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  1. Nice Jens - cheers mate... And here I was thinking you were only into Adversary and Aggressors too 😉 D
  2. The last Fights On! A-4 sheet I got was from Hannants - they only had ONE of the two sheets in stock, but maybe i'ts what you want, and thus worth a look? That said, the Fights On! and FTD are getting harder to source...
  3. So has anyone posted anything on the best way to increase the HB tail chord (the most 'visible' of the issues)? Or the Nose? D
  4. Cant Disagree with Brian on that!
  5. And there is a new jet that arrived two weeks back now, in a Hard-edged variation (pic by G. Manley). BTW, the BuNo 105 jet was for CONA, and isn't actually related to the PAK-FA/Mako Scheme...
  6. Some reference threads showing all the BuNo's and Camo Schemes, from the FB Adversary and Aggressor Group: (follow the links, unhide all the comments (because FB by default only shows you last 3-4 comments), see all the info) USN A-4 Adversaries - Part 1. VF-126 Late Blue Skyhawks https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1962904983720803 USN A-4 Adversaries - Part 2. VFC-13 Late Grey Skyhawks https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1965283020149666 USN A-4 Adversaries - Part 3. TOPGUN Scooters - NFWS A-4E's https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=2347
  7. There's about 70 or so threads on various SQN's and BuNo's and Camo's on the FB Adversary and Aggressor Group - link to the F-16N thread: USN F-16 Adversaries - Part 2. F-16N-30's https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1822989047712398
  8. Is the HB kit now that old?!?!? Woah.... I'm about to crack on with one myself, thus am looking for ways to conquer the known issues - if one goes by the new Mushroom Publications 1/48 plans, the HB is not as horrific as I was bracing for. The big VISUAL for me is the HB Tail (has HB re-issued the kit with a different tail sprue?) and the slight nose thing. a) Tail - anyone know of any link to someone who has tried to correct this? ATM, Im thinking the tail needs to be glued together then cut into three major pieces - top the top off, then down the panel line at about 1/4 cho
  9. Yeah the 4-colour scheme is awesome - a small company called Advanced Modeling products (https://www.facebook.com/AdvModProd/) does an awesome mask set for that scheme... Dan
  10. Which one? 🙂 The 1977 3-Grey scheme on 158979 (F-14A-70-GR) had the 'cut back' version of the early boat tail. The 1983 Grey/Blue 4-colour scheme on 158979 (F-14A-70-GR which had by this stage gotten the fin reinforcements and newer boat tail)), 161290 (F-14A-115-GR), 161292 (F-14A-115-GR), and 161296 (F-14A-115-GR), appear to have the later boat-tail WITH ECM bump... Dan
  11. Mine showed today - as well as my copy of the Modern Super Hornet Guide. The Scale Hornet is awesome, but in actuality I was blown away more by the Modern Super Hornet book; very reminicent of the DACO books. So thanks VERY much guys - even with the less than stellar AUD-USD at the moment, I consider both books (plus postage) to be EXTREMELY well priced (bordering on a Bargain, considering what you get). :) So please, keep on issuing stuff like this guys :) Dan
  12. The Scale Tomcat? :) Or right out of left field, the Scale He 219A Uhu! D
  13. Yeah, my re-re-re-re-attempt (hahahaha) at buying a few hours back went fine - no untrusted/unsecure/certificate errors and a confirmation email :) Dan
  14. I've tried to order (as well as the Superhornet book) but the different proxies and systems I go through at Home, Work and Uni all say www.speedhuntergraphics.com is an untrusted/unsecure site... Work won't even let me proceed once the untrusted connection/site has been detected. I tried! Dan
  15. @Check Six - yes. Slow progress admittedly (Uni, research, work as well as the siz crushed vertebrae I have flairing up - so walking and sitting for periods has been sucking), but a quick description is: Cockpit - all but sidewalls and some behind the seat cables done. Sils are corrected and thickened, seat is MUCH better, lots of boxes and ECS (that you barely see now :( ) behind the cockpit. Exhausts - Just need the decals for the sides of the exhausts printed and applied Intakes - FINALLY fully shaped and deepened; they're not perfect, but they'll do the job. Top sections have been widen
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