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  1. I have no beef with the inclusion of your F-5E and look forward to seeing what's in the box and what you do with it. Are you thinking to make corrections or build it as you would in the 1980s?
  2. I'm okay with it. What do you have up your sleeve? Much later than that and even Italeri would save it from consideration, but I look forward to seeing the Italian state of the art at the time.
  3. I've never built a 104 (I know, wash my mouth out, hair shirt) but will keep an eye out for this kit for the sake of the gorgeous silver styrene. Classic kit swoon!
  4. Are similar molding problems evident on the airframe or confined to the aircrew? This looks such an odd aircraft. Strangely elegant in its oddness, too. Something I love on a box - advertisements for other kits in the range. It's not disappeared but seems less common, today than pre 1980s..
  5. I recognise this from the instructions on the back of the box. I can't remember the brand they came out under in Australia. Dad and I would browse a nearby newsagent while waiting for our weekly fish and chips serve to cook at the take away and sometimes, if a new kit coincided with Dad feeling flush with funds, the time between our greasy Friday night feed and my bed time would be spent working on construction together, with painting the following night. Good times. Thanks for the nostalgia hit. Exactly what I was hoping to get from this GB.
  6. Some impressive styrene coming out of the past for this GB. A lovely build in a beautiful scheme.
  7. I love the FROG kits of this era. The yellow plastic. The box art. Nostalgia fix.
  8. Inspiring stuff. I've wanted to build a lander for some time. I think you've given me the spurs to act on that inclination.
  9. I love Lancasters in silver. Lancasters look good in any scheme but silver seems to really show off the lines nicely. These are looking great.
  10. I second Grandboof's comment. I've never seen this kit in the flesh, or the styrene. Watching attentively.
  11. Thanks, Phantom. I have three builds planned. An Airfix Hawker Fury for me, a FROG Sea Venom for my daughter and an Airfix Fairey Firefly for my son. Lots of nostalgia value for me and potential nostalgia in the offing for them. Thanks again. Matt
  12. Hello folks Sorry to have left this to Phantom for so long. Some health issues gave me a kicking over the new year and my hobbies took the hit in terms of re-distributed energy. Thanks, Phantom, for getting the ball rolling. Prizes for this GB came from Southern Models in Adelaide. I hope the Australians really pull out all stops as mailing that Shackleton anywhere outside the Melbourne CBD will likely cost a bomb, but there you go. Loving that people are underway with their projects. Matt
  13. Hi folks. Nice to have the ARC forums back in action. Love your work, management. During the move I heard an episode of "The Hangardeck Podcast" featuring Flygirl Painter, who paints museum airframes and does the nose and tail art of the showbirds for some navy helicopter squadrons. It was really interesting to hear about the challenges and the results shown on the podcast and the artist's websites are outstanding. I hope some of you find it as interesting as I did.
  14. Amazing images. I love the prototypes, especially. Some that never went in to large scale production, some representing the early stages of airframes still in use today. The bare metal scooter and the early Hercules are my favourites. Familiar but oddly unfamiliar at once.
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