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  1. I always assumed these aircraft were painted standard OD over NG with sand/tan patches painted over it. Like the Germans did with their Ju 87 Stukas for example.
  2. I can’t find a photo of the real aircraft. It’s B-25C-15-NA, 42-32496, “Poon Tang”, 340th BG, 488th BS. The decals are supplied with the Italeri boxing of the Accurate Miniatures-kit. Two photos of the built model from the site of IPMS Göteborg (so NOT my model or photo):
  3. https://www.americanairmuseum.com/archive/aircraft/42-53480
  4. How were those two-tone camo B-25C’s and B-25D’s painted? Was it tan over olive drab or were they desert pink with green bands? IMG_1855.webp
  5. Hi Gene, thanks for the offer! I’ll check if someone in my local IPMS-chapter has a cutter. I’ll PM you!
  6. Hi, I’m looking for tailcode decals or paint masks for my 1/48 F-4E. The decals I have for a Soesterberg 32nd TFS USAFE bird are way too dark. Of course I can cut my own masks from kabuki tape, using the decals as a guide, but pre-cut masks or decals will probably be somewhat more straight… Are there any manufacturers who sell such a product? photo by Henk Scharringa.
  7. Hi, I seem to recall that the US Navy got their first F-5E’s / F-5F’s somewhere between 1975 and 1977? Is it known when the radars were removed from the aircraft? My assumption is when they started overpainting the radomes, but that’s just a wild guess, really. I’d really like to know if White 40, #540, Bu.No. 159882 still had the radar in 1977 in the markings as provided bu Furball Aero Design 32-002. Thanks for your help! Erik B.
  8. 🤣 Little green men?... 🤢 Or just a secret Air Force program with an airsick crew?....
  9. Thanks guys! If indeed the only role that the -E can't perform is Forward Air Controlling, I can see why they wouldn't want to invest in an all-F/A-18F force.
  10. Tak, Niels! Would the offset in cost between the E and F be that much that the USN didn't want to buy an all-F fleet? Buy just enough F's to fulfill those mission profiles and and buy the "good enough"-E to fill up the numbers? A sort of Hi-Lo-mix as the USAF had with the F-15/F-16 mix? I have no doubt that the F/A-18F with it's workload-sharing is in all fields much more capable than the E. It's not for nothing that the F-14 in the fleet-defense role and the A-6 in the all-weather attack role had a crew of 2... I don't know what role combat radius played in this respec
  11. Hi guys, Maybe a stupid question, but if so, so be it! As I understand it, both F/A-18E and F/A-18F are used for the same mission profiles by the U.S. Navy. Why do they have the F/A-18E and the F/A-18F? If the F/A-18E is as capable as the F/A-18F in Air Superiority and air-to-ground, why bother with a variant that requires two expensive-to-train-crewmembers-in-time-and-money and gives up on internal space for fuel/electronics to seat the 2nd occupant? Reversely, if the F/A-18F is better in the mission profiles because a dedicated Weapons Systems Operator is employed, wh
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