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  1. Ah, fair question. Having finished mine, I would not recommend it. There are details missing or incorrect, and the instructions have errors, too. The canopy has no detail on the inside, where there is prominent framing. The centre console is incorrect for a ‘mike’ model in that the two MFD are depicted as fixed to the centre, they hinge back with prominent fittings at the corners, the flat surface should slope down, and there is no thermal blanket on the sides, either. The central bulkhead is bare of detail in the cabin area, not so much on the cockpit face. There is no plumbing whatsoever in the cabin, which is a feature of the Little Bird, including the ceiling area. Then there is the fuel cell, which has retaining strapping on the front, and square edges at the bottom. The M has different retaining, angled edges, and the round filler cap is on the starboard side only. On the port side top of the fuselage, a small rod antenna is missing, despite there being an impression where it should go, and it being visible in the box art. On the tail boom, there are two antenna, a large flat one and an X. Only the X is used. Similarly, on the starboard side top, the antenna is incorrect, too. It should be a I’ll describe it as an ironing board shaped antenna. On the cowling above that, there is a small access panel that needs to be scribed in. And below it, I added a small window that I assume is to check fluids. That may be optional, depending on how detailed you want your Littlebird. There is also a small panel or patch here that has a formation light on it that is missing, too. Again, how detailed do you want it. Building the engine, sorry, I’m away from my notes, the instructions fail to mention there is piping that goes through one piece, there are two pieces reversed, and there is something else, too, which escapes me right now. There is excessive flash for such a modern kit. I don’t mind cleaning up parts, but carving detail out of flash.... knock out pins that are larger then the parts themselves, and generally soft details on the small parts. The instructions are vague about where parts go, and the smaller parts just glue to the surface, rather than having positive mounting points, like a lug for example. This caused parts to fall off when painting with an airbrush. I finished mine as an MH, and I’m happy with it, just disappointed at the amount of work it took for a kit only recently released. I think it takes too much from the ‘J’ kit, when it should be it’s own kit. And I see Kittyhawk are to do another J, version 2.0. I hope they do the same for the M and do it justice. I’m keen on doing an MH 60S, but want to see a warts and all build review before I hand over any cash.
  2. I really hope no one makes these decals in 1/35 as I will be compelled to model it! Then put it along side the Hind on my shelf. Great find, Rotorman!
  3. So I’m over at Kittyhawk’s Facebook page where I asked about a 1/35 Hokum, and the reply was, and I quote, “Upcoming”. Make of it what you will, but I’m saving my beer tokens for one.
  4. Interesting in that what is the tail rotor left behind from? And, looking at the profiles of a stealthhawk, where would the retractable wheels go?
  5. I was looking at the Kittyhawk Blackhawk line up, and was wondering whether there was any further info on the so called Stealthhawk used in the raid to get Osama. I’ve googled to no avail, as it would make for an intriguing kit to build. Tia,
  6. 17.91m divided by 48 equals 37.31cm that makes this a 1/48 scale kit. I’m gutted. I’d take either or both in 1/35.
  7. Interestingly, no less than three companies have announced a kit of a Pantsir truck borne missile system. A very specific kit of limited appeal. It is complex, large, and has limited options for future versions. The analogy being a kit of a CH 53 would have wider appeal, ie more decal options, and with careful tooling, could support other versions. I acknowledge a kit of this size would be expensive, but still comparative to some of the 1/35 truck and trailer kits, interior tanks kits, and 1/16 vehicles, so definitely viable for a manufacturer to release. And, the M911 tractor and trailer kits goes for around 250$US, with a similar amount of plastic and engineering, proving there is a market for large kits in the 200$+ range.
  8. Careful what you wish for, I’m working on their MH 6M and it is riddled with errors or omissions. i know I’m late to the party, I’d buy a 1/35 ‘53 anything right now. Vietnam Jolly Green Giant, camo IDF, or lo-vis SF bird. And there is no real reason modellers can’t expect one. If Trumpeter can do 1/16 Axis tanks with full interior (large and expensive, eg Jagdtiger), and oddball Russian armour, T 74 case in point, an esoteric vehicle if ever there was one, then why not more 1/35 helo? The prosecution rests.
  9. Or, rather than putting lipstick on a pig, an altogether new kit? In 1/35! To go with all those figures I have! And other nations as an option? RAF, IAF, you get the idea.
  10. Yep, seen that. What I was trying to convey is that the Kittyhawk AH/MH 6M kit has sone serious flaws that need attention to represent a worthwhile kit of this helo. The link is good for a ‘J’ model, the contents of the kit is good for an ‘M’ in profile only. There are numerous areas of the kit that would benefit from a correction set produced by, say, Legends. I’ll drop them a line and see if they’re interested, after all they did just do an update for the Zulu Viper.
  11. I’m working my through the Little Bird MH 6M and have noted several areas that could be better... like the fuel cell, the centre console, the canopy, the centre console, the skids, the rear of the forward bulkhead, a missing first aid kit... you get the idea. Is there any demand for this, and if so, where should I forward details, please?
  12. Since you’re working on the 1/35 Zulu, you may like this, from Legends https://www.hobbyeasy.com/en/data/cfloacqdae4uasbwwsxl.html
  13. Looking for a little love... well, little bird love that is. Does anyone here have a clear image looking into the cockpit of an MH 6M, from the front, showing the back of the MFD, please? I need it as I work on this kit, and haven’t been able to find one online. Similarly, one of the front of the fuel cell in the back of the cabin? I’d like to see how it is retained, I see straps and loops, but need to be sure. Thank you in anticipation. i have finished the engine, and it is a complex subassembly with incorrect labels in the instructions, and poor fit of parts. But it is done, and will not be seen once the kit is finished.
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