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  1. Hi, I seem to recall that the US Navy got their first F-5E’s / F-5F’s somewhere between 1975 and 1977? Is it known when the radars were removed from the aircraft? My assumption is when they started overpainting the radomes, but that’s just a wild guess, really. I’d really like to know if White 40, #540, Bu.No. 159882 still had the radar in 1977 in the markings as provided bu Furball Aero Design 32-002. Thanks for your help! Erik B.
  2. 🤣 Little green men?... 🤢 Or just a secret Air Force program with an airsick crew?....
  3. Thanks guys! If indeed the only role that the -E can't perform is Forward Air Controlling, I can see why they wouldn't want to invest in an all-F/A-18F force.
  4. Tak, Niels! Would the offset in cost between the E and F be that much that the USN didn't want to buy an all-F fleet? Buy just enough F's to fulfill those mission profiles and and buy the "good enough"-E to fill up the numbers? A sort of Hi-Lo-mix as the USAF had with the F-15/F-16 mix? I have no doubt that the F/A-18F with it's workload-sharing is in all fields much more capable than the E. It's not for nothing that the F-14 in the fleet-defense role and the A-6 in the all-weather attack role had a crew of 2... I don't know what role combat radius played in this respec
  5. Hi guys, Maybe a stupid question, but if so, so be it! As I understand it, both F/A-18E and F/A-18F are used for the same mission profiles by the U.S. Navy. Why do they have the F/A-18E and the F/A-18F? If the F/A-18E is as capable as the F/A-18F in Air Superiority and air-to-ground, why bother with a variant that requires two expensive-to-train-crewmembers-in-time-and-money and gives up on internal space for fuel/electronics to seat the 2nd occupant? Reversely, if the F/A-18F is better in the mission profiles because a dedicated Weapons Systems Operator is employed, wh
  6. Yep, I'm still waiting too! Also need a couple of other Caracal sheets but hope to order it as 1 package...
  7. Great! My Fury is looking at me with puppy eyes: "Why don't you start building me?" Hope COVID-19 doesn't disrupt your production process too much, though...
  8. Thank you very much for your insights, guys! Cheers, Erik.
  9. Hi guys, What type of rounds were used in the .50 ammo belts of P-51D’s? I know every 5th or 7th round was tracer but what about the rest? Were there differences in the ETO/MTO between escort / air superiority missions and dedicated air-to-ground missions? Were there differences in types of ammo use between Europe and the Pacific? Thanks! Erik.
  10. Thanks, yes I know all P-51D's went to the UK in NMF. As you wrote, the 20th FG and 361st FG for example, camouflaged their NMF P-51's. I understood that that was because they expected to be sent over to France after the invasion, which never happened. As these were FG's in the 8th AF that would still be needed to escort the bombers in the strategic campaign, your explanation for the camouflage sounds more logical. Cheers, Erik.
  11. Thanks, Slartibartfast. That indeed sounds reasonable. So, taking this further, the D-5's that were operational during June-July '44 would have their topsurfaces camouflaged with OD/DG. After that finish was deemed unnecesarry, they would have had their wings repainted in aluminum lacquer if the original lacquer would have been damaged by the removal of the OD/DG by all the usual types of thinner / solvents used...
  12. Guys, What I've been wondering about; early P-51D's received camouflage paint on top of their wings (on their operational air bases) in the summer of 1944. This was removed after some time. Wouldn't the removal process also damage the alumini(u)m paint? If so, was the wing repainted in alumin(i)um or just completely stripped of paint, primer and -possibly- putty? Cheers, Erik.
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