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  1. https://www.zoukeimura.co.jp/en/products/sws48_15_f4e-late.html Looks like ZM has started accepting pre-orders for the late F-4E. They have photos of the built kit as well. They will release it with MO ANG commemorative markings in the Hill Grey scheme. Even though that particular airframe lacks these items, ZM says the kit will include TISEO and AN/ARN-101 antennas. If that's the case, I'd love to try that Seymour Johnson-based F-4E in CO markings with the Euro 1 scheme. Very cool scheme, but the Afterburner decal scheme is long gone and those tend to go f
  2. FYI, Euro Decals has a sheet for the 57 FIS ADC F-4E's based in Iceland. Euro Decals 57th FIS F-4's I have these in 1/72 and they look really nice.
  3. JackMan, Right! Sorry, I always tend to call them Vic Color instinctively. Vic Hobby on 1999.co.jp Sorry, I had trouble switching to the English version of the site, but there should be a toggle on your end on the site somewhere. I've usually sprayed them on without a primer and they go on really well without one. Again, they tend to dry slower, than Tamiya or Vallejo, but once it dries the finish is rock-solid. I noticed they just added a second Regia Aeronautica color set to their future releases. Good to see them giving Italian W
  4. Really looking forward to seeing your Sabres Dai! The Hasegawa kit is still a goodie after all these years. I've been converting one in my inventory into an Aussie CAC Sabre with the High Planes Kit. Oof, that conversion set is pretty accurate, but the plastic quality was... Something else. Even though they give you full fuselage halves, I cut off the rear section of the High Planes fuselage behind the airbrakes and just adapted the Hasegawa rear section to the rest of the High Planes fuselage halves. Its still sort of on hold in my stash but I should bust it out again someday to finish it up.
  5. I've seen these paints in hobby shops here in Japan. They looked interesting at first glance, but the price they charge for them here is a bit steep for me. Now upon reading some of the comments about how they spray on via airbrush makes me want to not touch them. Tamiya, Vallejo and Mr. Color are the acrylics I usually work with, but recently I've discovered this new brand made here in Japan called Vic Color. I don't think they are that widely available outside Japan at all, which is a shame because they are some of the best acrylic paints I've ever used. They spray straight from
  6. While shopping around the usual model shops in Akihabara I stopped by Volks to grab some parts for a 1/700 ship project I was working on. They gave me a flyer that was mostly about anime and sci-fi modelling, but I did notice some news on Zoukei Mura's aircraft models. Most of it was on the reissue of the Shinden, just in time for the new Godzilla -1.0 movie. I did notice something buried at the bottom: They're going to release the slatted-wing F-4E in Spring 2024. Reservations start on February 23. Good to see they're still going forward with the Phantoms! It's been a while since
  7. Thadeus, Everything you see in the photos are from the kit. No aftermarket used on this at all, save for the DXM decals I will use for the paint job.
  8. I just got the exhausts done today. After painting and weathering them the assembly was really easy and straightforward. You first glue the set of three actuator rods onto each individual petal and then slide them into the ring-like base of the exhaust. The burner cans have excellent detail and assembly is a cinch. No more fiddling with individual rods as with the Hasegawa kit. I added some of Fine Mold's Nano Aviation ACES seatbelts to the seat which adds a lot to the already-excellent kit seats.
  9. This past Wednesday I just got Fine Molds' brand new F-15J delivered to my door. Immediately I started fiddling with it and started construction. So far I can definitely say this is not only the best F-15 in 1/72, but the best F-15 in ANY scale period. This is Fine Molds at their peak and their best kit yet. I really wanted a nice kit but I was let down by the GWH kit and the smooshed wide canopy and fat trailing edges. A problem scaled down from their 1/48 kit. The Platz kit was a step up, but the Matchbox-esque panel lines spoiled the whole package IMO. T
  10. I just hope Mini Art tackles the P-47N sometime down the line. I've always wanted to try a Pacific Jug. In the meantime I have the Tamiya P-47D in my stash that I'm going to build in Brazilian Jambock Squadron markings.
  11. I just finished up Kitty Hawk's FJ-3 as a FJ-3M with Kursad's FJ-3 Fury Part 2 decal set. I decided to go with a VF-84 Fury. Overall the decals were a real pleasure to use. They were sturdy yet settled down nice and firm to the model. I had absolutely no issue with them at all. I noticed that the bands were longer than the actual parts but I just trimmed them to fit the parts after positioning them. I understand Kursad's reasoning to making them a bit longer, it's better to have too much than too little. As for the kit itself it was typical Kitty Hawk: Some nice detail, but lots of
  12. I got a good look at the FM F-15's on display at the show today. They look awesome. Cockpit detail especially looks fantastic, including the avionics bay behind the pilot's seat. The fuselage components breakdown is very well-thought out, especially for ease of painting. They even had the USAF F-15C out. Even though the display model didn't have them, they had a sprue showing the USAF MSIP antenna mods molded into the parts for the font fuselage section. I can't wait to get my JASDF MSIP kit next month. I got the Nano Aviation formation lights set which will dress up the airframe nicely. The o
  13. Dai, Thank you for the brutally honest opinions on the build of this kit. It's better to let others know what pitfalls to expect than sugarcoat it and have others fall into the same problem. It's kind of disappointing to see the engineering goofs in regards to the assembly of this kit. The kit itself does look like a step up in terms of accuracy compared to the TrumpyBoss early MiG 15/17/19 trio. There's nothing worse than under/overscale aftermarket parts though. That is an issue I have seen many times unfortunately. Nowadays I try to get a second opinion o
  14. Jon, excellent way to describe the KH Fury kits. That has been my experience so far with both. I had a bit of a rough time trying to fit the two halves of the FJ-3 fuselage together. I didn't have the same issue with the FJ-2, but I remembered I used Hypersonic's exhaust and intake parts which cut out the unnecessary middle section. KH was notorious for inconsistencies in kit design like that. Another example, in their F-94C kit I noticed they molded the opening of the rocket tubes in the nose, but they don't give you the option to open the doors to display that detail
  15. Awesome news! Sort of on the fence on Sword's quality and accuracy in past kits so I'll wait and see how it looks before I put down cash for it. Still, a recon Crusader is long overdue in plastic.
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