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  1. Canmilair decal question

    Thank you for the tips here, I'm gonna get the Canmilair decals as well.
  2. AMT 1/25 1967 GTO

    My buddy is looking for GTO kit as well. We are currently installing these Mickey Thompson tires to finish his 67 GTO project. Any better kit options now? He's leaning toward RM kit based on reviews.
  3. New to airbrushing. Which paint?

    Heard good comments about Creos Mr. Airbrush either, sounds worth trying.
  4. OT: Smoked Beef Back Ribs

    That ends up really tender, well done!
  5. New to airbrushing. Which paint?

    Been a Mr. Color user here and still very impressed with the results.
  6. Vlado Lenoch killed in P-51 crash

    So sad to hear. Condolence to the family
  7. Test Photo post using Imgur

    I think it is possible.
  8. Test Photo post using Imgur

    Awesome B29 Bo!
  9. Recommend me where to go in Houston TX

    Looking to go to Johnson Space Center myself as well. Have fun