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  1. The are several incarnations of both kits from multiple manufacturers, Italeri, Zvezda (more than one), Dragon, Hobby Boss (I believe). Which one is the closest to an operational machine in 1/72 scale? Thanks.
  2. Well, in reality Hasegawa have done more than one double box of the 104, but only in 1/72 scale.
  3. Wolfpak is doing something like that, even though following a looser criterion. Unless I want to build six or seven of the same (less in 48 scale), I am more likely to buy a decal sheet representing different subjects of something I can relate to.
  4. How about a Texas sheet, both in 1/48 and 1/72. Bunch of interesting Phantoms, Voodoos and Vipers. There is also space for Tomcats and Crusaders Plus a couple of colorful Phantom tails up around Dallas. Hell, perhaps a couple of sheets even.
  5. Would it be possible to squeeze in a couple of the "cloud" camouflage D and E Phantoms from Austin that are already in the Bergstrom sheet?
  6. Correct, I ijitially thought that Wolfpack's F-5A was an E, still with no relation to Dream Model's kit.
  7. Let's be real, this kit is priced above their J-20 that is a vastly superior kit both in size and detail quality. Judging by the cost of their AH-1Z, I'd say their management is trying to maximize income before the Wolfpack rebox shows up in stores.
  8. Seems like Dream Models thinks a little too highly of their last two kits.
  9. Does the F-35 sheet include Brit and Italian schemes?
  10. Whith the first two F-15EX on the Boeing final assembly line, it's time for a decent kit. which one is best to update among Academy, GWH and Hasegawa?
  11. Well it seems that according to thedrive.com, Boeing has already got at least one F-15EX demo on the completion line. They are tlking about an order for at least 144 fighters. So, how soon to expect the current manufacturers in 1/72 and 1/48 to start pushing those out of the door?
  12. Howdy folks, I have been trying to access modelingmadness for several days without success now, as I am TDY in Italy I wonder if it's an IP issue. Can anyone access the site? thanks, y'all be safe out there.
  13. Can you feel the sarcasm?🤥
  14. Apparently at dawn, given the light.
  15. Need MORE GBU-31s in the stash!
  16. Howdy all, can anyone confirm that the latest Greek F-16C have enlarged tail fairings similar to those of the UAE F-16E (C Blk.60), or is it just the angle of the photos? That would be regardless of the brake chute additional fairing. Thanks.
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