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  1. Nice! Very neat and tidy sheet. The location names are even alphabetized to aid modelers in finding their subject of choice on the sheet. It's the little things that say Caracal Cares. Rick L.
  2. Using Squadron Green putty in the nose of a P-80 for weight instead of lead is the definition of an irreversible kit disaster. We live. We learn. We buy another kit. Rick L.
  3. Anigrand has the YB-60 and they made some announcement last year of doing the XC-99. A C-99 in MATS livery with Arctic Red panels would be sweet. Rick L.
  4. In my best Rod Serling voice…. ”Image, if you will, the B-36. Retired in ‘59. Regenerated and impressed back into emergency service for Vietnam as a stop gap bomb truck allowing the B-52s to remain on alert back at the Cold War. SAC bomber camo on top, gloss black underside And sporting two more jet pods in the gaps between #1 & #2 and #5 & #6. For an outlandish total of 14 engines. The stuff of nightmares. B-52 style wing root pylons are out because of the main gear bays, but smaller ones could angle forward of the gear and add more Mk117s to the chaos. Slow but earne
  5. My HC kit is now bumped to a What If that has been rattling around in my brain. Rick L.
  6. My B kit is in hand and the D is inbound. Rick L.
  7. The RB-47E had the longer nose. I’m not home right now to look at my H kit. But I think the Academy H nose could use a little more length if that’s what you are asking. Rick L.
  8. I’m not a car modeler. Does anybody make aftermarket etch grills in different patterns to replace the solid molded kit pieces? Generally speaking. But specifically for the different 70s Trans Am styles. Rick L.
  9. The spectrum of manned flight heritage represented in that single photo is remarkable. Rick L.
  10. Sure. I picked the B-50 book up at release for full retail. It is also an amazing compilation with soooo much info and data. Of course we also need a new tool kit for this as well, not just a out of existence Paragon conversion. Rick L.
  11. Get the book. It’s one of the finest examples of research on a single subject. Sell a kidney if necessary. Rick L.
  12. Let’s just have an injection molded F4H-1 kit from ZM and be done with the invisible conversion silliness. Rick L.
  13. That’s top notch work right there. Finally somebody tackled the red sealant on the titanium panel joints. Awesome! Rick L.
  14. Separate subject. Maybe next time. Rick L.
  15. Is this sheet's content locked down now? In print? Rick L.
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