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  1. What about double sided tape cut into strips the size of the gluing face?
  2. "Black Panther" is a bit of a misnomer. There are black cats for sure, and they all tend to get called Panthers, but depending where you are from, the species varies, so in America, a black Jaguar (like the one in the pic Jennings posted) will be called a "Black Panther" whereas elsewhere, it might be a Black Leopard, Cougar, whatever, that gets the "Panther" moniker, because we've sort of become indoctrinated to call all black cats "Panthers". So yeah, there are lots of black cats of one species and another, spread all over the world. Finding them is another thing. Big cats are notoriously
  3. No sound, and its from a Harrier GR.7, but some idea;
  4. Beautiful shots there Ken, I actually rather like the drizzly ones, there's a certain atmosphere about them. On the T-6C, I see it is emblazoned "EXPERIMENTAL" as per a home built or prototype, any reason for that? Also, not loving that Tucano scheme, it looks a complete mess. But again, amazing photo's, and thankyou very much for sharing them with us. Matt
  5. Agreed 100%, its always a shame that what could and should be a reasoned discussion degenerates into dogma and vitriol. Seems like people have lost the art of being able to disagree amicably.
  6. Here; http://s362974870.onlinehome.us/forums/air/index.php?showforum=4
  7. Are you including drying time in that figure? Excluding waiting for things to dry, I'd say that on average, I probably spend about the same as you, apart from the quick builds I do for the boys ceiling, which are prone to being removed and played with. Depending on my enthusiasm, that 30 ish hours might be spread over a weekend or a year ;)
  8. Agreed 15 years is sort of pushing it, although 15-20 is deemed about average, the oldest Jaguar found in the wild was about 18. However, melanism isn't always hereditary, but can also be adaptive. So, for example, if there were, say, a small breeding population of leopards in the area, if that area is fairly highly populated with humans, that would encourage a nocturnal rather than a crepuscular habit, which in turn would give an advantage to melanistic animals. So, its conceivable that there are several offspring of an escaped pair. Bear in mind also that many cat species can interbreed, p
  9. Sheesh. 20 years. It looks....nice, if somewhat draggy.
  10. Fair points conceded by my comparitive ignorance, mind you, those "who stole whose idea" things seem to go around in circles and back to the stone age, but yes, I concede the point. I am quite sure there are deficiencies in the design, but I'm not qualified to judge them against anything else. Quite possibly, I'm not well versed in the various upgrade paths, but I can accept that whereas there may have been parity in the early 80's time frame, various factors such as economics, politics and culture may have widened that gap in favour of the F-16, probably in the field of avionics, build qua
  11. I guess that this article; Clicky Is partially correct about "good enough is good enough", which is pretty much how we (uk) have always seemed to approach these things. Is this the kiddy?
  12. Afternoon, can't help with the decals, but A - welcome to ARC, and B - you might get a bit more response if you title your post with what you're after, something like; LF - 2 x Hase 1/72 F-4C/D "Vietnam" We've also got a For Sale / Wanted forum, which might be worth a punt as well. Also try the "Jet Modelling" forum. Hope you find what you're looking for, and hope you decide to stay awhile, its a pretty decent place and we could use some more of us from this side of the pond ;) Welcome aboard, newbie buys the drinks, I'll have a hobgoblin. Matt
  13. RKic - You have no need to hide your modelling light under a bushel, nice work, and just the right amount of weathering. If you model to this standard, you have nothing to fear, and its always nice to see some slightly less often modelled aircraft making an appearance. Thanks for sharing, the Raiden is one of those aircraft where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. It looks all wrong somehow, but its so right. Good job sir. Matt
  14. There might be a potential need for it, but again, there may be a foreseeable need for a lot of capability which we don't have, and are not likely to have. Whatever the case, the whole programme as far as the UK is concerned seems to be in a bit of a shambles of dithering. Clicky
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