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  1. Nope, Japan gets it on December 22 according to Tamiya's website.
  2. Not Telford but a different show in Hong Kong, but regardless, those are new photos and not pictures from months ago. Folks at BM say they didn't see any Tomcat at Telford. Perhaps they missed the viewing period or it was shown privately?
  3. That looks great but that canopy part might come off the sprues or get damaged while still in the box unless it's well protected or the package is sturdy.
  4. Uhh... from the pictures normal users and AMK reps have posted on this board? Yes. Only if AMK is content with what it has right now, there's still a possiblity that they'll fix the problem but it won't be easy. They'll need to cut some new steel for the fuselage's rear end and the stabilizers.
  5. Same feeling, the more I see it, the more it looks like an accuracy problem than just bad photos. It's quite odd nobody appears to have noticed it in the CAD phase. Given the problems AMK was having just to get this thing into production and the state of the competition, the situation doesn't look pretty at all.
  6. Yep, Revell is now the exclusive distributor of Bandai's Star Wars models in Europe and they're starting by selling the 1/72 Millennium Falcon with the PE, LEDs, and all. https://www.revell.de/en/products/new-products/bandai-millennium-falcon-perfect-grade.html IIRC, Revell's contract with Fine Molds to sell the "Master Series" kits ended earlier this year, and doesn't appear to have been renewed, so this may very well be the end of the line for FM's kits unless they get the license again. Expect prices of those to skyrocket in the reseller market soon.
  7. I blame outsourcing; outsource the research, the CAD, the tooling, the moulding, the package design, etc. You're screwed the moment the guys you've outsourced to can't pick up the phone anymore to clean up their mistakes. But that's how this industry works so it can't be helped.
  8. As an "oriental" myself, I'm not sure if "oriental" males even have the right amount of space, time or money for this thing.
  9. I do 1/72 and 1/144, most versatile scales IMO, but I used to be indifferent to both. I started building mostly 1/48 WWII and cold war subjects when kits were still cheaper. 1/72 was pretty crap back then; if I wanted any decent detail out of the box, it had to be larger. I was excited for the revival of 1/48 armour but didn't turn out as I had hoped and I thought about how much better served 1/72 was in terms of genre: tanks, figures, sci-fi, practically everything minus ships can be bought in 1/72 at a lower price. 1/72 also allows for more space when building ever larger modern fighters. It
  10. The guys at Bandai are letting kids try out a prototype system that lets them play as their plastic model in a computer. http://www.itmedia.co.jp/news/articles/1807/21/news017.html Basically, a small photogrammetry rig scans the model's shape and colours. After scanning it, points for the joints are added to the 3D model. When all that's done, you get to control the 3D model of your kit in a simple game. Participation is free but limited to 7 to 15 year olds. While the tech and concept themselves aren't groundbreaking, previous attempts at toys + video games
  11. True but it seems the Russian DefMin said it first. IMO, they weren't able to get any of that Indian money to keep this project running.
  12. I want Tamiya to do a modern/late cold war Russian fighter in 1/72 or 1/48. Sure the market is saturated but I just want to see that Tamiya magic at work.
  13. Seriously though, if some video game pulls off the same thing and doesn't get banned in Germany, I'm going to laugh. In fact, I can already think of a few games that have done so in the past.
  14. Regardless of how the public received the new Star Wars films, I'm sure the shareholders and merchandisers aren't happy with the franchise's current direction. Sales were disappointing for TLJ and definitely worse now. This comes after Hasbro said they were changing strategies for Solo after relatively poor TLJ toy sales, they most likely had bigger expectations of the new film. What surprises me is how one of the folks at Disney lamented Solo's poor box office performance in China, a country that has shown many times how little it cares for Star Wars.
  15. They don't show enough History Channel "documentaries" in Germany it seems, for better or worse. What a pity, only a couple of months after narrowly escaping liquidation, Revell has to pull out its own stuff from the shelves. On the bright side, they can at least still make money off of those elsewhere.
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