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  1. Asked them about the release date. They replied it is planned for 2021.
  2. Top-level modelling and craftsmanship!
  3. Built a few of these... Far from being the best today, but a good platform to develop one's scratchbuilding capacity.
  4. Some great subjects indeed 1/32 FH-1 Phantom and 1/32 X-3 Stiletto would be my immediate favorites. Skystreak looks promising too, all that renders reflect serious work. I may consider to buy the Skystreak once it comes out.
  5. Awesome work ! Worth every effort put in, great job indeed.
  6. Yeah, got it already. What I meant was for the box content itself, your build is top-notch otherwise. So many nice additions for a reboxing under a brand name should not be left without such details unattended, was what I tried to say.
  7. Great looking Phantom, very well finished. Some detailing of the canopies might be needed as well, though.
  8. Great looking Cat ! Lovely finish indeed and Jolly Rogers aircraft is never enough.
  9. Good models indeed. I liked the Norm 62 F-104 very much.
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