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  1. Are you a modeler or an assembler. Everything mentioned is fixable with the probable exception of the double curve at the LERX level. Anyway, whatever.
  2. Yaaawwwnnn. Zvezda just released a whole new su-57. Su-47, a one off demonstration prototype, you can fix that nose issue and all the other ones following internet available guidance, like any real modeler would. T-10M, it can be made mixing a Su-33 and a Su-30SM and get a J-17 as a bonus. Which T-10M BTW, each had a different combination of nosewheel, tail stinger and vertical stabilizers. Su-37 (T-10M-11), slap a set of aftermarket TVNs for the ALF-31s on it and you are done. Mig-31? Trumpeter makes three variants and the new one with the Khinzal. Yes, I feel your pain for the MiG-29K (or MiG-35 MRCA), but which Air Force is using it? Same for the MiG-29M a demonstrator. What mistakes on Hasegawa Su-35E? Habu nailed it.
  3. How many more Flankers may you need.
  4. Anyone knows whether the Soviets experimented with KH-31s on the MiG-25 BM? Two 31s and two 58s plus the tank would look awesome.
  5. Well they did release three four Sukhoi in 72 scale this year, plus the Yak-130 and others.
  6. Awesome, I am in for one of each.
  7. Kursad, the 72094 Starfighters is just for the civilian team or it also includes the NASA birds?
  8. Oh, did not know about series production.
  9. Let me add that the 11 (I believe) SU-27M or T10M airframes built had at least three variations of the stinger design that eventually merged in the design seen on T10M-10 and 11. Also, at least initially, T10M-1 had the single nosewheel of the standard SU-27.
  10. Stll need to add a small constant diameter section before the new radome according to Berkut's renderings. As far as the J-17 is concerned, all I have seen are photos of the J-15S and J-15D and a mention that they are going to be merged into a single type for shipborne SEAD and Electronic warare a-la Growler. Hope you get on the idea and pull another Flankerstein of yours.
  11. Ken, the Zvezda Su-30 SM does provide TVC nozzles and the twin wheel nose gear, if not happy with that there are very good aftermarket products. On the other end of the swap you end up with a Shenyang J-17. So you still get two models out of two models. We are all inspired by your skills. It’s the modeling part in modeler, rather than assembler.
  12. The profile difference in 1/72 scale is negligible all the way to the Su-27 radome break. The difference in fins and tail stinger was well publicized. So to answer the OP on how to make a Su-35 (T-10M) or Su-37, refer to a thread in Britmodeller where the builder crosskits a Su-33 with a Su-27SM, However I suggest to use a Su-30SM and a Su-33 from Zvezda.
  13. Berkut et Ken, can you provide specific reference other than "looking at pictures" where it is reported that the T10M had a larger front fuselage diameter. We all know about the fins, stingers and airbrakes.
  14. Waco, like I mentioned earlier, the picture I have is before the special color was applied. Anyway, thanks for the reply.
  15. Great picture of 84-010, the one I have is 84-001 in standard Mod Eagle , except for the sheen.
  16. I saved the photo and cannot find it again online. And it’s too large to upload. It’s a C model from Lakenheat, AF84-001.
  17. Looking for a reference to shed some light on these depot level mods. Mostly whether they were staggered as in the later H and J models
  18. Howdy all, I have just seen a couple of photos of LN Eagles sporting a slight metallic sheen on their camo. Does anyone know whether the Have Glass finish is being extended to the F-15 as well?
  19. Disregard the red/blue indications in the Hasegawa instructions, if anything the colors should be red(port)/green(starboard). however like Habu wrote, silver will be just fine, as those are colored led bulbs.
  20. I think that the AIM-54C weight was around 1000 lbs, so carrying 10 would have been kinda' unlikely, especially coming off a carrier, plus there was not enough space or enough hardpoints. Close packing AIM-120Ds between the nacelles may give you 6 120s there plus 4 on the wing shoulders, nothing close to 15 though.
  21. The first of the last pictures shows a #82, wouldn’t that be Enola Gay? Notice the partially erased art on the stbd side.
  22. What is the best F-18E or F out there?
  23. So those were fixed slats similar to those fitted to the Israeli Air Force F-4E.
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