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  1. One of my favorite recent builds. So well done! Rick L.
  2. That. Is an award winner. Rick L.
  3. So long and thanks for all the fish.
  4. I've spoken with the blog owner directly and Andy asks you to send him a comment through the blog, and he would be happy to talk with you further about your questions. Rick L.
  5. Look back through this blog. The info you seek may be in there. https://iwojimamodels.com Rick L.
  6. OK. How about a B-47 essential markings sheet as a companion? There isn't much besides wingwalks, insignia, turbine warning stripes, and USAF/U. S. AIR FORCE titles. Most of the Hasagawa kits out there are pretty aged and so are the kit's decals. Rick L.
  7. All of the conjunction photos I've seen have been truly fascinating. What is mind blowing to me, is that Saturn is still 456 million miles further out from Jupiter, and the two look like next door neighbors. Seems like Saturn should just be a dot like one of Jupiter's moons in those photos. That's some depth of field! Rick L.
  8. Spruemeister


    The print alignment on the Roden B-36B decals is not good. And the yellow on the 8th AF emblem is distinctly green. Which might be a function of printing translucent yellow over blue backing paper, but still. Quality, it isn’t. Rick L.
  9. By the way, your sheet number 72091; 2091 was a Douglas built B-47E-40-DT. Rick L.
  10. I’ve thrown out more than should probably admit to. My philosophy with each has always been that I can still find that kit, and I can do better the next time around building it. If it has no sentiment it goes. Rick L.
  11. My personal opinion is that the jet wasn't painted at the show where the flight terminated. I doubt they would have had time or the correct speed info that quickly. But maybe. The slide in my collection isn't marked with a date or location (dang delinquent photographer) either. There were three B-47s in the flight from Bermuda, each proceeding on its own, so that's where the competition aspect comes in as Schreiber's time finished 21.3 seconds ahead of another 22nd BW B-47 and a third from the 310th BW. I have emailed you the photos and my interpretations of the markings.
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