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  1. You painted it all? UNBELIEVABLE. That is a superb Flanker. Lovely work.
  2. It all depends. I heard some crews at airshows got sick of being asked "why is one engine bigger than the other?" so on shut down if you pulled a couple of circuit breakers and the nozzles would end up the same. With F-14 B/Ds the "norm" is both open on shut down, however there is photographic evidence again which says it depends! Both open, closed, on open etc. You can do what you want and not be wrong pretty much.
  3. Those Grim Reapers are awesome especially the one closest to the camera. Unfortunately they are B models though.
  4. Wonderful to see a freelancers bird!
  5. Wonderful to see a freelancers bird!
  6. Great photos! It also opens up interesting options for modelling the phoenix pallets. Either fairings with no rails or rails with no fairings, Cool!
  7. Wow never seen the coloured VF-84 stripes like that on the fuel tanks!
  8. How on earth did you paint the silver ring just before the burner petals? Another great build. I always like how you build cool and rather unmodeled paint schemes. I think you are the man to do the Vark of Arabia. I have never seen anyone do that!
  9. idea for a 72nd scale sheet

    Please Brian, Late VF-21/154 is a must. The grey tail, yellow chevron CAG jet with CAG rainbow chevrons is awesome. I have a photo of it carrying bomb racks even. Anedthe late Decom CAG bird is amazing. Low vis jets were carrying Japanese writing on the TCS pod too, which I think is really cool. Also with 154, the tail art with the two stripes that run behind a shield with a sword in it is really cool. You guys did my dream VF-74 sheets, hoping these guys will get the same. Cheers
  10. There is a Hasegawa 1/48th kit that came with the old school high vis markings. If I was still in NZ I would gladly send them to you. I think the box top photo may have been the fallon gate guard painted in the old black lions colours.
  11. I would also like to know when the tanks changes from the sort of half domed end like in the hasegawa kit, the the flattened end. Sometimes the flattened end seemed upainted also.
  12. No idea how you got so good in 16 models but geeee this is amazing! Can not imagine the quality you will deliver in another 16!
  13. I did a search on the tomcat sunset site. Ship 45 was the aircraft that killed a tech when hydraulic power was applied and the bleed door slammed shut. A couple of quotes from posts about it. " BTW, ship 45 in the first photo, (September 1973) is the airplane that was involved in a R/H Bleed door accident in which we tragically lost a Grummanite " " Worst one I ever saw was in August of 73, Plt 6, about 11:30 in the morning. The poor soul had his head inside the R/H engine bleed door,top deck. When the hydraulic rig was turned on it slammed shut. It was horrific. Enough said "