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  1. Guys PLEASE go easy with each other!!! I really appreciate ANY info on the GBU-28, additional info is a PLUS on It's use. As I stated in the initial request: "As this is not a burning question for a current/important build, ANY help is appreciated, but NOT an immediate need..." Thank you to EVERYBODY for the information!
  2. As this was an article sourced from "reported by CNN", It's highly suspect as to it's legitimacy... But that being said, I have no problem seeing the B-2 dropping the GBU's. It's more plausible than the Strike Eagle doing the deed. The B-2 is a better platform for the mission.
  3. Thanks for the info on the ODS 'Varks. Anything on the Echo Eagles?
  4. I have a question about a possible build(s). On what station was the GBU-28 carried on the FB-111 during Desert Storm. Also the GBU-28 was also dropped by F-15E's during 'Enduring Freedom' I can only surmise it was the only weapon carried (with heavy escorts)... As this is not a burning question for an current important build, ANY help is appreciated, but not an immediate need... TIA Matt Ponas
  5. Thank you Grey Ghost and GW8345!!! I really appreciate the pix and the info on the carry of the AGM-84 Harpoons.
  6. Do the "Super" Hornets need an adapter to carry Harpoons (like they do for HARM's) or are they straight on the mounting lugs? Also, would they carry the AN/ASQ-228 for a sea strike? I know the AN/ASQ-228 is for 'optical' guided ordnance, but maybe it would be carried for, I don't know, "strike intel"?
  7. OUTSTANDING!!! Thank you for the pix! This helps a lot!
  8. Simply BEAUTIFUL! Thank you for sharing your ART!
  9. Thank you Gabor, I appreciate any info you can give me as to the placement. In 1/144 I can easily reproduce the 'hardware'...
  10. You think 1/144 is small. There's lady in my IPMS chapter, who converted Tamiya's 1/350 F-4S's to F-4G's to use in her 1/285 scale war gaming, and they looked REALLY good...
  11. Any instructions as to just where they are placed on the airframe?
  12. Thanks guys for all the help. I think I got it now... Shouldn't be too hard in 1/144 scale...
  13. Before anybody gets excited and angry, it's A 1/144 scale conversion (at this point,99% have already clicked out of the post). I have an EXCELLENT TomyTec F-4EJ that I would like to convert to an F-4G. I do NOT understand the differences in the wings. Slatted and unslatted ETC. Please help me. This is my first foray in to the amazing world of F-4 Phantoms. I have already done the conversion of 'gun' to ECM sensor... And reconfigured the ECM pod on the rudder... Not sure where to go now... I Appreciate all the help in advance! MattP
  14. You might want to check out this site as it specializes in 1/144 scale kits... https://www.kampfgruppe144.com/phpBB3/index.php?sid=07a9b8b7568cc68f7778c50d9656ed6c HTH Matt
  15. Sorry Dutch, but the very second the general crowd here see's "1/144" they completely ignore the post. You're better off asking @ https://www.kampfgruppe144.com/phpBB3/index.php HTH MattP
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