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  1. I would love to see more of the classic Monogram 1/48 line brought up to modern levels. When I think about their line, there has already been a pretty fair amount of new tool kits issued that cover older Monogram subjects. But a few remain that could be improved. My first thought is that the B-26 Marauder and B-24 Liberator would really be popular new tool kits. Throw in the SB2C Helldiver. In jets, I'd like to see new F-102s (with a TF-102) and because I'm greedy, a new B-58 Hustler without Monogram's niggles. And I'll second the sentiment previously discussed about finishi
  2. Sadly, there seems to be a lot of trouble producing a color instrument panel that matches actual cockpit colors. I have an Eduard Look panel for the Kinetic F-104G kit that appears to have the background printed in light blue by a 80s dot matrix printer set on lowest resolution. Horrible quality for the money. I will need to attempt to repaint it if I use it. Can't be this hard for manufacturers to get it right. Rick L.
  3. If Iā€™m seeing thing right, Kitlinx is showing pre orders available for the 1/144 B-36B kit as ROD347, and another pre order for ROD737 which is a 1/72 B-36B. Are we we getting a new tool 1/72 Peacemaker too? Rick L.
  4. Not only is the Thud vertical a very good looking vertical, but the Thunderbird edition is the primo F-105. You have chosen... .....wisely. Rick L.
  5. Two for one. F-4J 153839 at Pax in its test days still wearing (most of) its markings from its former job with the Blue Angels, and before going all Gull Gray and red. Now on display at Sikeston, Missouri and marked erroneously in VF-96 markings (and poorly done at that). September '75 via my collection. Rick L.
  6. Looks like ADC gray FS16473 to my unknowing eye. Rick L.
  7. Don't care for it either. Looks like there's stuff missing. Rick L.
  8. What the heck. Let's request the coolest Marine scheme too and go with VMFA-333 Fighting Shamrocks. Just in case you were considering the VMFA-333 F-4J MiG killer for another sheet, and needed a companion in the -3 Fury. šŸ˜ Soooo many good options. So little time to build...... Rick L.
  9. There are soooo many really good Tamiya Tomcat models showing up in the gallery these days that I dread building any of mine and falling short of the quality we have seen here. Fabulous model build! Rick L.
  10. Thank you, all. I'm good to go now. Rick L.
  11. If I want to go nukular and add a bucket of instant sunshine to my 1/48 Kinetic F-104G, what is the best source for the centerline Pylon? Rick L.
  12. *sniff* OK. The Nebraska sky is currently being overwhelmed by California smoke, Cornhusker pollen, and humid 98 degree air. But seriously. You are my hero. Rick L.
  13. The world finally has an actual modern injection 1/48 FJ-3 Fury kit which has been far too long ignored, 6 marking options in the kit, potentially 8 more options coming from Caracal..... ...and still the only option for the coolest of all the dark sea blue Furys EVER (VF-33), is the ancient rare and fragile yellow tinted Microscale sheet which routinely sells for one medium rare rib eye with sauce in NY. . This cannot be left as is. I will cry soft, sad tears and puppies everywhere will whimper and refuse to make endearing cell phone videos for their owne
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