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  1. Thanks Murph and Hoops!!! Looks like Dark Sea Grey it is! They're going to be slung under a Swedish JAS-39. Thanks again! MattP
  2. Does anybody have pix of a live RBS-15 Gungnir ASM, or can you point me to a site that does? I have pix of the missile with a black nose, and a dark sea grey body. Is that the marking of a LIVE unit? Or is the actual live missile have a white/light grey body? Thank you in advance for your help! MattP
  3. MattP

    Klingon Bop

    OUTSTANDING!!! Great choice of color pallet! The finish is top notch! Thank you for sharing your art! MattP
  4. MattP

    1/144 U-wing Set (out of box)

    I found the same experience with their X-Wing / Y-Wing set. Molding and engineering were top notch, but the "decals" were just stickers... (Thanks again Nick for the assist). The U-Wing is on my 'to-do' list, and I'll be purchasing it soon! Thanks for the look-see! MattP
  5. MattP

    1/1400 Enterprise C

    ROCKIN"!!! Thanks for sharing you ART!!
  6. Nicholas, THANK YOU soooooo much!!! I really appreciate the assist!!! MattP
  7. MattP

    18" Diameter Jupiter 2

  8. Would you be willing to part with one of them?
  9. I'm looking for the 1/144 scale X-Wing from the Bandai 1/72 - 1/144 X-Wing set. I'm willing to outright buy it or (would rather) to trade for it. I have quite a bit of Sci-Fi stuff and other things to trade with. P/M me if you have a 1/144 scale X-Wing your not going to build and are willing to let it go... Thanks for checking me out! Matt
  10. MattP

    For fans of "The Expanse"...

    Well O.K..... I received the "kit" today. As I stated before there's the 'model'. Which is a 1 piece affair. made out of some kind of weird plastic/vinyl. And it's around 5 inches. It can NOT be sanded or filed. There's a small mold seam that I tried initially to sand out, then file out only to have a rolled burr along the sanding line. I was going to try to paint it and weather it, but I'm not so sure how the model material will react. There are some markings, very LITTLE weathering. The rest of the "kit" is a base, two posts, and a picture of Jupiter as a backdrop. I paid around $16.00 with shipping. O.K. I'll say that it MIGHT be worth that, but NO WAY is it worth some of the CRAZY prices I've seen it go for at eBay auctions. Do NOT pay more than what I paid, or you're going to be banging your head against a door frame...
  11. MattP

    F-35I Adir Paint Scheme???

    Ilias, from looking at the decal set at Isradecals, it looks like pretty standard F-35 markings with the exception of the subdued IAF roundels. I guess I could experiment with masking and painting. But in 1/144 scale that's going to be a tiny mask.
  12. MattP


    SWEET!!! Y'all should put some 1/48 scale figures near it to give it a sense of scale... Thanks for sharing your work! MattP
  13. MattP

    For fans of "The Expanse"...

    It's not so much a "new" show. It's in it's 3rd season. The 4th season will be exclusively on Amazon Prime.
  14. MattP

    F-35I Adir Paint Scheme???

    Ilias, I'm doing it in 1/144 scale, I appreciate the info but the site only has decals for LARGE A/C in that scale. I will watch the site in hopes that they produce 1/144 Adir decals... MattP
  15. MattP

    F-35I Adir Paint Scheme???

    Ytsejam87, Thanks for the connection to the thread! As It's a 'quick' build. I think I'll got with Tamiya's XF-54 Dark Sea Grey as I happen to have it in my paint stash. Thank you all for the assist!!! MattP