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  1. Hello Raptor. I hope I did not offend you in anyway. I like how you think. I look forward to future posts, could you post a link to an eventuel thread here when you do make such a thread in the future?
  2. Raptor, any idea as to how much the kit will cost?
  3. That is freckin awesome. I look forward to getting my hands on the kit.
  4. I would buy two. Looking forward to it.
  5. I am interested in a single seat and a double.
  6. Are you going to have this printed out?
  7. Thanks guys. I'll let you all know when it's done.
  8. Hello all. Am busy working on a convertion for Revells trumpeters 1/48 hind. I just need the dimentions of the Mi-35's tail rotor, the one that is similar to the Mi-28 tail rotor. If you have any detailed images that would be appriciated. Am working on a CAD that I will print out from shapeway. many thanks
  9. sukoi

    Mig 29 UBT

    Would any of those pics contain any armed aircraft? Need to know if I could arm my bird with Zacto boom sticks.
  10. sukoi

    Mig 29 UBT

    Thanks anyhow Berkut, much appriciated. I will order the bit and bobs from Chris and get started.
  11. sukoi

    Mig 29 UBT

    Good grief!! The plot thickens Very good to know, this bit of info brings me closer to my goal. Thank you Berkut.
  12. sukoi

    Mig 29 UBT

    To Sukhoi Su-27 The UBK just give the modeller more variety when it comes to weapons, but the UB is alot more prevalent. itake it that is why you were wondering about the UBK? I have not been keeping up to date with my Migs, the one in your pictures seems to be a simpler conversion, wonder if it still has short legs? I would agree that it is just the addition of Chris's UB upgrade and a few scracthed or scavenged parts for the refueling pod. But, being the sceptic I am, I can't help but wonder if there is anything else needed. Would you happpen to know the designation of the aircraft? Want
  13. sukoi

    Mig 29 UBT

    Would it be possible to build a UBT, buy kit bashing your Fulcrum C conversion kit and the UB update kit? Call me crazy, but I like the looks of the UBT (304 blue and 52 blue)
  14. Congrats on the placing. I was wondering while looking at your model if you had done any alterations to the external features of the plane, I recall hearing that the kit is not entirely accurate. The reason I as is because a friend of mine is intending on using the kits instruction manual as blueprints for a 1/200 scale model. Does anyone know if they are accurate enough for this endevour? Again Pete great model and congrats on the placing.
  15. Thanks Flankerman, I was exited to see his model, so I understand. I'll will give the forum a look. Cheers
  16. Sounds alot like me, Looking forward to hear what he has to say. Cheers
  17. Anyone know the story behind the Su-17 in the top right-hand corner of the first picture in post 6?
  18. Like the real thing..it's over priced, over hyped, and soon to be over here!!
  19. If you don't want aftermarket stuff, don't get aftermarket stuff, Zactoman and others work hard to produce quality goods. Their time and efforts, like everyone else's, is not cheap. I like the look of the Su-27, and as far as I see it, Zactomans sets, make the trumpeter kit much more appealing to the eye. My money ...when I can get some out of my back accont ....is on Zactoman products. I am waiting for the new MiG 29K nozzles.
  20. Great build. Fantastic idea to start with. I would lokk to take a crack at the mirage with MiG powerplant . So thanks for the pic. The addition of the new nozzle really changed the appearance of the MiG 21. Tha paint job pushed it above and beyond. The load that the MiG carries is massive, It looks to be on the heavy side of a nippy fighter. Looking forward to seeing it done.
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