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  1. Is there a method that helps with trimming and cutting etched parts and what type of glue is best for etched parts? I have a I-File touch n flo system, is that the proper glue or should I use something like super glue ? JYD
  2. Symrna Tennessee June 15th, my Birthday. What a great present for me! Looking very much, I have not seen them in years, they were flying A-4's the last time I had a chance to see them. JYD
  3. Great price, fast delivery, everything as described. HIGHLY recommend ! JYD
  4. I agree, with the 40% off you cannot beat HL to get a new AB. JYD
  5. Books 2-3 of Song of Fire and Ice SSN by Tom Clancy Finish the Wheel of Time series. Hobbit reread Would like to reread Clancys' Red Storm Rising again for the umpteenth time. All the rule books for the numerous CCC,LCG,and board games I have and have not yet played. DONS Airbrush Tips ! (priority read) JYD
  6. Ok E-2A Low production run E-2B E-2C upgraded electronics over the B E-2D new electronics and extensive redesign of engine and props. Hope this helps, JYD
  7. My Father flew Hawkeyes for 12 years, I will get in touch with him and see if he knows. There is a new variant of the C that has a different prop system. I will let you know as soon as I hear from him. JYD
  8. I ran into a issue. I thought I had mixed enough paint to do all of what I needed. Turns out I was wrong. I have a idea of the mixture but I am concerned about color consistency non the less. When you guys mix paint to you overmix and use a lot of paint or do you depend on your skill to mix the colors the same time after time ? JYD
  9. ACE I plan on using the X-20A I think for the acrylics since I already have some on hand. I plan on mostly using MM enamels as they are relatively available in both variants and supply at my local Hobby Lobby (local is a relative term 8) ) Thanks bud for the heads up and thanks to everyone whom has been so very helpful on theses forums, I am very happy I stumbled onto this site. It would have taken me forever to learn all this and also probably would have spent a lot of cash learning from brutal mistakes. JYD
  10. Ok the Regdab and stopcock I am unfamiliar with can I purchase these at a hardware store ?
  11. I went to a ACE hardware store and purchased a good grade lacquer thinner for cleaning my brushes, bottles etc...This is some really good and pure stuff, is it safe to clean my Airbrush with it as well. I use both enamels and acrylics so can I use that or do I need to use only my Tamiya X-20a for AB cleaning. ANY helpful advice on thinners and such is greatly appreciated so I do not wreck any of my new equipment. Thank you gents , JYD
  12. Also know you can take your wife, Girlfriend , best friend ETC and literally use the coupon once per person per purchase. The same coupon is useable by multiple people on the same day so take a friend and load up on stuff. That's what I did, got a I-file touch glue set for about 8 bucks and some nice sand papers for about 4-5$ just by handing my phone to my friend and he can use the exact same coupon. It is a fantastic way to save cash, I plane on getting some paint next and I'll take a few friends and get 40% of each bottle or can with the same coupon handed to my buddy in line right behind
  13. Gods speed on recovery . As I posted before they always come in threes 8( JYD
  14. Still a nice discount, they carry I-File stuff here. I intend on wearing them out on supplies
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