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  1. You might want to check out this site as it specializes in 1/144 scale kits... https://www.kampfgruppe144.com/phpBB3/index.php?sid=07a9b8b7568cc68f7778c50d9656ed6c HTH Matt
  2. Sorry Dutch, but the very second the general crowd here see's "1/144" they completely ignore the post. You're better off asking @ https://www.kampfgruppe144.com/phpBB3/index.php HTH MattP
  3. Do the current F/A-18D ATARS Hornets have the same wing tip rails as the F/A-18E's? (I know there's word that they're going the way of the dinosaurs, but i still LOVE them). TIA Matt
  4. OUTSTANDING!!! Thank you for sharing your artwork!
  5. OUTSTANDING work!!! i look forward to watching your progress!
  6. I have an idea... ( I know, before anybody says "don't hurt yourself, go take a nap")... Bandai's Y-Wing is much more refined than F-Toys. BUT F-Toys Y-Wing is a bit LARGER than Bandai's. So here's what I'm considering... Making a Y-Wing "HEAVY" Attack ship... Using the larger engines from F-Toys with the Bandai body. Making the F-Toys main cabin larger with a quad gun, BUT using Bandai's smaller cockpit glazing, (mucho modified) with a 2 person crew. Also because I'll be enlarging the forward section, having 4 torpedo tubes instead of 2. This where I'm at right now. It's an idea, and I'm g
  7. WOW! I forgot about this. And Yes Kevin, I've already done this very thing. I was at the local Hobby Lobby while my wife got something she "needed"... I saw the kit there. I waited until last Sunday, when I cut out the coupon, and Monday I bought it (Actually bought 2 because I had 2 coupons). I may buy a lighting kit and light the engines up! Thanks for checking the thread and replying! MattP
  8. Quixote74, I'm talking about the large intakes just aft of mid-wing. In the supplied pic, there's only one visible. It's the largest of the intakes. As for the late model type. thank you for the "Su-15TM-Flagon F" designation. That's a great help in defining just what I'm looking for! Thanks for the reply! Matt
  9. I have a bunch of pix of the Su-15 Flagon. What I need to know is on the later models, the large intake 'scoops' that are present on the top and bottom of the aft air frame sides, in some of the pix, are still on the bottom in the later models? I'm doing a 1/144 scale conversion of Trumpeters F-8II on a bet. See pic... Thanks in advance for any assist! Matt
  10. There's a new tool Hawk out in 1/72 scale: https://starshipmodeler.biz/shop/index.cfm/product/8521_59/172-hawk-mk-ix-space1999.html Also there's a Photo-etched fret to got with it: https://starshipmodeler.biz/shop/index.cfm/product/8525/172-hawk-mk-ix-cockpit-brian-johnson-concept.html HTH MattP
  11. I have the "1/1000 BLOCKADE RUNNER & 1/350 MILLENNIUM FALCON" Model set. I would like to make an even trade for my "1/350 Millennium Falcon" for your unwanted 1/1000 Blockade Runner. I am in the U.S. (18517 Zip Code). If you are, interested in making the trade, please let me know.
  12. Hoops, You ROCK!!! Thanks for the major assist!!! Matt
  13. I'm looking for the airfield planking that believe came with ICM's "1/72 Modern Soviet Weapons". If anybody has some and would be willing to part with them, I have quite a bit of 1/72 scale A/C kits + resin stuff that I am more than happy to trade or pay for them. GREAT Thanks in advance for any help! MattP
  14. Awe CRAP!!! I found a large pic of Typhoon 'F=Faith' making a turn to port and I see a red Maltese cross with some type of insignia in the middle. I'll have to look for one of those. I'm sure when find the rest of the F.3 decals... Found them! Not sure which kit they came from (they're a bit chopped up), but they're of F.3 ZE736... WITH the Maltese cross with the insignia... Will see what else I'm going to need. I'm still searching, but does anybody have a decent 'side-view' of one of the 4 air frames?
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