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  1. STUNNING!!! Thank you for sharing your ART!!!
  2. I missed this at first. But now, I'm watching this thread. VERY interested!
  3. MattP


    I'm a bit late to this thread, but I'd LOVE to see a 1/144 scale "kit" of this aircraft!!! I know quite a few people at this site would also be interested: Kampfgruppe144 BBS - Index page
  4. Looks ready to patrol the East/West German boarder... Beautiful completion!!!
  5. Most IMPRESSIVE!!! Thanks for sharing the pix!
  6. Thanks for all of the assists people!!! I'm going to go with "Data-Link pod... And yep Pigsty, I got the pic off of Wikipedia's page...
  7. I'm gathering data and pix for a future build of the PLAAF's version of the Tu-16 Badger. Can anyone give me some idea/explanation of just what this "pod" is? If you look closely at the pic. The pylon, which the pod is attached to, doesn't look to secure. Any help is appreciated!
  8. OK, this is just my opinion having the LS's A-10, DML A-10, Heller's A-10 as well as Revell's A-10. The 'RetroWings' is a perfect fit for the LS kit. The Heller kit is really only good for the pilot figure and the interior leading edge extensions. I'm at work right now but I'll show you pix when I get home. Nice to see another 1/144 scale moder here. We really don't get a whole lot of help on this forum. To be fair, not many people here build in 1/144. You might try here in the future: Kampfgruppe144 BBS - Index page
  9. "Find a need, fill the void..." GREAT idea, thanks. I'm also picking one up and then going to show it off at the next local IPMS meeting!!!
  10. MrVark, (aka Jim) Thank you... Can't wait for your book!!!
  11. Question for MrVark, did the EF-111A's carry any external wing stores? Like any fuel tanks? Or did they go 'clean' to save weight/drag for fuel endurance?
  12. Thank you everybody! I really don't know just HOW I missed these sites! I searched under "EF-111A Raven" also adding "walk-around" to the search also... Thank you again for the assists!!!
  13. So I take it there's no decent EF-111A "Walk-Around" sites... Well, I asked...
  14. I'm looking for a decent EF-111A 'walk-around' pix site. I'm mainly looking for the 'belly-canoe' views for the sensor positioning. TIA Matt
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