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  1. I wish there was better things to report. https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/hyperscale/jbot-decals-t531038.html Rick L.
  2. You really don't need more ideas, but... here's another idea. I'm in the midst of a project involving a summary history of the USAFE Skyblazers aerobatic team from 1949-1962, and a guide to modeling their aircraft in 1/48 scale. There are options in existence to build all of the aircraft in all of the paint schemes with one exception. The very first aircraft they flew was the Lockheed F-80B. Finaggling an F-80C back into a B isn't a problem. Decals are. Someone needs to make the F-80B markings to complete the Skyblazers universe and give a sense of completion to modelers who are wan
  3. You can barely see enough of the camo to make out a pattern. Rick L.
  4. Aaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrg!! Viking funeral? Rick L.
  5. Quite the study in faded paint. Rick L.
  6. When I started building models on my own without assistance from anyone else, I had a simple set of tools in a old kit box. A nail clippers, one hobby knife with non changeable blade, a couple clothes pins pilfered from the laundry and a white Testors bell bottom paint brush. Over time the tool kit grew and FSM was part of the expansion. Eventually it too got replaced with newer, better, more capable tools. It’s the way of life. The magazine could have adopted too, moving its content along with its subscribers as they grew in age and skills. But they seem to always go back to basics and only t
  7. How about the around the world record flight of Bill Odom and Milton Reynolds? Striking A-26 Invader. https://napoleon130.tripod.com/id399.html A challenge for sure, but it would look oh so good on an ICM Invader. Rick L.
  8. Having done a similar project with Woodland Scenic dry transfers, I can testify that having to deal with alignment, kerning, and such with individual letters is a giant posterior ache. Not doing it again. Rick L.
  9. We need the names in white as well for GSB Naval Reserve aircraft. It’s not fun canabalizing otherwise perfectly good sheets just for two little decals. Rick L.
  10. Corsair…. anything. Excellent idea. Spruemeister approved. 👍 Rick L.
  11. Not really something I want to think about, but Heaven forbid that this forum should expire and go dark as is being discussed in the General section; the loss of this manufacturer sub forum alone would be a monumental disaster and I'm not sure how we would continue to interact with Kursad on future projects. I know nobody else wants to consider it, but well, has it come to mind for anyone else? The references, information, and overall community that exist in here are more than half the reason I check in on ARC. Let's all hope it isn't headed in a negative direction, and that Steve is willin
  12. One of the more colorful slides I have. For all the wrong reasons. Anscochrome sure never had the longevity of Kodachrome. Unpublished pics of SAC controlled F-84Fs can be tough to find. Rick L.
  13. Why does “Petty Girl” have the triangle J of the 7th BG, and the unit insignia of the 11th BG? The single photo I see published shows the right side with no unit insignia. Both the 7th and 11th were at Carswell, so was this an inter unit transfer that wore both markings for a while? Was it one of the mashups post tornado? Rick L.
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