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  1. Just a refection of the camera head.When I was at Spang they had a hard red plastic cover when parked which was removed before engine start. Bernie
  2. oh no here we go again. Are there any shots from GWM of the plastic or just the drawings on the page from DN models Bernie McKenna.
  3. but they didn't take too long releasing the F-14D after they did the A. So maybe we'll get lucky Bernie
  4. got my fuselage halves today. They are perfect no warp took about a week in total to get them. Fine customer service. Bernie
  5. Hope mine turn out to be okay. Bernie
  6. They just emailed me and said the new parts are in the mail. Can't complain about the customer service. Bernie McKenna
  7. Actually this is the first Airfix kit I bought in probably 40 years and that was a tank kit. I've been in communication with the spare part people now so hopefully I can get ne parts. Thanks Bernie McKenna
  8. I saw a photo on a dutch Facebook page and that one had a real bad warp on the whole fuselage side. Mine l can use tape while the glue is setting should work fine,. Its big. Bernie
  9. Just got mine today very impressive but the fuselage has a warp at the base of the vertical stab. It can be fixed,I hope. Other than that a beautiful kit. Bernie
  10. thanks guys. I had their stuff before and it was really nice same with the Barracuda stuff. I'll start checking again incase he starts production again Thanks Bernie
  11. There was a guy from Russia who offered the front cowling to fix problems on the newish Revell G-6 and G-10. Whould anyone know who he is. Thanks in advance. Bernie McKenna
  12. Steffen, yes 2 of the Jo's. I figured I'd sand everything down,was hoping to find an easy way. Bernie
  13. Is there a size difference between C & E horizontal stab. Asking as I have the GWM F-15C and the stabs are thick and I see someone has stabs for the E available thought maybe I could use them. TIA Bernie McKenna
  14. Okay that would be faster. Bernie
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