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  1. Mmm this may not be as exciting as it first reads, but rather a reboxing of a 21st century toy. Bother.
  2. As seen on the internet, here is the kit number: HobbyBoss UH-1B Iroquois 18 81806 Jun-20 Now, this raises a few questions for me, not least of which is why /18 & not /16? Will this be a slick Bravo, or gunship? Will there be other versions or helicopters later on... and, if this can be done, and be a good seller, then surely a 1/35 MH 53K is equally viable.
  3. Outstanding! Did you take any images of it? I’m curious about the marking on the port pilot’s door that’s been partially painted over.
  4. Thank you Tank; I’m hoping with Revell releasing their boxing there will be new interest in the subject and therefore new updates / options, too.
  5. I was out and about looking for a weathered Apache to model, pending the release of the “new” Academy kit next month, when I found this... https://www.boneyardsafari.com/oh-58d-93-0976. Which I was immediately intrigued with as a well weathered helo, veteran of OEF and OIF. There are several other images of this helicopter on the net, too. This Kiowa features several unique markings, including, but not limited to, the large Punisher skull on both side of the rear fuselage, a stylised cowboy & ‘B’ on the port gun pod, Han Solo on the nose, I could go on. Who would be be a good choice to have these made in 1/35; and, how much information is required to do this, please?
  6. Hay Stalker6recon, which Littlebird kits did you get, please? i built the A/MH 6M with resin figures. And junked it as soon as I’d finished, and traded away the figures. I was so disappointed with it, I’m reluctant to go for Kittyhawk’s Knighthawk, as much as I want it. There are are errors in the instructions, parts missing in the kit, soft or missing detail, and just plain ol’ errors. I wrote a tweeks list somewhere, and I kept the instructions with my notes in it, too. I hope the kits you have are better than what I received.
  7. Agreed, I’d be happy with a sharply detailed A for an early bird circa late 80s Europe, early 90s Gulf War. What are the main failings of the Hap Dong kit? Try to limit yourself, Gino... are they fixable, or is it fatal?
  8. I’m hoping this will see the start of a line of either kits or up grades of this iconic attack helicopter. Or, better yet, a new kit altogether from another company, as often happens.
  9. Gino, you seen this fromRekit? https://toylandhobbymodelingmagazine.press/2020/03/11/mh60l-main-rotor-for-1-35-kitty-hawk-kit-in-development/, someone heard you!
  10. Thanks Gino; Primeportal strikes again! and, Smokeriderdon, thank you, too.
  11. I’d heard similar and have made space in my stash for it. And started saving for it, too. To bring this back on topic, do you (or anyone) have any images on the Huey armed TOW helicopters that saw action in the last days of Vietnam, please? I’ve a 1/35 UH 1B I’d like to convert, after reading Max Hastings’ excellent ‘Vietnam’.
  12. Thank you for posting these. seriously, if Trumpeter can do a Hip, they can do a jolly green giant, too. These images make great references.
  13. Sublime modelling, and a joy to look at. Well done, that man. Well done.
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