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  1. This fightertown sheet has your high vis vf-102 jet on it. Superb sheet. I have it. http://www.fightertowndecals.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=59
  2. Yep. I was answering his question about live ordnance beinf dumped. I was under the impression that dumping fuel was almost standard for every sortie flown off the boat.
  3. No. They bring it back aboard the ship. It would get expensive dumping that stuff on unsuspecting fish all the time!
  4. Gravity feed for me. I mix my paint and thinner in a glass shot glass which is easy to clean.
  5. I asked this on FB. Hey Joe Parsons who was in vf32 at this time along with Brian M back up Darren's info saying the info direct from the squadron is Insignia Blue.
  6. Damn! I thought they were that colour originally. The Furball sheet has it as gloss sea blue so I went and bought a jar of paint. I would trust your knowledge about all things tomcat though. So Insignia Blue it is?
  7. They are definitely Dark Sea Blue. I have a jar of model master acrylic for this jet, FS15042. I wish we could get decals for the jet with the desert storm patch.
  8. Hello, By far the easiest way is to use the D kit and back date it. I bought a Tamiya A cockpit and seats from a person who put a resin set in their A model. Bought an aftermarket tcs pod and some ECM bumps for the wing gloves. That is all you need. If you got from the A you need gun vent, ecm, wheels, tails and so on. BIG MISSION. I did this exact thing a month ago to build a 1994 VF103 slugger and I will be doing more A+/B models like that too. What jet are you planning on doing?
  9. Hi everyone, Just wondering what the best acrylic paint match is for insignia red FS1136 to match the Sundowners decals I have from Furball. I have a jar of gunze H23 Shine red. But I can also get hold of model master insgnia red and Gunze H327. What would you guys recommend? cheers!
  10. Hello, I am looking for a couple of 1/48 scale weapons. 2 x MK-20 rockeyes. 2 x MK- 82 or 83s Dont mind paying. Cheers Tom
  11. Brian, Thank you very much for taking the time to reply and post a picture. Looking forward to building the 211 jet from that sheet. I built the Aardvark from the same sheet and as always the decals worked perfectly. Cheers!
  12. Timeframe is 1996/1997. FTD sheet has the BU as 161271 as NG100 1996. Mike Crutch's Book has 161271 NG100, July 1993 to October 1995. Changing to NG112 December 1996 (14 month gap). Same book has 162588 join VF-211 19th June 1996, NG100 August 96 to September 1997. I have photos of 162588 with NACA vents wearing the same paint job as 161271 on the FTD sheet that has grill vents. So wondering if the CAG jet was swapped somewhere or if the profile should have NACA vents.
  13. Hi everyone, I am wanting to build the VF-211 jet from FTD 48-080 Fightertown usa part 2. Just wondering if this sheet is designed to fit the tamiya kit? If not would the Checkerboard rudder decals be able to be trimmed to fit? Also the placement guide shows it as having the grill sytle gun vents. However the detail and scale book has a photo of what appears to be the same jet wit NACA vents. Although i cant make out the BuNo. Anyone know for sure? Thanks as always. Tom
  14. Two guys I was hoping would chime in. I have heard about that D in Vf-111 markings, also heard there was a screaming eagle also. Good photo of a D with 154 and 32 on opposite sides. WHIFs aren't really my thing though. Grey ghost, we have very similar tastes. I have a 24 jet in the cabinet, 74 A+ from desert storm is my favourite jet of all time and is in the cabinet. 211 will be an A from a fightertown sheet. 142 however, that is one I don't have and always wanted. You might be onto something there. I think Furball has one on a sheet. Wouldn't mind a mid to late 90s 143 jet a
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