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  1. Thanks for the info mate. I wish someone would cover this and the later CAG jet. They look really cool.
  2. Just wondering if anyone has done the vfa-27 f/a-18e super hornet CAG decals? Looking for the 2015 CAG, black spine with the oversized fist and mace on the tail. Good looking airplane.
  3. Just the person I was hoping to hear from. Thank you for the info and thanks Habu and A10 as well.
  4. Hi guys, Just wondering about tomcats carrying CATM9s aka blue sidewinders. I have seen photos of them carrying these with live bombs but I am wondering, did they ever carry a blue sidewinder with other live missiles? (Aim54/7/9). Did this happen for training at all or even just to carry missiles across to where they were operating from? Thanks for the help. Tom
  5. I did this during the first lockdown in NZ. I hate building weapons but was more motivated when I was building 40 of them. Spent a week and built a huge stash of missiles, bombs, facts pods etc. Its been really nice for the past 18 months to just go to the cabinet and select a load out rather than having to paint bloody weapons again.
  6. Thanks guys. Will fade the radome tan with a bit of gull gray.
  7. Hi guys, Building the kestrels CAG from 2015. Looking at photos I am trying to tell what the radome tip colour is, sometimes it looks grey, others very radome tan. Please see the link below and tell me what you guys think? Vfa137 radome Cheers Tom
  8. Hi guys, Just wondering what VFA-137 might have been carrying in 2015. I have the Meng kit and a spare GBU-32 (1000lber) and TACTS pod laying about. Would they have ever carried Aim-9x wing tips, Amraam inboard of that, GBU-32 (GBU-16 opposite side) centerline tank? Also do the superhornets ever use the Orange colored TACTS pods anymore? Trying to load a somewhat realistic loadout on my Kestrels CAG. Cheers
  9. The other thing is, if it is a late A it should also have the port nose gear door with the ecm blister and some even had the GPS dome on the spine.
  10. tomthegrom


    As brian mentioned above, 51/111 did bomb. There is a famous series of photos by tumour twomey of 51 dropping the 2000lbers. I have a photo of the vf111 CAG jet in 1992 with bomb racks and practice bombs at fallon. After the Gulf War it seems as though they all started to get into the mud moving. I also have a great photo of the VF33 CAG jet dropping snakeyes which would be a very cool model!
  11. Thank you very much Koen! I am off to join the Fb group now.
  12. Hi guys, About to start my first prop build. Just wondering if anyone has a link or any photos they can post of USAF skyraiders. Looking for "Firebird", Blood sweat tears" and whatever other good photos of nose art skyraiders you have. I have the new Caracal sheet 48189. On the zotz sheet it says firebird had red wheel hubs, can anyone confirm? Thanks for the help. I have a major soft spot for this aircraft. Hoping to do it justice. Tom
  13. Look for vf-154 photos. There are some very beaten up stuff in the mid to late 90s. If you have the book F14 tomcat by tony holmes there are some superbly beaten up vf-111 jets. Great on of a VF-33 jet looking abused also. Any particular squadron you want? I probably have something.
  14. So close but I think it's a bit of a swing and a miss only being able to have it as a launch diorama. Needs the normal wings also.
  15. They put out a CVW-8 desert storm sheet not to long ago. Superb as always.
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