. Thanks for the compliments, Lylgor! Here is a sequence of the assembly of the main rotor controls ... References... The construction of the components was done in scratchbuilding... Results...
  11. Looks like another art piece by Oliver is coming!
  12. Air coolers for oil coolers... Fire extinguisher cylinders ... Want to comment? Do not be shy! Greetings everyone!
  13. What to say? Six years I followed this assembly ... I observed everything: hits, small mistakes, fights, finally, I say it was worth it, because already knowing other works of Oliver I "bet" on a final worthy of awards! Supporters of this hobby are said to have white hair (yes, it is my case too), and I say that it is our duty to inspire those who are coming in now and taking a taste for the hobby (a hobby that is slowly waning because of the lack of interest from the rest new). Jobs like this one are true sources of inspiration for novices and veterans alike and I'm glad to have followed it all and been inspired too! Congratulations to Oliver and all the modelers who have commented here and on other topics in this forum. Know that ALL of you have value, knowledge and especially ability to do wonderful works like this one. []s
  14. Thanks Ice225 ! In fact this assembly started at the end of 2013. Due to total lack of time (and also because of other projects) it has been going very slowly. But it will be finalized.
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