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  1. I stand corrected. What an awesome detail and memory that is. Looking forward to seeing more of this gunfighter!
  2. Thank you for the reply about the green. I will look into those colors. I have the AK mig29 green but looks like I might have to add a bit of Russian green 2 to make it green enough. Will be fun!
  3. This is just superb! I really love the spots where the old yugoslavian marking have been painted over. I am just starting Pavlovic's jet. I am wondering what gunze color you used for the green? It is a difficult color to find. Are there any tips for the building of the kit or is it straight forward? Your MiG 29 is excellent.
  4. Welcome back! Great to see a tomcat. You will want to change the gun vent if you can. You have installed the 8 grill vent, you need the more modern 2 grill vent that came before the naca vent.
  5. Anything from tan, khaki, brown, purple brown. You can't really be wrong.
  6. Beautiful, thanks mate! I am building a va93 jet from 1986 with the the shrike and CBU load out you suggested. A pin and flag, outboard in each shrike pylon and a flag on the back of each TER. Easy! Tom
  7. Thanks you for the superb answers. They are always a fascinating read. 15 seconds to arm any aircraft is impressive! I will depict my A7 with the CBU fuse protectors removed but with the rack pins still in. Would you happen to have a photo of the pins in a TER? Does this mean that for the shrike I should have the missile RBF attached but also have a pin in the pylon/rail still like in the harm photo you posted which has two flags? Thank you again for sharing your indepth knowledge. I feel it really helps my models get that much better.
  8. Hi everyone, Coming to the end of my A7 build. Having trouble finding photos of some weapons with RBF flags. Can anyone help me with photos of a shrike, harm and cbu with RBF flags? On the AIM9 I see sometimes the flag is on the seeker cover and other times it is on the arming key. What was the usual? Thanks everyone!
  9. The grey over white profile shows the wrong nose pod. The one shown is called TCS not TISEO. The grey over white jet may of had an early IR seeker there but mostly they have the every small alq blister. TCS pods came later. They had them for AIM/ACEVAL which was 1977. When the television camera was removed a bullet shaped fairing was attached in its black. The D has a dual cin pof with side by sirlde TCS and and IR tracker called IRST. As above, yes there was a grey over white D as a special paint job. Lots of photos here showing the white ove
  10. No, I have still not found the bedevillers sheet. The search continues.
  11. Bump. Anyone? Will pay very good money for them! Can also trade some out of print afterburner/furball stuff. Cheers Tom
  12. Thanks for the reply. Man no one gives up that sheet. Well done whoever got them!
  13. You don't happen to have the fightertown bedevillers sheet do you? I have been looking for years. Would pay good money for that.
  14. Hi everyone Looking for fightertown decal 48052 bedevillers decals. Either the full color desert storm or the 1993 color jet. I am NOT wanting the camo jets. If anyone can help inwould appreciate it. Been looking for 10 years. Cheers Tom
  15. I am building a VA93 A7e from 1986. Its low vis. Wanting to know would the TERs and the Shrike rails be white or gray? Could the TERs be a mix so one grey one white? I have seen some squadrons painted the nose of their TERs the squadron color. Was thinking one grey TER, one white with a blue now. What say you? Cheers!
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