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  1. Looks like you have it covered. If you are on Facebook, send gunfighter models a message. He is the guy with first hand knowledge of the VF103 jets. The Late A kit does not come with clean wings so either swap them with the D kit or build it wings spread.
  2. Yes those are the drains to fill in. Can you tell us what exactly tomcat you are building please. We can help with the exact configuration you will need. Cockpit screens, GPS antenna or not etc.
  3. Hi guys, Looking for the VF103 part of the aeromaster colorful crusaders part V sheet. Happy to pay. I just really want a mig master in the cabinet! Cheers Tom
  4. Tamiya f14 carrier launch set has it. Not all of the paint schemes us it so If someone hasn't used it they should give you it.
  5. I had the entire f21 sprue missing from my f21 kit. Raymond sent me one quick as can be. Good service.
  6. Fightertown decals has a sheet with the last red rippers jet on it and its available for sale now.
  7. From what I have built, Tamiya F14. Perfect. Tamiya f16, almost perfect Meng f18e, very good Meng F4G, very very good GWH su27 flanker B. Superb. All required little to zero filler. Build quickly. Look good. Ideal for having FUN
  8. Would you possibly ship to New Zealand? Inhave always wanted to do an A6 with mines and you are the only person that does them. Cheerw Tom
  9. I notice you have an f14A pilot instrument coming. That single piece makes converting the tamiya D to a B so much easier!
  10. Thank you fornthe exceptionally detailed answer. It is fascinating reading. I would like to load more than just a TALD so I might save those for something else. What else was typically loaded when the intruder carried the AGM-65? Thank you all for your expertise. Tom
  11. Hi Collin, Cheers for the info on the TALD. I will trawl through some of the other A6 threads. When I created this thread a few years ago, you and GW gave me some great ideas and I ended up building the boomers CAG with a SUCAP load out. Hopefully I can find something else as interesting. Maybe a tacts pod or maverick or even some para flares could be cool.
  12. Hi everyone, I am planning to build another intruder again soon. Probably a jet from the 90s. I am wondering if the A6 was a TALD carrier? If it was what else would likely be loaded with it? Again I am looking for something interesting. I have TACTs pods, CBU, LGBs, mavericks, snakeyes, MK83 with conical fins, rocket pods etc in the stash. Please suggest something cool! Cheers Tom
  13. He says he never lost 1 v 1 to an f15. However bvr he said they are exceptional. Cheating is trying. The f15s at times would stack the odds so far in their favor he describes the exercise as the "f15 benefit concert". The ten percent true podcast is by far the best military aviation podcast in my opinion. Steve ask very insightful questions and has access to incredible guests. Paco Geisler for instance.
  14. Its always the man in the box. Every pilot should defend his community and airframe to the death. Listen to the latest Tug Wilson episodes. RAF guy on USMC f18 exchange. He has many great stories about the F15s and it doesn't exactly paint them as the Supreme machine.
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