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  1. Sweet! Just ordered the new F-82E kit yesterday from Rebel Alpha.
  2. Tamiya's 1/48 Vought N-FG-1D Corsair in the short-lived (1946) Naval Reserve scheme. Polly Scale Sea Blue paint with excellent Cartograf-printed Fundekals Decals for an eyecatching reserve Corsair based at NAS Livermore, California in 1946. National insignia are from an Aeromaster Corsair sheet. Tamiya kits are fun and quick (one week) builds with no issues and this is in a beautiful scheme thanks to Fundekals.
  3. 1/48 Northrop Scorpions, F-89C, D and J, are needed, as what's currently available is hard to find, inaccurate (Super Scale, of course) and expensive. AND, you can downsize them for the Revell and Hobbycraft 1/72 kits.
  4. Can you post a photo of the parts and the instruction sheet. No idea from your description.
  5. Trumpeter makes a nice 1/48 model of the Nanchang CJ-6 prop trainer, yet there seems to be no aftermarket decals for any of the non-PLA operators. It's any interesting list of users for fans of non-aligned and small air forces:
  6. 3-5 days is the incubation period.
  7. Thanks Kursad. Your decals are the best, easy to apply and very opaque on the dark blue.
  8. EBay or look at some model train stores online. I had stocked up on Polly Scale when my LHS was clearing them at $1 each. Also bought a bunch of 6-pack Aeromaster Warbird colors from some guy on ebay, then went back and bought some more. So, I have a lifetime supply, except for black and white, which I've been scouring eBay for.
  9. Airfix's new 1/48 slatted F-86F-40 kit turned into the XFJ-2B by removing the wingtip extensions and using the markings from CD 48172 FJ-2 Fury, Part 2. I didn't remove the 6-3 extension as that's beyond my skill level or patience. I did add a spare Hasegawa F-86F cockpit tub/instrument panel/stick and a KMC resin ejection seat. The cannon port panels are the spares from the Kitty Hawk FJ-3 kit. Finished in Polly Scale RR CSX New Image Blue, which is my new favorite glossy sea blue. This Airfix kit is not up to the level of detail and ease of build as their Mustang. It required a lot of s
  10. Thanks, that saved me some money. When a new uber-kit comes out, I try to get the older kits at a steep discount. In this case, this is a big "NOPE"! Oh, and it's a fantastic build article. I appreciate your candid descriptions of your kit struggles. I'm usually much too frustrated to write mine down, and if they get to a certain level, I just bin the kit (sometimes with a cathartic stomping into the basement floor) and move on to another.
  11. I'll take some more photos of the FJ-2 today; I thought I have some photos the cockpit in progress somewhere. As for the retracted slats: while looking at photos in the Ginter book for the correct folded wing angle, I noticed that the slats on these aircraft were not fully deployed, but not fully closed either, just slightly open. So I didn't do anything fancy in shortening the retraction arms, just clipped off most of the arms and rounded off the stubs with a sanding stick. Looks fine as little can be seen. Bob in Louisville
  12. Wow, so cool Corey. Hey, didn't you already do one in reserve orange and white? I sure hope Trumpeter/Hobby Boss reissues both Furies sooner rather than later (or not at all). Kicking myself for not picking up a half dozen of each when they were going for MSRP, and not $150+ now on ebay. Bob at Sierra Scale in Louisville
  13. Thanks Kursad for the kind offer; good to know for the next time. As for the XFJ-2s and XF-2B, it's not been through lack of trying. I spent yesterday afternoon trying remove a 6-3 section and add slats to the Hasegawa Sabre wing. I'm no stranger to sawing up plastic, but this was my third attempt at this. The problem is that the Hasegawa plastic is very brittle and any attempt at scribing and snapping work on the wing has led to cracks "goin' every which way" as they say here in Kentucky. The ESCI FJ-2/3 is basically an F-86E with a 6-3 scribed slatted wing. Its dark blue plastic is
  14. Kitty Hawk 1/48 FJ-2 Fury with CD 48171: FJ-2 Fury - Part 1. Just a few touch ups needed. And I had to order another FJ-2 sheet (thanks Kursad for the quick shipping!) for the starboard blue tail band - the first was melted when I knocked a full bottle of Micro Sol (taped to two other bottles) over it. Used the excellent Hypersonic FJ-2 cockpit and will get another for my China Lake FJ-3 build. The NMF finish started off with Vallejo Metal Color Aluminum, but I had an endless series of airbrush problems, so a lot of the airframe had to be sanded out and redon
  15. Thanks for the quick shipping! The FJ-2 sheet is an "emergency" order needed for the starboard blue tailband. I managed to knock over a bottle of Micro Sol (taped to two others!), the spill melting the one I had just cut off the sheet during Sunday decal work. Bob at Sierrascale in Louisville.
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