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  1. Thank you for the superb info as always. Do you think they would ever take that SU-CAP loadout with the harpoon, rockeyes and Gbu12 and instead of the wing mounted external tank, slap an aim-9 on instead? I think that's what I would like to load my a-6 with. Thank you again. Because of your knowledge over the years a lot of my navy models have accurate weapons loads. Tom
  2. Hi colin, Thanks for the info! I actually meant to type va-196. Its either that or a va-165 jet I found this photo of an intruder carrying a Gbu-12, 3 x mk20, centerline tank, harpoon, wing tank. Any idea what this load was used for? Looks pretty cool. Cheers!
  3. Hi Yufei, I am wondering if you would know what colours the camoflague scheme is on blue 03 from the guardians of the north sheet. I cant find the instructions anywhere and you are the flanker expert. Any help is much appreciated. Thank you kindly Tom
  4. Mate that looks amazing! I often mix a desert yellow with a grey to get the colour. These tomcats are really coming to life and your paint work is top notch. Loving following along.
  5. Hello, I am in the middle of building the hobby boss a-6e tram intruder. Probably going to model a VA-195 aircraft from around 1996. Any ideas on a cool weapons load? I have MK82s, cluster bombs, gbu-12s, harms and even an an/alq 167 bullwinkle pod lying around. Wondering if it would be accurate to have an an/alq167, one harm and two MERs with cluster bombs. Or in 1996 would it more likely have been gbu-12s. All ideas welcome. Cheers Tom
  6. Hello! Thank you for the very detailed answer. It is most helpful. It may not be 100% accurate for me but I think I will get that Linden hill sheet and do blue 03. It has really cool nose art and good weathering. Exactly what I am after. Thank you for the help. Tom
  7. Hi everyone, I know little about flankers but always loved the early single seaters. I am wanting to build an old school green radome jet or one of the polar guardian jets that are very weathered. I have a GWH su27B in the mail. Are the decals in the box any good? It comes with a green noser that i am keen on. Does anyone have any suggestions for aftermarket decals? Thanks everyone.
  8. Ah mate, beautiful all of them. I love the bedevillers and the red ripper especially
  9. You stripped it again? Mate you were on a winner! Instead of trying to simulate something, why not just do it the same way it really happens, paint and dirt layers that build up. I black base the base camo colours then fade them slightly, then decals then it's just layers and layers and layers. If a part is too subtle or too stark, just paint a bit over it. I use the three base greys but then smoke, brown, and about 3 other random greys. Then oils and all that stuff. That's the beauty of navy birds, it cant be wrong! Your painting skills are superb. Flow with it.
  10. Pretty sure the Vf213 retro jet was overall fs36440 gloss gull gray. VF-32,VF-11 and VF-101 did have retro jets in white bottom with gull grey over the top near the end of their tomcat time. Vf-31 had a tomcat sunset marked jet in grey over white also
  11. The A/B/D all carried laser/cluster/slick/retarded bombs. I am 99% sure only the B/D carried the JDAM though.
  12. Those walkways are 36440 gull gray. It appears quite sandy when put next to the ghost greys. They are not the norm but also not uncommon on f14s. What is unusual for VF-111 jets which is were some of the movie jets came from, is the walkways are a lot wider than most squadrons and seperated into either 3 or 4 large squares.
  13. Thanks for the info mate. I wish someone would cover this and the later CAG jet. They look really cool.
  14. Just wondering if anyone has done the vfa-27 f/a-18e super hornet CAG decals? Looking for the 2015 CAG, black spine with the oversized fist and mace on the tail. Good looking airplane.
  15. Just the person I was hoping to hear from. Thank you for the info and thanks Habu and A10 as well.
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