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  1. I watched a 'Seconds From Disaster' episode last Summer (2015) involving that very incident. A truly incredible sorry. The stewart holding the pilots legs had a death-grip on him. They had to literally pry his arms off of the pilot's legs. And the pilot survived due to his body causing a 'dead-space' (Still air) around his head.
  2. You, young man, have exquisite taste . One thing that puzzles me is that, according to OzMods, FB-111s have different fuel tanks than other 'Vark variants. I haven't confirmed it yet but I get the feeling that the SAC 'Vark tanks are shorter than the other 'Vark variant tanks. Is your OzMods fuel tanks for a SAC 'Vark or the other 'Varks? Do you think they are inaccurate? Being a big 'Vark fan I have in my stash about a dozen 1/48 'Vark kits, mostly Hobby Boss. To answer your question: I've acquired about a dozen Revellogram A-10 fuel tanks.
  3. I'm going to take a huge W.A.G. as to why that loadout is as such. Before 1969; S.O.P. on U.S. carriers was not nearly as universal as it is today. For example; If an AO sailor was stationed on the USS FDR and was transferred to the USS Forrestal, said sailor would have to learn how the Forrestal conducts its carrier deck operations as well as his own rate (Aviation Ordnance). I'm W.A.G.'ing that the loadout in the pic is probably USS FDR-specific setup. The investigations of the deadly fires on the Forrestal in 1967 and the Enterprise in 1969 uncovered scores of discrepancies of S.O.P.s a
  4. I believe it's the reverse: Two Snake Eyes and a MK83.
  5. Keyword to this project: PERSEVERANCE. As long as you continue to have interest in it; that's all that matters . I will be following your progress; which leads me to my first question: Is your design based plausible or existing research, or is it more on the 'wow/awesome' looking design? I do scratch-building model projects based on 'whatifs' and 'whatcouldhavebeen'. For example I'm in the middle of a 'whatcouldhavebeen' U.S.Navy (What I call) EF-111B. It's an F-111B platform that has been upgraded to be, in essence, an EF-111 AND an F-111F. It's a carrier-borne strike fighter that h
  6. Aaaaah; man. Super Stallion pron indeed / ! It's coming along beautifully, dude!
  7. Great work on the decals, dude . Ah; The (S)hitty-Kitty, as the carrier was affectionately known as to her crew . I have fond memories of that carrier when she was stationed at North Island in San Diego, CA USA. My dad's fellow Navy buddy was stationed with the E-2 Hawkeye squadron that served the Kitty Hawk.
  8. Man; Your build is really progressing very nicely . The munitions turned out lovely!
  9. Awesome progress . How does this kit compare to the Revellogram kit?
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