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  1. Wow! I was hoping to find a color photo of the Roadrunner artwork. Just recently I received a couple b&w photos showing a closeup of the bird. Nice to see the whole plane. I have no idea who the personnel are. Rick L.
  2. Outstanding! Even in the small scale it looks like the large jet that it is. Well done! Just zoom it around the room a couple times and back to the Shelf of Satisfaction. Rick L.
  3. Took me long enough. The Beast is finally finished. Wanted this in my collection for many years and now it's a reality. Modelsvit 1/48 F-82G of the 339th FIS(AW). ResKit wheels, and Aerocraft Models 3D printed exhausts. Tamiya acrylic gloss black over MiG chipping fluid, pastel chalk exhaust staining. Old Eduard injection PSP base. Multiple issues are keeping it a 3 footer. All self induced and not the fault of any components. Rick L.
  4. Now on my workbench, I find builds like Threefooter 201, or Roundbin 88. Rick L.
  5. I assume those marks had some reflective quality? To aid in night operations? Don’t seem to be real helpful for daytime. Rick L.
  6. A solid 2nd on the need for 1/100 scale on the Tamiya kits sitting in all the stashes around the world. Rick L.
  7. Good to know. I need a better file naming system. Found it under Koreanwaredit2. Well obviously. Shoulda looked their first. Rick L.
  8. I had a photo, or photos, of a C-119 with the name Green Hornet on the rear booms. I cannot find these now at all. Anybody know what I’m talking about? May have been a Marine bird in Korea. May have been a unit name? Wish I could find those. Rick L.
  9. It’s a big hobby. A really big hobby. I used to be an exclusive scale only modeler, and then I figured out how much enjoyment I had locked myself out of by doing that. As I contemplated branching out, it became more about understanding and respecting the guys in the other scales first before I expected them to do the same for me. Same with other genres of scale modeling. I suddenly enjoyed talking to modelers who built what I didn’t, getting their story, and learning something instead of pushing any agenda in the conversation. I do have a preferred scale that fits my level of expected bala
  10. I'm about due for a new welding helmet, so I'll go ahead an order these. Rick L.
  11. I’d love to know too. I really need one particular subject. Rick L.
  12. An F-94B was also modified with a BOMARC nose as a test vehicle for the guidance. Redesignated an NF-94B, I have an Anscochrome slide of it in my collection which is deteriorated badly. But you get the idea. Rick L.
  13. Hard to say for sure. In the one hand, if the B-70A had made it to service it probably would have owed its existance to LeMay’s staunch support. It would have certainly been an appropriate moniker. On the other hand, the B-70 would have fought the Soviet air defense missiles and McNamara at home. The service life of the Valkyrie would have been short at best. Not much of a legacy in all. Then there’s the overall SAC policy of the time which seemed to limit named aircraft, continuing from LeMay to Power over the course of the aircraft’s potential career. Whatever. I like the idea
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