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  1. Building the kit now. Would love to have a couple of the 339th names planes I sent you as options for the kit. No way I build just one. And an E later too. Rick L.
  2. 10 just doesn't cover it. Too may favorites. Rick L.
  3. It was pulled from distribution once already in a legal dispute with WNW. I’d like to know if it’s back on the table for release. Rick L.
  4. Christmas just came early. Rick L.
  5. I forgot all about the two years sub I lost. We all must have re upped at about the same time. Good references that I won't ever part with. Rick L.
  6. I ended up scrubbing the sprues of a Monogram F-101B with a toothbrush and soapy water. The decals were so yellow they went in the trash with the box and instructions. It had to have been directly in the path of two tons of second hand nicotine. Sometimes it’s like that. Rick L.
  7. Mine have arrived. Decal sheet of the year. Rick L.
  8. Still waiting on them to clear the Omaha facility and take its place on the covered freight wagon heading west. I’ve begun fitting a Pavla resin cockpit into the kit, which is not going real well. It will be finished in the GE Speed Run markings. Rick L.
  9. Can't wait. This kit has taken it's sweet time. Rick L.
  10. Sioux Falls open house and airshow, July 2012. The Heritage jet was very glossy, but did not fly for that portion of the show. P-38 and F-22. Always somebody in my frame when I shoot static shots... Rick L.
  11. The Big Safari and More Than A Tanker books are no help. Will keep an eye out. Rick L.
  12. Can we get these decals AND resin conversion parts to build this? Rick L.
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