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  1. Can anybody tell me just what this sensor is, and when it shows up on the airframe? I've added this question to my first post. But it might be better to post it as a separate question...
  2. What is this sensor and just when did they field it on the F-100D's. TIA!!
  3. Gentleman, Thanks to both of you for the assist. These 2 sites will go a long way in completing our task.
  4. I'm helping out my cousin's son for a BSA merit badge. We're doing a F-100D in wood for his Grandfather, (My Uncle). I really don't have any kits that I can use as a template. Can anybody snap a quick picture of just the pylon so we can reproduce it? I've been through the gallery, but haven't seen a clear picture for making a pattern. Just a profile will be good. TIA MattP
  5. Just like the Anime classic, "Blue Submarine no. 6" ... Lots of possible kits, but nothing came of it...
  6. OUTSTANDING ship!!! You've done the TOS a great service!!! Thank you for sharing your ART!!!
  7. Thank you everybody!!! I like the idea of an F.3 mod, for a SEAD build (Hasagawa), But just might keep with the GR.4 idea...
  8. Like the title said, was there an actual dedicated SEAD squadron. Or could any air group take on the job? I've seen quite a couple different squadrons loaded with ALARMS... TIA MattP
  9. I'd LOVE to get one of those "Missile Magnets" in 1/144 scale!!!
  10. I have purchased/used them, And they are TOP-NOTCH quality. Especially if your a fan of the "Inside Combat Rescue" ...
  11. Does anybody have pix of Westland Seakings HC.4 and their chaff/flare dispensers? I have "long pix" but nothing up close.. TIA Matt
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