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  1. Here's a pretty VA-122 T-39D, which I shot at NAS Lemoore, CA in mid-1980s.
  2. Poor editing, poor layout, poor photo reproduction. Other than that great books. I had the United States Naval Aviation 1910-1918 book. The photo reproduction was awful - super high contrast, blurry; hard to actually make out anything but a silhouette in many photos. But the clincher: someone had stamped the back of each photo with a "property of..." rubber stamp and then stacked all the photos before the ink had dried, so the stamp on the back of one transferred to the face of the next, etc. Well, instead of cleaning up the photos, they just went ahead and scanned them, so the faint r
  3. Hmmm, not a single one on eBay, although weirdly, searching for "1/48 t-34c turbomentor" turned up seven listings for push-up bras.
  4. Hard to find, unless I missed an announcement of a new kit.
  5. Have to get a couple sheets just for the WADC and ATC badges.
  6. Agree. The funny thing is - I have a lot of expensive, highly detailed, unstarted uber kits, but always seem to gravitate to the lost souls of the kit world, the Smer end of the gene pool, if you will. And I've built plenty of the much maligned Kitty Hawk and Kinetic kits and didn't have a problem with them. So, have vowed to throw out/sell off the junk and stick to better kits after the winter.
  7. Seems to be every other kit with me. Just binned two mostly finished 1/48 Hasegawa P-51Ds because of a number of issues with misaligned gun ports and also not happy with the sanded fuselages - these Mustangs have a lot of parts to their fuselages in typical Hasegawa style, and it's easy to get them all misaligned. Also yesterday, I chucked a Hobby Boss P-80 that I was trying to correct intakes on - didn't think it would ever be finished. Got an Academy P-38 that has one gear leg in the bin because I'm tired of all the sanding with the misaligned booms and fuselage and especially the ill-fittin
  8. Never seen one. I had an Airwaves resin conversion to make the photo version from the fighter version before Monogram released the photo Panther.
  9. NASA stuff sells. I had both the CE sheet and the IPMS Nats sheet and they sold for big bucks. Do a generic "History of NASA" sheet and keep reprinting it. Like printing money.
  10. Definately frameable. I'm no longer interested in 1/72, but may be tempted back. And DEFINETELY NEED A COUPLE SHEETS just for the WADC badges for a 1/48 F-100A.
  11. On Facebook there are groups specific to aircraft types, including the F-105 and several for the F-111; join them rather than a general USAF or Vietnam group though the latter may be useful. Here's the "F-105 Thunderchief" group I like: https://www.facebook.com/groups/57289657667 There are several for F-111s. Here are some with the largest number of members and posts: "Friends of the F-111" https://www.facebook.com/groups/61277972584 "F-111.net" https://www.facebook.com/F111Aardvark/
  12. This would be much more popular than a Tutor sheet. And no problem finding C-47 kits.
  13. The common problem with a one-man business is that if the owner dies or is medically disabled in some way, there may be no one available to access the admin side of the website to close it down or even put up a message on the home page. The website will remain visible, if unusable until the hosting bill is not renewed and then the hosting service will knock it off their servers. Seems to me if you can't contact the owner by phone or email, then the worst may have to be assumed.
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