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  1. I’ve never flown in a Sabreliner, but I did sit in the one in the SAC museum collection many years ago at the outdoor site during an open planes day. I made jet noises and pretended to use the intercom to tell a bunch of generals to buckle up and prepare for takeoff. There may have been a girl onboard I was trying to impress, too. I don’t remember. It was quite a while ago. I better order another kit. Rick L.
  2. The glue drawer The clamp drawer The sandpaper drawer The knife blade drawer The tape drawer The fancy schmancy tool drawer you know what, screw it. I need the whole double 4 drawer cabinets that hold up the ends of bench. Rick L.
  3. Might be one of the most colorful sheets you’ve ever done. Really nice! Rick L.
  4. Another reference work long over due. Thank you for doing it, and I hope it exceeds al expectations. Rick L.
  5. I'll second that for the Eurofighter. Rick L.
  6. I will need this for my library. Hope you do get a chance to do a seminar next year. Rick L.
  7. I thought so. I have maybe three aerosols squirreled away I could decant and have more supply than I would ever need in my life. Rick L.
  8. Boyer, didn’t you use Testors Boyd Sunburst at one time, or am I dreaming that up? Rick L.
  9. Great. I have all this to look forward to with my 1/100 Doyusha E-3A AWACS. Rick L.
  10. I'd recommend knitting for a hobby but, you know, needles. So.... probably not. Rick L.
  11. At least ATC can see you in the pattern without radar. Rick L.
  12. I wish there was better things to report. https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/hyperscale/jbot-decals-t531038.html Rick L.
  13. You really don't need more ideas, but... here's another idea. I'm in the midst of a project involving a summary history of the USAFE Skyblazers aerobatic team from 1949-1962, and a guide to modeling their aircraft in 1/48 scale. There are options in existence to build all of the aircraft in all of the paint schemes with one exception. The very first aircraft they flew was the Lockheed F-80B. Finaggling an F-80C back into a B isn't a problem. Decals are. Someone needs to make the F-80B markings to complete the Skyblazers universe and give a sense of completion to modelers who are wan
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