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  1. Video of the D-day F-15s. Somebody please 1/48 decals. Emergency 😄
  2. Zombie thread: I never posted my finished model, here it is: lol 🙂
  3. You deserve this more 🙂 😛 Seriously dude, please... Not same angle, not same lens/distance, it is even missing *huge* part. Get real. Pictures I saw last 2 days erased all the question marks in my mind. This kit is looking gorgeous.
  4. Rear is perfect. From the pictures, AMK model is better than Tamiya.
  5. Thanks, this pictures closed the case for me. Much appreciated.
  6. :P Cannot hold myself :P No offense just joking. I like your posts mate.
  7. Looks amazing. I prefer this over Tamiya -just looking at pictures, dont have either in hand. Let's see what will Great Wall bring :D:D:D:D:D
  8. P.S. I actually LOVE to have decals for these two Es and one C. I really liked the special pattern on them. Someone hopefully will produce them in 1/48. I think great wall has a 1/72 boxing already.
  9. It is not have glass. It is just special paint for D-Day celebrations.
  10. I can confirm Mig-31 has the same level detail. Actually, this is the reason why I am really excited about this model too. So far pictures do not disappoint.
  11. I love this aircraft. I mean Su-47. What a design!! It is a shame we dont have one in 1/48 😐
  12. oooo. Hard way to do it. Nice work. Inspires me to continue with my half Kinetic J-15.
  13. Ugly aircraft, beautiful model. Great work.
  14. I have 12 in my stash. I hate myself for it. I just have too much ambition.
  15. There is some teething problems 😄 Hope to have this in true master scale, 1/48 one day 😄
  16. True.. I heard that 1/50 scale issue. 😐 No has the kit?? !! 😄
  17. Correct. They have same solution in the Mig-31 kit, too. Nice approach.
  18. But... you can check zerosystem and Mstor's post 🙂 You think the spine ends a panel too early 😉 But it is almost perfect match to the real think. It may a be a little tat too shallow but that is it.
  19. Thanks! I was more concerned about the print quality. Sharpness and color accuracy is more important for me. As you said I trust in gunze and tamiya strong :)
  20. You are not correct. Spine continues further down than you "see".
  21. After seeing the pictures, I have no question in my mind that the aft of AMK Tomcat is correct. No mistakes whatsoever. Very exciting. Also, I love those injection machines. 🙂
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