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  1. Try this on Amazon. Sorry about that I've got a new Mac and it will not allow me to copy the web address. Tamiya 74545 Spray-Work HG Airbrush III Super Fine
  2. Amazon.com- Tamiya 74545 Spray-Work HG Airbrush III Super Fine - Arts, Crafts & Sewing.webloc This is made by Iwata. I have one and it works great you can get super fine lines out of it. It also uses Iwata replacement parts. An additional plus it is a lot cheaper. To me I can't tell the difference in quality between it and my other Iwata airbrush.
  3. A friend of mine flew an early E (probably 65-0713) when he was a test pilot at Edwards AFB in the early 90's. I remember him telling me it had an E front cockpit and a D rear cockpit. Just in case you are wanting extreme accuracy.
  4. Some A-37s from the from the 604th SOS, 3rd TFW were painted in a pale blue and light gray scheme in Vietnam. Squadron's A-37 in Action book has 5 photos of them plus a color side view. In black and white photos it looks like ADC gray. Print Scale decals has a sheet with the markings for one of the aircraft. OA-37s that were operated out of Osan, South Korea were painted in overall gunship gray. Microscale had a sheet with these markings. As a side note a good friend of mine was able to fly the A-37 when he was in test pilot school at Edwards. He said it surprisingly had a lot of power
  5. Mine looks nothing like the photos. It did have a rough pebbly surface which I have for the most part sanded smooth. Mine does not have the sty rations that yours has. That looks awful. If mine would have looked like yours I would not have recommended it. Terry
  6. All decals are $12.00, unless noted as other wise. Cost Includes Postage in the CONUS. Discount will be applied for multiple sheet purchases. PayPal accepted Goods and Services only. I can also be contacted at efd327@gmail.com Aero Master 48-625 Buffalos Over South East Asia Part II Aero Master 48-104 A-20 Havoc Collection Aero Master 48-113 B-25 Mitchell Strafers SOLD Aero Master 48-359 ME 410 Aero Master 48-360 ME 410 SOLD Aero Master 48-322 ME 110 Nocturnal Birds Of Prey Aero Master 48-172 JU 88 Part 1 SOLD Aero Master 48-120 HE 111 Part 1 Alba
  7. The feathers were removed in the early 80's. A friend of mine was an Eagle pilot and he said they were removed because they kept falling off in flight. So the remedy was simply to take them off the engines.
  8. The squadrons that fly the D are converting to F-35s. The D models are being distributed to the remaining C model squadrons. You can find both the C and D models operating side by side. I'm thinking they are probably going to increase the legacy squadron size by doing this and lower the flight hours per airframe.
  9. I would say the detail is good for a 1/144 scale kit. I haven't painted mine yet so I don't know about paint adhesion. And the prices have gone through the roof. They are almost unaffordable.
  10. I don't think it would really matter. If I remember correctly it was only in white when I ordered mine. Also the plastic is really hard so don't be expecting a styrene type of plastic. I need to get busy and finish mine.
  11. It is all one piece. The down side is it has landing gear attached with no gear doors or wheel wells. I build my 1/144 aircraft with the gear up and put them on a stand so that wasn't a detriment to me.
  12. I have this one. It has increased in price since I bought mine. The surface texture is like a fine sandpaper. I have sanded it down some and I believe once I apply some primer I think I can get a smooth surface. Overall it looks accurate with good shapes. Outside of this one I have never seen another 1/144 WB-57F. https://www.shapeways.com/product/96W7AV3AR/martin-wb-57f-canberra?optionId=63380083&li=marketplace
  13. There is a photo of that aircraft in Schiffer Publishings Northop's T-38 Talon from 1974. The aircraft has the early style headrests and has a spoked front wheel. Other photos dated 1976 shows other Navy T-38's still had the early style headrest. It also still had the USAF on the bottom left wing as it is visible on the landing gear door. Other T-38's also still had the national insignia on the bottom right. Hope that helps.
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