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  1. Don’t you just love two hours of masking, followed by 10 minutes of airbrushing? Such is our way, but the results are worth it. Rick L.
  2. Oh sweet! What an exceptional trio, Don. Looking forward to the finish. Rick L.
  3. It hasn’t been all success stories. The B-36 that was referenced was hacked to pieces in favor of the current one on display. The previously scraped model was actually the YB-36 in the beginning before rebuild. A small piece of it was saved by Walter Soplata. The YB-52 was also scraped. I believe the first B-47E the museum had was also junked. Would have been the only surviving example from the 307th BW out here in Nebraska. We would have found a place for it. The Piper PA-48 Enforcer is now out at Pima. The F-82G is actually a B model painted black to try and fool people into thinking it
  4. Another winner! This one will be headed for sell out territory. Rick L.
  5. Dullcote is not gone. https://spruebrothers.com/tes1160-testors-dullcote-lacquer-1-75oz-1160/ https://www.hobbylobby.com/Crafts-Hobbies/Model-Kits/Paint-Brushes/Testors-Dullcote-Top-Coat/p/80905524 http://www.hobbylinc.com/testors-dullcote-1-3:4-oz-hobby-and-model-lacquer-paint-1160x https://www.kitlinx.com/cgi/display.cgi?item_num=TES1160 As well as other outlets. Always been a pretty bullet proof product for me. Rick L.
  6. That's the only scheme that could get me to build a T-Stick mod. Rick L.
  7. Shadow shape makes me think 2 seat TU-2S. Maybe photo taken by the back seater. Rick L.
  8. With few if any markings being shape sensitive, I imagine it should scale to the Monogram or Special Hobby kits with ease. Another quick comment on the 1/48 kit instructions: I have yet to find a photo of the main inner gear door open on the ground. Should be modeled closed. It will cover a lot of nice detail, but I think hanging open is not how it was in the real world. I also think I dispute the color YZC on the inner side of the main gear doors. It is very hard to find a good photo that is not blocked by the huge radar pod. My choice based on one sorta clear pic is bare aluminum
  9. One note to make regarding option 10 on this sheet if you are going to make "Gruesome Twosome": Some of the 339th aircraft had names that were parallel to the ground when on the ground. Most had names that ran parallel to the aircraft centerline. After re-examining my files it appears to me that Gruesome Twosome was an exception, having the name on the left fuselage running parallel to the ground, and the name on the right fuselage running parallel to the centerline. It's one of the few 339th planes that I have photos from both sides to compare. And y
  10. Live. Laugh. Apply setting solution. Repeat. Rick L.
  11. Did you extend the tip gear strut length? Rick L.
  12. I'm just trying to get on with the AMT EC-135C build that has stalled because of the hideous TF-33 kit parts. However, back to the original issue; if new/good/available CMF-56 engines would come on the scene I could build multiple R tankers/RC birds as well as a TACAMO E-6. We really need both engines. I had a short conversation with Click2Detail about it but it went nowhere as I suspect there are too many irons in the fire over there right now. They already have the TF-33 compressor face and inlet guide vanes designed for their 1/72 C-141 and B-52H engine sets so I would think the rest wou
  13. Yes, whatever project is to be modeled there needs to be correct parts. This isn't a one size fits all. And the Air Graphics parts may be nice but the problem is the same with all resin casters. The need to carry stock, and when they are out its often long waits for restock. That's why the 3D print on demand to me makes more sense. Rick L.
  14. Are there differences in the pylons between the KC series engines and the E-3/6 series with their longer chord wing? Seems like I read that somewhere. And those Contrail pieces look rough. Not only do we need another option, we desperately need TF-33 engines as well with all the options for inboard and outboard pylons, with and without TC hoods. There's some resin TFs on ebay from South America but honestly they look like hand carved parts. Come on you 3D printer people. There's money to be made. Rick L.
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