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  1. Thanks everybody for the fantastic ideas and info. Especially thanks to Collin and Regdog. Leaning towards a SEAD mission loadout. Something with HARM and rockeye. Would you guys normally be loading the MK20 on MER or TERs? Was the middle wing pylon often removed? I think i will load the following 2 x AIM9, 2 x HARM 2 x TER with 2 x MK20 slant loaded each. What pylons would they nornally be loaded on to?
  2. Thanks collin, I will check those out. By cool I mean something like the SU-CAP loadout on the intruder that I believe you suggested to me. Stuff that isnt normally seen, but is real. Asymmetric loads seem to take my fancy. Something more exciting than the standard mk82 and nothing else bomb truck. Cheers for the help mate. Tom
  3. Hi guys, I am wanting to build an A-7E from VA-93 right before decomm in 1986. Much like my intruder where you guys suggested a SU-CAP load out I want something interesting/not typical on this. Any ideas of something cool? I was thinking a couple HARMs could be cool with some rockeye. Anyone know of where to get HARM adapters in 1/48. Or maybe some blue body/grey tail 500lb practice weapons and a tacts pod. Any other cool ideas? Cheers Tom
  4. Be wary of the detail and scale colors and markings books. While the photos are magnificent, some of the captions are not so good. One of the sundowners jets wears an "RR" badge on the nose. The captions says its unknown but might be a rollsroyce logo. Minimal research shows it is in fact a badge for the Recce Rally meet it participated in. That is just one example off the top of my head.
  5. Hi guys, Wanting to build an OV-10A bronco. Looking at canopy masks for the 1/48 ICM kit. They have two types, normal and "t face ". Which one do I need? Cheers Tom
  6. The refuelling door isnt the best fit and I needed to carefully thin the bottom edge of the windscreen. The nose joint actually turned out to be not bad at all on mine. Go slowly and it will be sweet.
  7. Hi guys, Wanting to mount two aim-9s on my Kiwi a-4k. The hasegawa mot comes with the Aim-9 rail. Does it have the adapter to attach it to the pylon? If not, any idea how to build one or what it looks like? CheerS Tom
  8. Thanks sebastijan, I have that book and seen that photo also. However there are photos of others in the same serial number batch (batch 16) with the later tails in the 941st IAP. After speaking with linden hill, I was told that the technicians and the man who supplied the photos checked all of the profiles before publication. On the same decals sheet they also call out the aircraft with early tails so I am just going to go with the fact that red24 was updated to the later style tail by 1999. But who really knows. I have been learning so much about the flanker and after findin
  9. Hi grey ghost, That is unfortunately a different red 24 at a much later time. These artic circle flankers are hard to find photos of unfortunately.
  10. Hello, I am building SU-27P (flanker B) Red 24 from the linden hill sheet, guardians of the north. https://www.lindenhillimports.com/store/p89/LHD48040.html#/ The profile shows it had two, green ECM aerials on the leading edge extensions (lex). However in every picture I have seen of an su-27p they only seem to have one. So what say you? Upgraded by 1999 to have two? Or go for one? I have only got two photos of the actual aircraft and neither show the whole thing! Thanks for the help Tom
  11. Man I really really want that 1995 swordsmen jet in 1/48. Surprised no one has done it yet.
  12. Good news for you, the midway did trap and cat f14s. A vf114 ans 213 jet I believe. So it was doable.
  13. The fightertown decals big red fighter squadron sheet has an early vf-1 jet on it. Available on their website.
  14. Hi guys, I am no MiG-29 expert. I have found that there is a begemont decals sheet with Serbian jets on it. I would like to build either the 1999 or 2004 version. Does anyone know what GWH 1/48th scals kit I need? Also are the black top boxings ok or do I need the white and blue box? I assume it's the 9.12 late? Thank you for the help. Tom
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