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  1. I can probably thin the herd by donating something. I plan to build a Super Hornet...but may also build something from the non-jet category. Not sure what yet. SLICK
  2. Cool deal. I'm just trying to justify some Navy builds for the squadron I'm currently with...this group build idea may push me over the edge to pull some stuff out of the stash. SLICK
  3. Does VFA-122 count? Here's their wiki info as far as lineage is concerned. "There have been two distinct Navy squadrons known as the "Flying Eagles". The first was established in 1950 as VC-35, later redesignated VA(AW)-35, and then VA-122 and was disestablished in May 1991. Often, the new squadron will assume the nickname, insignia, and traditions of the earlier squadrons, but officially, the US Navy does not recognize a direct lineage with decommisioned squadrons if a new squadron is formed with the same designation.[1] In January 1999 a new Flying Eagles squadron was establi
  4. Absolutely beautiful! You've inspired me to finally pull mine out of the stash. Been saving it to build one my father flew in Korea.
  5. MODS, this was intended for the Display Case if you're able to move it. Calling this one done. Was a bit of a fighter the entire build. 1/48 Kinetic T45C. Aftermarket seats, probe, antenna, decals...scratch built pmbr racks and bombs...rails stolen from another hawk kit. Modeled after an aircraft I flew during the strike syllabus. Thanks for taking a look!
  6. No big! Can't wait to see the builds!
  7. Great GB! Quick question, would I be able to enter with a T-45C loaded with Mk76's in the naval strike training loadout like so?
  8. Beautiful Panther! Great job capturing that worn finish!
  9. WOW! That is beautiful! The finish and weathering are awesome! I love it!
  10. I really appreciate everyone stopping by to take a look! Thanks all for the kind words!
  11. Wow that is outstanding! What a neat subject, and your paint finish is awesome!
  12. Thanks a lot, Steve! Most of the flight line birds were clean, but I always liked to see the occasional plane in need of a good wash...which is what I tried replicating with this build.
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