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  1. Yes Gino, it really only serves to highlight the need for a modern kit to put it on. A radome does not a longbow make.
  2. I might chuck this in here, rather than start another thread on the Apache... From Metallic Details, #3520.
  3. Wow, these just keep getting better! Great profiles, again.
  4. Yes, a Vietnam vintage Cobra, in 1/35, please. By a reputable manufacturer would be most welcome, thank you.
  5. Yes, this is true for tanks, too. Witness the Tiger, Sherman, T-34 et al; I still believe that there is an untapped market for 1/35 helicopters. With careful engineering, it is / would be possible to maximise an airframe to achieve several different types. Kittyhawk have started this with their Blackhawk kits, and to a lesser extent the Littlebird, too. I expect before too long there will be a 1/32 V-22, yet there’d be demand for such a kit in 1/35. But not both scales. In the meantime, I’ll continue to save my money, add to the stash, and try to finish those shelf queens.
  6. But, aren’t there a few 1/35 Cobra kits from MRC and / or Academy already? I would have thought that the Hasegawa Principle would apply to helicopter models, one kit with multiple different boxings of different decals. I’d be happy to see more helo kits in 1/35, and wondered why Trumpeter didn’t release permutations of the Chinook, Hip, Hind, and Hound kits. Or even different boxings containing different decals, it’d be a straight forward effort for minimal cost.
  7. Where do I start… The canopy, the inside frame is very prominent on the real thing, and would benefit from a resin insert; but that may be too difficult / risky / picky. The centre console needs replacing altogether. The flat part between the pilots should slope downwards, the sides lack a protective blanket (not a big deal to replace with scored foil), and the MFD need brackets to mount and fold back on, out the sides of the centre console. Some plumbing would also be good, but you need to leave something for the modeller to do! The front face of the forward bulkhead isn’t so bad,
  8. Thank you, Floyd, best I start saving for a Blackhawk now. You looking at any updates, correction sets for the Littlebird AH/MH-6M... the 1/35 kit desperately needs something. You’re our only hope...
  9. Hello Floyd, are you you able to expand on this, please? I may just pick up a kit as a result, in anticipation of your releases. Kylie
  10. great looking release, would these be available in 1/35?
  11. Mmm this may not be as exciting as it first reads, but rather a reboxing of a 21st century toy. Bother.
  12. As seen on the internet, here is the kit number: HobbyBoss UH-1B Iroquois 18 81806 Jun-20 Now, this raises a few questions for me, not least of which is why /18 & not /16? Will this be a slick Bravo, or gunship? Will there be other versions or helicopters later on... and, if this can be done, and be a good seller, then surely a 1/35 MH 53K is equally viable.
  13. Outstanding! Did you take any images of it? I’m curious about the marking on the port pilot’s door that’s been partially painted over.
  14. Thank you Tank; I’m hoping with Revell releasing their boxing there will be new interest in the subject and therefore new updates / options, too.
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