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  1. So what did bay 5 look like in 71-0280 while it was in the blue and orange paint during test flying? Similar to production F-15A? Color? Rick L.
  2. The exterior of the exhaust nozzles is a worn and highly weathered black paint, not polished metal. Rick L.
  3. Let’s just say I stopped counting after 1. Rick L.
  4. So, it says Top Gun 2 but we’re really just getting Iron Eagle IV. Rick L
  5. Pray 2021 is dry. Rick L.
  6. Back to selling again, off and on throughout the summer. Still lots to get through. Here's the latest: https://www.ebay.com/sch/class84/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_ipg=&_from= Thanks Rick L.
  7. I may just leave the horizontals alone as it appears the later dogtooth type was installed on the pre production planes with the original wingtips at some point. Rick L.
  8. Thank you for the info. Very helpful. Rick L.
  9. So to correct a dogtooth stabilizer back to early configuration, you just fill the notched leading edge, right? The dogtooth wasn't an add on to the chord? Rick L.
  10. 1/48 F-107A -because its time 1/48 B-45A -the unobtainable Collect Aire kit needs replaced 1/48 XB-51 - see above 1/350 Golf II K-129 sub -I won't even ask for a Glomar Explorer 1/25 Allis Chalmers 7010/Oliver 1855/White 2-150/tractors -because in the mid 70s Ertl abandoned us farm kids after the International 1466, John Deere 4440. and Massey Ferguson 1155 Blueprint kit series to go make cars instead; never to kit another agricultural subject. And because the world doesn't need another Bf109. Rick L.
  11. Crouching Tiger Hidden Pitfalls? Well it is KH. But I hope not, because I would really like to sell my FM kit and upgrade the Blue Angels collection. Rick L.
  12. F-16 battleship. Can't make that work in my brain. Rick L.
  13. Are you wanting to screw the original metal lid down over these? Rick L.
  14. I'm guessing PMI-15 with an outside diameter of .577. .002 makes a nice press fit. Rick L.
  15. Caliper says the inside of the neck is .575, and the lip is .094 Rick L.
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