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  1. You are a Hi-Viz Hero! And yes to a new TA-4 sheet. Hasn't been any colorful sheets since the Superscale ones.
  2. Any EB-57 DSES schemes with the blackbird insignia.
  3. Good choice. Nice to be able to get the hard to find tail insignia.
  4. Great Wall T-33 is currently the best out there - - lots of beautiful detail and it builds easily. Pic of mine above. The Academy is a rebox of the Hobbycraft kit, which has an odd hump on the fuselage aft of the cockpit. Fin and rudder are oddly proportioned. Then there's the Testors, which is a rebox of the fifties-era Hawk kit. Shapewise, I much prefer it to the Hobbycraft, but there's no cockpit or wheel well detail. I used a True Details resin cockpit and force fit the Monogram P-80 wheel well into it but the latter was a lot of carving and sanding.
  5. Link for the Brigade F4H-1? All I see are wargame figures on the Brigade Models website.
  6. I love you Man! Will this be an April release?
  7. Very happy to see the F-86E-based XFJ-2s! White North American style numbers were impossible to find.
  8. I hope I'm proved wrong, but I would never partner with TanModel on any large project. I hope Jeff doesn't get screwed.
  9. I used to do a lot of eBay selling, but their fees have gone way up, around 13% now, so I quit and only use Facebook now - specifically, The Scale Model Graveyard group, which has tens of thousands of members. They have weekend auctions, from Friday 10pm EST to Sunday 10pm EST, so it's not dragged out. Direct sales (non-auctions) on weekdays. Best part - no fees! (well, you still have the Paypal fees, of course ). Just be sure to read their rules carefully. And then read them again. And again. There are lots of rules and it's easy to get muted or banned, but overall it's a easy way to offload kits. Easy to list items (much easier than eBay). Easy to add photos too. You have to fiddle with using FB Messenger after the auctions to msg the winners and give them your Paypal address and the total, but you'll get the hang of it. Lots of old fogeys will tell you to avoid Facebook, but it's the easiest method I've ever used, and I've been selling models since I rotated back from Japan in 1985 with over 1000 kits. In those days, I had to put an ad in the FineScale Modeler classifieds and corresponded with buyers using mail. Took forever. If you decide to use the Graveyard, let me know and I'll help get you started. One of the admins on the Graveyard group travels all over the South and buys bulk lots of kits, and he's also in Texas, so you may want to go that way. You won't make as much money but it would save you a lot of time. Bob at Sierra Scale
  10. If you go to the USPS.com site, you can order Priority Mail shipping boxes for free. I just got another 25-pack of the 15"x12"x3" (O-1095s) last week. Good size for models, but they have all different sizes. Your local PO probably has some to get you started. Just NEVER get/use the Flat Rate boxes - the shipping on the smaller Flat Rate is $14 and goes way up with the larger sizes. Models don't weigh enough to justify using them. Flat Rate is for heavy stuff only; USPS advertises them on TV because of all the suckers who don't know better. Regular Priority Mail is fine for models. Scale. Here's what I use - https://www.amazon.com/ACCUTECK-W-8250-50bs-Digital-Adapter-Silver/dp/B00SMHWZ42/ref=sr_1_13?keywords=digital+scale&qid=1579106189&sr=8-13 Cheap and effective; best $16 I've spent for shipping supplies. With a scale and a tape measure, you go to "Calculate a Price" on usps.com and get an estimate. Shipping has gone way, way up; it's not $6 anymore. I sold a bunch of kits last month on Facebook (Scale Model Graveyard Auction group); shipping was around $7-9 for very small kits and $11-16 for big ones. USPS will pick them up at your house for free. Just go to "Schedule a Pickup" at usps.com with the quantity and total weight. Unless you like hauling them to the local PO and shooting the breeze with the Postmaster. I used to do that when I lived in a small mountain town. Paypal. Make sure your customers only pay by Goods and Services, NEVER Family and Friends. For one thing you can't print a shipping label within Paypal if they pay by F&F. and you will have to copy/paste transfer all the info to the usps.com site. Also with G&S you have some protection in case they claim they didn't receive it. Good luck and happy retirement. Bob at Sierra Scale
  11. The AMK G.91 will be released soon after Kinetic releases theirs.
  12. Good guess on the orange-yellow rescue band at 36". The two red conspicuity bands are: Forward band is 259.50 - 199.50 = 60 inches, or five feet. The rear band is 589.00 - 541.00 = 48 inches, or four feet.
  13. Were any of these silver Thuds ever upscaled to 1/48? I don't Microscale ever did these in 1/48. I would like to see the one with the black/yellow checks and the "RESEARCH DEVELOPMENT" titles over the TAC lightning bolt.
  14. There were three reserve schemes used on FJ-2s: - overall NMF with orange reserve band. - light gray over white with orange band. - white and international orange trainer scheme. The Ginter book also a photo of an H&MS bird with MV tailcode. And, as Corey mentioned, there were GSB NATC test birds with NAVY titles. Different.
  15. Short run kits are a labor of love for the owner of the company. Small company owners make what they want, what they like, what they think will sell. Many of my WWI vacform kits were superseded by Eduard, Special Hobby, etc. You retire those and just press on with other niche subjects. Before I decided to quit the business, I had a lengthy list of 1/48 between the wars aircraft that I wanted to produce. Guarantee that none of them would have been made by injection molding companies. Trust me, there are a LOT of interesting airplanes out there; I did not foresee running out of subjects. Bob at Sierra Scale
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