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  1. I love that scheme. Very well done! Rick L.
  2. Sorry to see it go. That’s a really good looking piece of history. I trust it has a good home with all the love that you gave it. I had had a difficult moment couple weeks ago when I had a chance at buying an unrestored 1941 Cletrac M2 airfield tractor. Didn’t have the money or a way to move it. Hate having to pass up history. I hope somebody got it that cares, same as your Jeep. Rick L.
  3. I actually use Alclad Aluminum 101. It is far less lustrous than the other aluminum shades in the line. Especially over the gray primer. They also have Dull Aluminum and I suspect some custom blending would get you where you want to be. Still need to vary different panels in my opinion to keep the overall look from resembling aluminized lacquer. Rick L.
  4. Try for a 1/48 Spartan Executive 7W. Rick L.
  5. Happy to hear of the Curtiss Robin. We need more of the Classics like this. Rixk L.
  6. I’m thinking the worlds largest hobby shop is sitting in boxes at the Osaka terminal right now. I’ve had a Wingnut kit jammed in there somewhere since late March. Maybe I get it by late summer. Rick L.
  7. Wish I could help, but it’s one kit I don’t have. Every year a make wall calendars for myself and a few others via Snapfish using my Kodachrome slide collection. This year they made it to within 6 hours from me and evaporated into the Nexus. Post office never did find them, even with all the tracking and shipping info. I think they got heisted, but who knows. Rick L.
  8. Just wait. In ten years we will have F-14D kits from Eduard, Must Have, Airfix, Tarangus, Special Hobby, a reconstituted Wingnut Wings, and the AMK thread will still be going with new arguments. Rick L.
  9. Canopy up and down? Thoroughly inspiring model build. Rick L.
  10. One man show, moving at his own speed. I have never had an order unfulfilled, but never had on set a record either. One time he closed out an item, and I had to remind him I was still waiting in line for mine 6 months later. I got a set from a very worn out mold. No exchanging for a better one. 4 to 6 months seems to have been average for anything I bought from him. Way better than Master Casters. Rick L.
  11. Take your socks off and walk around. You’ll find it. Rick L.
  12. Sick. In a really good way. Rick L.
  13. The vortex generators ensure that the airflow over the canopy doesn't separate from the fuselage and starve the vertical. Well kinda. Sorta. Rick L.
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