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  1. tomthegrom

    1/48 Tamiya F-14D

    Maybe I am blind, Where is the Arnold boar head artwork for the VF-11 jet?
  2. tomthegrom

    1/72 Monogram Phantoms!!

    These are fantastic. I especially like the sluggers phantom.
  3. tomthegrom

    MiG-29 Yugoslav Serbia research thread

    Hello, The Tango6 aviation blog has recently published a very long and in depth article about the MiG 29 in Serbaian/ Yugoslav service. You will need to translate it though. One of my good friends who is an ex serbian airforce pilot said the article is very accurate and informative.
  4. tomthegrom

    F-14 - Why is it so popular?

    I think the markings must have played a huge part. Why have a tail code with a tiny tail flash when you can have a flaming devils head, in a snipers sight over a lightning bolt? Or a flying skeleton holding a sythe? Or a huge sunburst emblazoned on the tail with a shark mouth on the nose? Or a hooded skull with blood dripping off a knife while painting an awesome looking black skunk stripe/hood/anti glare panel around the cockpit? As a kid I saw top gun, then I built model planes, then I found out about its capabilities. Its just a cool airplane and definitely my favorite.
  5. tomthegrom

    F-14 Bombcats

    I have seen a pretty awesome photo of a late era ghostriders jet toting bombs. VF-74 also.
  6. tomthegrom

    1/48 Tamiya F-14A Tomcat

    This is going to be great. One of the best side effects of the Taimya tomcat is I have seen a lot of people build the VF-41 jet with the original big spade markings. I used to hardly ever see them on models or in photos. One of the best looking F-14s in my opinion and I am like you, I normally prefer late A's and B's.
  7. tomthegrom

    Su-27 Russian knights 1/48 Academy

    You painted it all? UNBELIEVABLE. That is a superb Flanker. Lovely work.
  8. tomthegrom

    Real life F-14 engine shutdown

    It all depends. I heard some crews at airshows got sick of being asked "why is one engine bigger than the other?" so on shut down if you pulled a couple of circuit breakers and the nozzles would end up the same. With F-14 B/Ds the "norm" is both open on shut down, however there is photographic evidence again which says it depends! Both open, closed, on open etc. You can do what you want and not be wrong pretty much.
  9. tomthegrom

    AMK 1/48 F-14!!!

    Those Grim Reapers are awesome especially the one closest to the camera. Unfortunately they are B models though.
  10. tomthegrom

    Tamiya Tomcat VF-21 CAG

    Wonderful to see a freelancers bird!
  11. tomthegrom

    Tamiya Tomcat VF-21 CAG

    Wonderful to see a freelancers bird!
  12. tomthegrom

    F-14A VF-32 1976/1977

    Great photos! It also opens up interesting options for modelling the phoenix pallets. Either fairings with no rails or rails with no fairings, Cool!
  13. tomthegrom

    F-14 External Fuel Tanks

    Wow never seen the coloured VF-84 stripes like that on the fuel tanks!
  14. tomthegrom

    1/48 Tamiya F-14B Tomcat

    How on earth did you paint the silver ring just before the burner petals? Another great build. I always like how you build cool and rather unmodeled paint schemes. I think you are the man to do the Vark of Arabia. I have never seen anyone do that!
  15. tomthegrom

    Tamiya 1/48 F-14A Tomcat VX-4 AIMVAL/ACEVAL

    Decals are on there. Those jets just didn't have many markings. Whos jet did you do?