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  1. Too cool. I've had an Academy 1/48 kit that I won in a show raffle and can't seem to even give away, so looking forward to using these in a build.
  2. Yep, gorgeous. Not a big Tomcat fan, but I have to get one of these.
  3. AMK are saying on FB that their F-104 is "1-2 years away." But it apparently hasn't even been started yet, just gathering info now. Translating that into real time, probably four to five years away. So Kinetic (and Hasegawa) are in no danger of losing any sales any time soon.
  4. I can say the same thing for Polly Scale/Aeromaster acrylics. Mask after minutes and never any tape lifting. Very hard finish; If you make a mistake you have to sand it off. And no airbrushing issues through my Iwata. Excellent brushability too. It's why I bought a lifetime supply on closeout. In contrast, last week I used Tamiya for an IJN green on a Hasegawa George - ugh. Lots of airbrush problems (clogging, spitting) and very grainy finish (couldn't get a tight spray). Tried to brush paint some small parts to match, and it was awful. Probably going to get rid of all the Tamiya and switch to Mission Models for colors I don't have in the Polly Scale range.
  5. I'll probably get in trouble, but here is his post: "So the AMK F-104 seems to have been announced somewhat prematurely. Nevertheless it's coming and with some amazing experts on board working with us this should be one to wait for. No need to guess about release dates yet but this will have the usual AMK attention to detail and 'easy to build' ethos we hope to give you. So far we have recruited volunteers from the modelling community and from various museums and authors of the Starfighter legend. We are grateful to them for their help of course. F-14D coming to shops near you imminently and other projects asap. This is an early warning to let you know this is real and coming, not a rumour. If you want to be part of this and lend us your thoughts post below and be part of a community that gets what they want. Post your ideas for new innovations and help make the kit YOU want. Weapons, decals, details and variants. You help us decide 🙂 We may be a little slow to deliver right now as we are still small but we are accelerating FAST!" 123 replies so far. Interesting stuff.
  6. Not a hoax - Martin made a long post on the Official AMK Fan Facebook group today confirming it and asking for expert help.
  7. German trainer at Luke, as already mentioned. The Luftwaffe still had F-104s at that time.
  8. It's a G, so limited to German-owned trainers in US markings. And NASA had some G's; Caracal is doing a sheet of NASA F-104s. Or you could cut the rudder down, and mod a bunch of other things to get to a C.
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