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  1. HI everyone, Looking for some VF-114 tomcat decals in 1/48th scale. Preferably "The vark of Arabia" from the fightertown sheet. But I am keen on any VF-114 jet really. I need one on my shelf. Willing to pay good money. cheers tom
  2. Hi everyone, Looking for fightertown decals sheet 48075 fightertown USA Part 1. Ideally looking for the VF--2 jet. Also interested in the VF-51/111 jets. Can buy just one or the whole sheet. Thanks for your time. Tom
  3. Hi, Just wondering what Tamiya weathering kit people would recommend for modern navy aircraft. Something to help out that really weathered, leaking look around the daily doors on f-14s. Cheers tom
  4. Hi guys, Approaching the painting stage ans studying the Fightertown profiles carefully it looks as though VF-213 AJ 200 from the last cruise may only have two colours, Light ghost and Dark ghost grey. Is this correct? Or is it standard TPS. Photos from the internet and detail and scale books don't give many clues. SO what do you say, TPS or two colours? Cheers Tom
  5. Hi everyone, Mostly 1/48th decals. One sheet at 1/72. Almost all sheets have had only ONE jet built from them. All F-14 decals with two sheets of F-16 decals. Decals are FREE, you just pay shipping from New Zealand. Selling as a lot. cheers! Tom 2 x VF decals VF-211 last cruise. One sheet, one jet built, other sheet 99% complete 2 x Fightertown decals VF-143 last cruise. CAG jet built off one sheet, second sheet missing GE petal decals Fightertown decals Holy Sheet it vipers Part 1 (VF-126 jet missing) 1/72nd VF decals VF-84 desert storm Flag Tail jet, VF-103 Santa cat jet. Eagle strike F-14D VF-213 NH 100 Aeromaster F-14D VF-101 retro jet Aeromaster F-14a VF-142 AE 211/212 old school USS America scheme Aeromaster (maybe?) F-14a VF-142 AE 212 yellow scheme, VF-1 NK 115, VF-14 AB 107 complete sheet Tamiya F-16C agressor decals
  6. Not overly fussed on it being an NH bird. Would rather have accurate decals from FTD. Just kinda like the NH thing, sort of like for some reason the AA code has been my favourite, and for some reason I never like NJ on gunfighters jets. I must be weird haha.
  7. HI everyone, Merry christmas. I managed to get myself a Tamiya F-14D. Really looking forward to it after years of Hasegawa tomcats. Looking at Making the VF-213 jet off Fightertowns Delta showboats sheets. Modex 200 last cruise. I was wondering if anyone knows of a model master/ Tamiya/ Gunze acrylic paint match for the blue? I would rather paint the fin caps and the skunk stripe than use a decal. Also is there any sheets with VF-213 Deltas with NH tail codes? If anyone has the fightertown black lions last cruise sheet I would like to hear from you! Thanks everyone, Happy holidays.
  8. I really hope Tamiya brings out a B. Its my favourite Tomcat. Really want a 142 B, 103 sluggers (multiple) and more 74 B jets! Pus a load of other A models and a couple Ds also. Need more room! The AMUR reaver stuff is excellent. I used maybe 50% of the set. I didn't want to chop up a lot of the kit. I found it hard to use as I am pretty much a rookie with P.E. The set however is beautiful and the bits I did use looks exceptional. Highly recommended.
  9. It is looking unbelievably good! A pleasure to see. I also am a big fan of the VF-41 picture in your man cave.
  10. Hi everyone, This is my VF-74 F-14A+. BU162919 is my favorite Tomcat. I have built many Hasegawa Tomcats over the years from when I was a child (first one turned out a mess but it was fun!) to this one. I bought this when I passed my commercial pilots license checkride. It took me six years, five different cities, two countries and 2600 flying hours to finally get around to finishing it. It was supposed to be the one I went nuts on with aftermarket. My ultimate model. I like the way it turned out but I cant wait to build a Tamiya jet. I find that after a Hasegawa Tomcat a Tamiya f-16 or Hase A-4 is a must for stress relief ha! One of the bits I am most proud of was being able to make the AMU Reaver P.E NACA vents work. I suck at P.E. and I think it turned out great. The vents are actually vents not plastic impressions. I also changed the exhaust grills by the vertical tails and the heat exchanger vents by the turtle back. That was exceptionally difficult for me. I don't know how some of you guys do it so well! Stuff used : Aires pit, AMU Reaver P.E. , Fightertown decals, G Factor landing gear (waste of time, just copied the same mistakes as the plastic gear but in metal), DR Pepper GE afterburner cans (couldn't get the Shull ones but they are still nice), MAW resin AIM-9 rails, steel beach slime lights and maybe more stuff but it has been forever and I forgot. Bonus VF-154 jet was an old Hase tomcat, stripped and painted quickly for fun. The Two TA-4J skyhawks are Fujimi. Got them for free and made up some pretend bandit camo. The green/grey one was inspired by the F-5 Viggen sceme. The Cyrillic writing on the base translates to "turn left now quickly!". In other words BREAK LEFT! Black knight and bandits
  11. Hi everyone, am wondering if anyone has a Tamiya F-16N or an AFV F-5E they would like to part with. I am back in to wanting to do another Adversary or two. Also looking for any of the Fightertown Holy Sheet its vipers part 1 and 2 or any of their F-5 sheets. Neither have to be complete as I only build one jet off the sheet normally. Thank you for the help. Cheers Tom
  12. Maybe I am blind, Where is the Arnold boar head artwork for the VF-11 jet?
  13. These are fantastic. I especially like the sluggers phantom.
  14. Hello, The Tango6 aviation blog has recently published a very long and in depth article about the MiG 29 in Serbaian/ Yugoslav service. You will need to translate it though. One of my good friends who is an ex serbian airforce pilot said the article is very accurate and informative.
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