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  1. Yep, I'm still waiting too! Also need a couple of other Caracal sheets but hope to order it as 1 package...
  2. Great! My Fury is looking at me with puppy eyes: "Why don't you start building me?" Hope COVID-19 doesn't disrupt your production process too much, though...
  3. Thank you very much for your insights, guys! Cheers, Erik.
  4. Hi guys, What type of rounds were used in the .50 ammo belts of P-51D’s? I know every 5th or 7th round was tracer but what about the rest? Were there differences in the ETO/MTO between escort / air superiority missions and dedicated air-to-ground missions? Were there differences in types of ammo use between Europe and the Pacific? Thanks! Erik.
  5. Thanks, yes I know all P-51D's went to the UK in NMF. As you wrote, the 20th FG and 361st FG for example, camouflaged their NMF P-51's. I understood that that was because they expected to be sent over to France after the invasion, which never happened. As these were FG's in the 8th AF that would still be needed to escort the bombers in the strategic campaign, your explanation for the camouflage sounds more logical. Cheers, Erik.
  6. Thanks, Slartibartfast. That indeed sounds reasonable. So, taking this further, the D-5's that were operational during June-July '44 would have their topsurfaces camouflaged with OD/DG. After that finish was deemed unnecesarry, they would have had their wings repainted in aluminum lacquer if the original lacquer would have been damaged by the removal of the OD/DG by all the usual types of thinner / solvents used...
  7. Guys, What I've been wondering about; early P-51D's received camouflage paint on top of their wings (on their operational air bases) in the summer of 1944. This was removed after some time. Wouldn't the removal process also damage the alumini(u)m paint? If so, was the wing repainted in alumin(i)um or just completely stripped of paint, primer and -possibly- putty? Cheers, Erik.
  8. Thanks Rotorman! I had seen the seat pic in another thread but hoped there was another photo somewhere that shows a bit more detail / higher resolution... Would the quick-release buckle be attached to the central (groin) belt or the left-hand / right-hand lap-belt? Cheers, Erik.
  9. Hi guys, Anyone know of online photos of the seat belts and buckles used in the AH-1Z? I haven’t been able to find good photos showing how they look and what color they are. Thanks in advance! Erik.
  10. Hi guys, I’m looking for pics of how the front of the engine in the A-4E / A-4F / A-4M looks when looking down the intake. For the life of me, I can’t seem to find photos in my books OR online.... I very much suspect that Trumpeter’s take on this in it’s 1/32 kit isn’t completely accurate.... 😅 Thanks in advance! Cheers, Erik.
  11. Hahaha, they better could’ve put on the warning “Don’t tread on me!” 😛 I’ve seen builds where the stencils seemingly disappear on top of the light gray, so I’m happy that the sheet will be available shortly!
  12. Hi Dave, got the Zulu yesterday and pre-ordered your sheet 35001 today. When do you expect the stencilling sheet 35002 to be available? Thanks! Erik.
  13. Ah, thank you, Mstor! I didn't even know that there was a decal producer named Phoenix! Cheers, Erik.
  14. Hello everyone, I recently bought Tamiya's 1/32 F-15J, planning on doing an Agressor bird. Although they mostly use the F-15DJ, they also have or had some F-15J's. However, I overlooked the fact that all squadron markings for the tails are included, the Tactical Fighter Training Group cobra-emblem excepted! I need 4 of those emblems, as they were painted on the in- and outside of the fins. Does anyone know if and where decals of these emblems can be obtained? Thanks very much for your input! Erik.
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