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  1. With a plane on a pole, who knows? It may not have even been intended to be ADC gray. Those in charge may have decided “Gray looks good. There’s some over there. Besides, the hardware store is out of Moonlight Silver.” Rick L.
  2. Like don't cover it. Hubba hubba! Rick L.
  3. Simply gorgeous! That paint job is one of the best I've seen recently. Rick L.
  4. That's pretty nice! It makes me look forward to the one in my pile. Assuming I do as well as you did. Which is assuming a lot...... Rick L.
  5. You know me. Anything with a SAC sash on it. Rick L.
  6. *sigh* My 1/48 F-107A didn't win. But on the bright side, we get another Luftwaffe aircraft that's not a 109. Rick L.
  7. Wolfpak decals 72-091 if you can source it, will get you a VMFA-531 F-4N from Coral Sea if 1/72 is OK. I can't think of a 1/48 sheet with Eagle Claw subjects, but all you really need is to paint the recognition stripes and you has it. Rick L.
  8. That sheet doesn't have the full spelling title. Trust me. It's a true pain in the ascot technique to do individual lettering, even from dry transfer sheets so there's no clear carrier film to deal with. Especially after you finish and realize you grabbed the wrong sheet with too large of lettering AND that Woodland's dry transfers are now backed with an adhesive and are permanent. Not like they used to be where a piece of Scotch tape would rip them right off. Four years later and it's still sitting on
  9. You know what? Some late 40s early 50s subjects (mostly bombers) had the full UNITED STATES AIR FORCE spelled out on the fuselage sides in a fairly small font. I don't know of anybody that offers this option. It wouldn't think that this would take up a lot of space on an essentials sheet. I have contemplated a couple subjects that would have needed this option in the past but passed for want of a decal instead of 20 individual letters. Rick L.
  10. Mr Paint has them except 9006, which Hataka has in their lacquer line. Rick L.
  11. Me! I'm 2/3 through a triple F-104G build and I don't have time to start any new projects till this one is in the Done pile. New decals just kill old project mojo. New releases? La la la la la la la la la la la can't hear you la la la la la la la la la la la la........... Rick L.
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