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  1. scottr5213

    Top Fuel Dragsters

    You can check here http://www.compresins.com/site/751597/page/45029
  2. scottr5213

    The Modern Hog Guide, 2nd Edition

    My upper right corner was dinged a little but nothing serious
  3. scottr5213

    The Modern Hog Guide, 2nd Edition

    What has been the turn around time on orders? ordered mine back in May: Just an update mine took 15 days to get, I don't think that's bad at all I have waited longer from Amazon. A side note I was supersized at the packaging nice sturdy box my hats off to you Jake I WILL be ordering more from you.
  4. scottr5213

    The Modern Hog Guide, 2nd Edition

    I will be getting one this time around cant afford the one over at amazon for 10k
  5. scottr5213

    Upgrading the sleeping cabin

    One of the things I did when i drove was not use the cab/sleeper curtain but made a curtain that went around the side windows and the windshield it gave the feeling of more room, also dont know about the white noise machine (couldnt sleep without the engine running) maybe now days with APU's it would be different. Invest in a good mattress. I drove heavy haul (10 axles) so I spent alot of time on the road had a sat dish and of course the grill I got so sick of truck stop food,
  6. scottr5213

    Leopard 2a5

    What no purpleHere is my latest addition to the library
  7. scottr5213

    Leopard 2a5

    Trying to get back into modeling I have been absent for about 15 yrs (work is killing me) Finally got me a new airbrush and compressor and reading books so I think my first one will be trial and error. I got me a Hobby Boss Merkave MK3D so as soon as I can find time I will start
  8. scottr5213

    Leopard 2a5

    Spot on , cant wait till you start the weathering, I have been reading up on weathering and just scratch my head
  9. scottr5213

    Leopard 2a5

    Is that some sort of jig on the torsion bar swing arms?
  10. scottr5213

    Leopard 2a5

    I feel lucky to actually see them in action while stationed in Germany. One thing for sure they knew how to camoflage
  11. scottr5213

    Leopard 2a5

    Off to a great start
  12. I saw your post about the Clark F-4G and was wondering if you knew an LT named Mike Chaplin he flew F-4's at Clark during that time and we grew up together

  13. scottr5213

    OIF Abrams

    great looking, dont worry about the green parts, replacement parts would be green
  14. scottr5213

    Best 1/35 King Tiger?

    I think dollar for dollar I am going to try the Takom kit I feel when you pay good bucks for a kit you shouldnt have to throw a ton of aftermarket at it
  15. scottr5213

    amazon craziness

    How about this one https://www.amazon.com/Modern-Hog-Guide-10-Warthog/dp/0979506425/ref=sr_1_9?ie=UTF8&qid=1482182080&sr=8-9&keywords=jake+melampy