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  1. Well, that was quick. Definetely want a couple for the NWEF insignia.
  2. The US Air Force's Global Strike Command chose the name for aircraft in US service, so the question remains. https://www.afgsc.af.mil/News/Article-Display/Article/2044832/air-force-names-newest-helicopter-grey-wolf/
  3. Interesting that they used the British English spelling of "gray."
  4. To answer your questions: 1. Yes 2. Yes 3. Don't know, depends on the formulation of the resin. Try sun bleaching and/or hydrogen peroxide bath. Probably only temporary though, as the yellowing is a chemical reaction. 4. Older eastern European vac canopies are legendary for yellowing. But not the NZ-made Falcon/Squadron canopies, which are still clear after many years as they are made from PET-G plastic.
  5. Glad there were some left - ordered both yesterday.
  6. Minicraft C-130A kit, but no aftermarket is available.
  7. Paypal at the ready! Appreciate your hard work on these old planes...
  8. At the top is the Hasegawa 1/48 Macchi C.202 Folgore (and C.205 Veltro).
  9. Yes, "S" both sides, for Systems Test (corrected above.) NATC also used a stylized "W" for Weapons Test.
  10. I believe the sigmoid S designated NATC Systems Test. Yet another (not complaining) must-have sheet for test and eval fans.
  11. New Roden 1/72 UC-123K due this year, so another Provider sheet to replace the crappy Roden decals?
  12. Please do these sheets in 1/144, as there is literally nothing available. I've had a LS P-3C for many years hoping for new decals. Bob in Louisville
  13. Tutors are impossible to find; maybe at a local US show where nobody wants them, but I've been looking a long time without luck. Cockpit needs to be improved. Uncle Ricks Hobbies in the Pacific Northwest had a nice resin one, but they are long gone. I managed to get a CF-100 in the last couple months for a not-too-outrageous BIN price on eBay, but finding aftermarket decals that are not around $40 each is even worse. May just have to mask/print my own.
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