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  1. Fabulous build DC-130 in 1/48! I didn΄t I knew about the ground launched drones and this type of modification. Well done Sir!
  2. Bravo! Excellent work on your model and nice finished with diorama, too. Congratulations.
  3. You are very skillful modeler! Excellent job so far...
  4. Excellent progress until now, really nice! Keep up the good job on your project...
  5. Excellent result for your painting and weathering, too! I would like to see your model more aggressive, loaded with missiles on pylons. ( My opinion!) Congratulations.
  6. Very nice job on your Sabre Dog, Bravo! Giannis Doxas
  7. Awesome model ! I love your neat painting and weathering ! Congratulations. Giannis Doxas
  8. Nice work and weathering on your Yugoslavian fighter MiG-29! It would be nice to see in diorama for more realistic icon result. Congratulations. Giannis Doxas
  9. Excellent work and nice painting theme on your F-16. Keep up your good job in high level! Giannis Doxas
  10. Impressed and Great work! Realistic paint weathering and beautifully photographed presentation. I am sure that your daughter will be an other member of your family that will have High level skill to make models. Congratulations *With respect to your great work as I said, I have two notes to do: The front wheels of the model will be must aligned between them and the clear parts of the model kit needs more care to shine. ( I don΄t know if the photograph confuse me.) Giannis Doxas
  11. Close up from A/M-32A (Power Supply Unit) provided from Hasegawa. Ιmprovements have been made all over the kit and mainly οn the control panel.
  12. Thank you Peter and Major Walt for your kind words.
  13. I hope you like it... Giannis Doxas
  14. The ground support equipments like an A/M-32A (Power Supply Unit) provided from Hasegawa and MA-1A (Start cart) from CMK. The two engine΄s bedstead, fire-extinguisher, tool-boxes, books (Technical Orders), two ladders and one pail were scratch-build. The ground technical personnel provided from Hasegawa, ICM, Black Army Modells and Aerobonus sets.
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