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  1. Me, enamels forever. They only need one type of thinnr and airbrush cleaner.
  2. Waiting for the 1/72 Starfighters.
  3. As you are going to be very busy with your first born, I am volunteering to help you manage your stash before it rots away in some damp basement. No need to thank me, it's just out of my good heart.😇
  4. Looking forward to the March list if it includes the 1/72 NASA Starfighters and the scaled down early F-16s.
  5. The Russian mafia is here.
  6. Well, the Orange Hobby is not too shabby and definitely better than the last release by Italeri. On the other hand, this Katran is a troll?
  7. Wait, what F-35C problems?
  8. Thank you guys, that's a good start.
  9. There's a correction article somewhere for the 1/72 Monogeam F-16XL kit, but I cannot locate it. Also does anyone know of a reliable scale 3 views profile. Thanks.
  10. If you want persistance you use a drone designed for persistance, not any jet. Deliverable payload is a different story.
  11. The Brits never used any of the US NAVY designed Mk. series of bombs. The Mk.83 slick, as used by the Italian Air Force (and NAVY) are purely American.
  12. Bah! Not the real thing. Just a cheap way for fool-Egawa to steal your money. Thay did the same thing with the A-10, the Su-33 and the F-16.
  13. Italian Tornadoes in Desert Storm normally carried 5 Mk.83 slicks as they were not (and still aren't) equipped for laser self spotting. Their normal load was 5 M.83s on the STANDARD belly pylons, two tanks (but not the Hindenburg ones), two AIM-9L on the shoulder stations and two BOZ-107 chaff/flare dispensers. The Brits used Paveway kits adapted to heir own bombs. Beware that the ECR was a dedicated SEAD upgrade that was developed with the Germans much later than the Gulf War I. For what you are asking, the best boxes are the Revell ECR and for the Saudi use Revell's GR.1 as they are much better than Hasegawa's. By the way, anyone who's got spare ALARMS feel free to offer. The dropped flaps wings are from Airwaves, they are one piece resin.
  14. There were some interesting F-104 1/72 sheets due late december last year. Did I miss anything?
  15. Well, I am 57 and I am a Naval Aviator. I did not know there was an actual life expectancy of 54. In that case I am living in uncharted territory.🤣🤣🤣
  16. On the photo of #2 with the Sparrows on the gear doors and under the wings. Notice the fairing ahead of the main gear door. The same fairing is not present in the photo with the LGBs.
  17. The fourthphoto is the one to which I was referring .
  18. There is a photo going around of the demo under construction and is clearly visible that the structure follows the panel lines that we all know. That said, the Hasegawa 1/72 YF-16 panel lines are different and seem to follow those in the three views drawing above. One more thing about the YF-16s, most of the pictures I have seen at rest, portray them with the leading and trailing edge flaps drooped, this is not the case with production variants.
  19. Hajo, Good choice on converting the Brit Harrier II to an AV-8B, depending on which variant you want to build, other than removing the bumps and lumps pertaining to the RAF, need to pay attention to the LERXs, as the plus has full LERXs, like GR.9. The pylons that do not get used are the ones in front of the landing gear outriggers. For the rest, opinions are just that, everyone is entitled to one..
  20. ....not to mention the air intake and landing gear bay. I wonder if replacing the the whole cockpit area would work.
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